When you rent a Porsche from Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental, you receive an incomparable, world-class service. We’re here to help you discover the perfect luxury motorcar to fulfill your desire for ultimate performance and exquisite design. A Porsche’s unique form is designed with superior functionality in mind, ensuring the most intelligent performance on the road. With a legacy of grace and control, stepping into a Porsche provides an unmatched entrance into a world of enduring power, precision, and instant gratification.

100 Miles/Day
$1.50/Extra Mile
325 HP
2 Seats
4.7 Sec.
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100 Miles/Day
$1.5/Extra Mile
340 HP
5 Seats
5.0 Sec.
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75 Miles/Day
$2/Extra Mile
420 HP
4 Seats
4.2 Sec.
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50 Miles/Day
$2/Extra Mile
560 HP
4 Seats
3.0 Sec.
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Porsche: At a Glance Ferdinand Anton Ernst, the man behind the brand, started the company that would become a global brand. In his pursuit for the perfect lightweight and energy efficient sportscar, he moved away from the Mercedes-Benz models and designed sublimity and speed with the Porsche. As the chief engineer for Mercedes-Benz, Ernst had always sought the control and capabilities of a more compact car. Once he established his name with his own company, he began creating the principle ideal for a car that has been the guiding force behind the Porsche brand for more than 65 years.

Notable Names From the ongoing mystery of the Porsche involved in James Dean’s death to the 1964 Porsche 356C Coupe Triple Crown Winner, the brand has been involved with a number of big names, famous racetracks, and legendary mysteries.

Discover the mysterious appeal behind a name that’s been around for decades. For gorgeous Porsche rentals in Los Angeles, look no further than Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental. Satiate your desire for exceptional power and design and rent a Porsche today.

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