Tesla’s engineering innovation has led a positive example for car companies around the world, showing how carmakers can create a sustainable environmental future. For those seeking a union between luxury and technology, Tesla models feature cameras mounted around the body of the car, married ultrasonic acoustic bumpers, and a HEPA medical grade air filtration system that removes 99.96% of particulate pollution. Rent a Tesla Model S from Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental to experience true innovation and luxury for the unique, forward-thinker.

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362 HP
5 Seats
5.4 Sec.
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75 Miles/Day
$2/Extra Mile
503 HP
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Tesla: At A Glance
Named after Nikola Tesla, this car brand used one of Nikola’s 1882 designs to create their signature alternating current motor. Tesla’s first model, the Roadster, was unveiled in 2009. On the market to buyers since 2012, the Roadster was built in Tesla’s California factory and is one of the best selling plug-in electric cars for 2015 and 2016. Rent a Tesla with Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental in Los Angeles and discover the speed of a sports car with the sustainability of a plug-in.

Notable Models:
While the Tesla is a relatively new name among the luxury car makers of the world, it has wasted no time appearing in movies and TV shows. The Tesla Model S and the Tesla Roadster have appeared in hit movies such as Iron Man, 50 Shades of Grey, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental makes the transition from the airport to the road effortless. To book a reservation, provide our concierge with a valid credit card and driver’s license. Rent a Tesla Model S and enjoy one of our most appealing, exclusive, and innovative models.

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