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Rates (Taxes & Insurance Excluded)

Daily Rate $450
Free Miles/Day 100
Charges/Extra Mile $1.50
Weekly Discount (7+ Days) 15%
Monthly Discount (28+ days) 30%


Engine 345 HP
Seats 5 Seats
0 - 60 5.7 Sec.
MSRP $105K

Range Rover HSE White Rental


While the white Range Rover HSE at Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental features an aluminum body and tapered silhouette for a lighter, more fuel-efficient ride, the power, girth, and sleek opulence that has been a symbol of Range Rover since its debut is still resoundingly prominent.

The interior of the white Range Rover HSE is appointed with lush leather, wood veneers, and a highly polished finish to ensure a sense of thoughtfully designed comfort. Our Range Rover rentals in Los Angeles combine the class of a luxury vehicle with the power and cargo room of an SUV.


Some notable features of this Range Rover HSE rental include Wi-Fi connectivity and entertainment in the cockpit, a hi-fi sound system that adapts to varying acoustics in the interior, and Adaptive Dynamics that monitors movements on the road for a safer ride.

For all of your luxury vehicle needs, Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental is here to help. Reserve your white Range Rover HSE rental in Los Angeles today and get on the road tomorrow.

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