Best Exotic Cars for Weddings
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Best Exotic Cars for Weddings


When the bride and groom take off from their wedding ceremony, it should be as exciting as any other part of the wedding event. Everyone in attendance expects that the happy couple will ride off in a fancy car, but the type of car makes a difference. Perhaps the perfect cap to the day would be to see the newlyweds hop into a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.

With or Without a Chauffeur?

Whichever option you prefer for your wedding, be it a Rolls-Royce or Bentley rental in Los Angeles or a Mercedes-Maybach rental in Miami, Falcon Car Rental is ready to provide a world-class vehicle. 

Without Chauffeur

If you prefer to drive yourself, you have some incredible options:

Rolls-Royce Dawn Rental in Los Angeles and Miami

Every line and every edge of the Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible exudes grace. You’ll feel like royalty as you swing back the rear-hinged door, and you won’t even have to reach to close it: There’s a button for that.

As you sit in the hand-stitched leather seats, you’ll experience what plush seats are supposed to feel like. Truly, there is no more comfortable seat in any vehicle that isn’t a Rolls-Royce. Trust us when we say that if every eye wasn’t already on you as you left the ceremony, they would be when you head off to the reception. 

If you’re looking for a luxury car rental in Miami for weddings or one in Los Angeles for the same reason, Falcon Car Rental will happily provide you with the Rolls-Royce Dawn, and you won’t be disappointed.

Bentley Continental GTC Rental in Los Angeles and Miami

Traditionally, Rolls-Royce focused on luxury, while Bentley pursued speed. That is still certainly the case, but Bentley’s seats are perhaps surpassed in comfort only by Rolls-Royce’s. 

Where the Bentley Continental GTC differs from the Rolls-Royce Dawn, though, is that you’ll feel subtly goaded into massaging the accelerator pedal of the GTC. While the Bentley has less horsepower (542 vs. 593), it’s much sportier in its intentions, easily outperforming the Dawn in every other performance measure.

The GTC is the choice if you want a performance-capable exotic rental in Los Angeles for weddings, and Miami renters will especially appreciate having the option of lowering the roof to take in the Florida sun.

With Chauffeur

If you’d rather take it easy on your big day, you can opt for a luxury chauffeur service in Miami for weddings. Of course, customers are welcome to take advantage of our luxury chauffeur service in Los Angeles for weddings as well.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Rental in Los Angeles and Miami

Step into the rear seats of a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and you will be immediately struck by the quality of every surface. The carpet is thick and soft, the leather is supple, and all hard surfaces are crafted with wood, carbon fiber, or metal, and there is no plastic to be found. Look upwards, and you’ll see Rolls-Royce’s famous LED starlight headliner, a truly magical sight to behold. 

As you would imagine, the luxury experience of the Rolls-Royce Ghost isn’t limited to admiring the materials. You’ll also enjoy massaging seats, a full dual-screen entertainment system, and more legroom than you’ll ever experience in a passenger car.

Perhaps the best part of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, though, is the fact that the outside world ceases to exist the moment your chauffeur closes your door. The insulation from sound and road noise is second to none.

When you’re searching for an exotic car rental in Miami for weddings (or Los Angeles, for that matter), the Ghost is most likely the car you had in mind without even knowing it.

Mercedes-Maybach Rental in Los Angeles and Miami

British marques aren’t the only ones that produce world-class luxury cars. Mercedes revived the Maybach name to signify their ultimate offering, and the results are as spectacular as your imagination will dream up. With a marvelously smooth and muscular V12 in the S600 model, you’ll be whisked away by your chauffeur with next-to-no noise and zero drama. 

The effect is practically the same as being on a magic carpet; in fact, Mercedes calls their active handling system Magic Body Control. It automatically adjusts the suspension and brakes to ensure that passengers never feel any hiccups on the road.

While the styling of the Mercedes-Maybach may not be as flashy or stately as that of a  Rolls-Royce vehicle, once its soft-close doors encase you in the passenger space, you’ll be too comfortable to care about such things. You’ll be able to appreciate the air-ionizing system, which features signature fragrances, as well as massaging seats for ultimate relaxation. There are even infotainment screens on the front seat headrests, in case you’d rather save your voices for the party to come.

Such an impressively exotic car rental in Los Angeles for weddings demonstrates why these vehicles are the most desired on the planet. Mercedes already makes some of the world’s most luxurious cars, but with the Maybach, they’ve entered into the realm of peak offerings initially only offered by Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Find Your Ultimate Wedding Car Rental

Falcon Car Rental provides our customers with an opportunity to enjoy some of the most incredible vehicles ever made. Whether it’s a Bentley or Rolls-Royce rental in Miami or a Mercedes-Maybach rental in Los Angeles, when making wedding plans, make sure to include an exotic or luxury car rental. Contact us and secure yours today.

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