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McLaren Rental Los Angeles

Rent a McLaren in LA

Just the name “McLaren” is enough to send a rush of adrenaline up the spine of anyone who loves cars. The brand has captivated the world with its unparalleled beauty and fine engineering since its inception. When looking to secure a McLaren rental in Beverly Hills, look no further than Falcon Car Rental. We make reserving the most ex...

Just the name “McLaren” is enough to send a rush of adrenaline up the spine of anyone who loves cars. The brand has captivated the world with its unparalleled beauty and fine engineering since its inception. When looking to secure a McLaren rental in Beverly Hills, look no further than Falcon Car Rental. We make reserving the most exclusive supercars in the world an effortless experience, so you can get back to exploring the great city of Los Angeles. Whether you need the car for a night of networking or prefer to use your new set of wheels to sightsee around Southern California, we have the McLaren rental that’s perfect for you.


McLaren 720S 


The McLaren 720S was built with the driver’s experience as the focal point of the design. Hailed as the lightest sports car on the market, the 720S' carbon fibre MonoCell technology makes the car extremely lightweight while also keeping safety a top priority. The car’s attention to weight doesn’t stop at the body – the McLaren 675LT’s seats are made of a lightweight carbon fibre material that enables top-of-the-line performance. Carbon ceramic brakes, an advanced suspension system and forged alloy wheels come together to make the car shine on the open road. The car comfortably sits two people inside the cabin, while the workings under the hood rapidly reach speeds of 60mph in just 2.8 seconds. When you secure a McLaren rental in Beverly Hills, you’re not just booking a means of transportation – you’re being taken into a new class of luxury and comfort.


Wondering how much it costs to rent a McLaren in Southern California? Here at Falcon Car Rental, our daily rates for McLarens begin at $1390/day for 50 miles per day. Weekly and monthly discounts are available for travelers seeking long term solutions. Our showroom at Falcon Car Rental is equipped to offer any type of exclusive vehicle you crave for your jaunt around Los Angeles. Additionally, we’ll deliver your chosen vehicle to you anywhere within eight miles of our showroom in the Golden Triangle. Whether you need a McLaren rental near LAX or Malibu, we can supply you with the car to make your travels comfortable and chic.


No matter if you’re eager to get behind the wheel of a McLaren or are seeking a Ferrari, we have everything you need to make your trip a smashing success. Make your luxury vehicle reservation today, and begin counting down the days until you can slide behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle.


McLaren Rental FAQs

How Do I Make A Reservation To Rent A McLaren?

Making a reservation to rent a McLaren with Falcon Exotic Car Rental is easy. Click on the reservation button and fill out the short form, and the reservation process is started. Once you select the McLaren you desire to rent and choose the Start Date & Time and End Date & Time, you will see the total amount of the reservation and its breakdown. If you would like to book the McLaren, you will need to enter your personal and billing information. So, if you ever asked yourself, where can I rent a McLaren, now you know.

We will place a hold on your credit card while we verify availability of the vehicle for your rental period. If it is available, we will charge your card and notify you that the reservation is completed. That is all it takes.

If by chance the McLaren is not available during the requested time period, Falcon Car Rental will make several recommendations of other vehicles that may meet your needs. If you are not happy with these selections, or for any other reason you may have, you have the right to cancel your reservation within 24 hours without penalty.

Do You Offer Hourly McLaren Rental Rates?

Falcon Luxury Rental does not offer hourly rentals on McLaren’s. We believe that there can be too many circumstances that arise that prevent the vehicles from being returned on time. Traffic jams, delayed or extended meetings, and even weather conditions can prevent you from returning your rental on time. We feel that offering our vehicles for 24-hour periods allows our clients to get the full use from their rental and prevent any mishaps that could cause the rental not to be returned on time.

This way, if you get a McLaren rental near LAX or a McLaren rental in Beverly Hills, you won't have to rush around Los Angeles traffic and stress out just to return your car.

Do I Get A Discount When I Rent A McLaren For A Week Or A Month?

Falcon Car Rental is pleased to offer all of its clients a discount on extended rental contracts. If you rent a McLaren for seven to 27 consecutive days, Falcon Car Rental will provide you with a 15 percent discount off of the base rental price of your vehicle.

If you rent a McLaren for 28 or more consecutive days, Falcon will apply a 30 percent discount to the rental fee of your vehicle. This discount only applies to the base charge for the vehicle rental and not to any other charges that the renter may incur such as additional mile or pick-up and delivery fees.

How Does Delivery / Pick-Up For My McLaren Rental In Beverly Hills Work?

Falcon Luxury Rental provides a delivery and pick-up service for all of their rental vehicles. When you rent a McLaren from us, we will deliver or pick-up your vehicle for free up to three miles from our Beverly Hills Showroom.

If you rent a vehicle for two or more consecutive days and the value of that rental exceeds $1,500, we will provide service for your vehicle for free within an eight-mile radius from our showroom. For clients that rent for two or more days with a value exceeding $3,000, we will extend that radius to 12 miles.

Additional miles for delivery or pick-up will be billed at a rate of $9 per mile for most vehicles. Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley and Rolls Royce will be billed at a rate of $12 per mile.

You may also pick up and return the vehicle from our showroom. We are open seven days a week for your convenience. Now that you know where to rent a McLaren and how much is it to rent a McLaren, what are you waiting for?

What Does A McLaren Rental In Los Angeles Cost?

The cost of renting a McLaren will depend on the length of time that you rent the vehicle. We have listed the price of the McLaren rental under the vehicle description. You will also see the cost per-extra mile associated with the McLaren rental underneath that price. Falcon Luxury Rental provides discounts on renting a McLaren for extended rental periods.

Each vehicle has a specific amount of free miles that the vehicle can be driven each day. After these miles have been used, a per-mile fee is applied. Each vehicle has a specific per-mile fee based on the make and model. Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all the associated charges prior to requesting a reservation.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Renting A McLaren?

Falcon Car Rental will give all customers a 24-hour grace period once they have reserved the McLaren to cancel their reservation without cost. After this period, we will not charge for rental cancellations made at least seven days prior to the Start Date & Time. Cancellations made in less than seven days from the Start Date & Time are subject to a penalty of up to 50 percent of the rental value.

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