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Exotic Car Rental Miami AirportExotic Car Rental Miami Airport

Exotic Car Rental Miami Airport

  • Convenience

    No counter, no long lines. We deliver the car to you at the airport, home, hotel or pick it up from our Beverly Hills location.

  • Quality

    A wide variety of the latest luxury and exotic cars, always extra clean, always in top condition.

  • Transparency

    If it’s not listed online, you don’t pay for it. No hidden fees, transparent & ready to roll.

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Most Common Questions

How Do I Make A Reservation?

  1. Go to the page of the vehicle you want to reserve
  2. Select the dates you want to reserve it
  3. Enter your personal and payment info and then place your order

Please note: If you want the car to be delivered to you, please select Delivery and then enter the address. Delivery charges may apply.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Customers have a 24-hour window from the time of booking to cancel their reservations without any penalty. If a reservation is canceled at least seven days prior to the scheduled rental date, no cancellation fee will be applied.

However, cancellations made less than seven days before the rental date will incur a penalty fee of 50 percent of the rental value.

Reservations made within 48 hours of the scheduled pick-up date and time are considered final and cannot be canceled.

Can I Rent A Car If I'm Younger Than 25?

If your full coverage insurance is in good standing, we will allow clients under the age of 25 to rent a vehicle as long as their insurance covers the vehicle they wish to rent.

Please note: an underage fee will apply.

What Are Your Requirements?

US Customers:

  • A valid driving license
  • A full coverage insurance
  • A major credit card

Non US Customers:

  • A Valid driving license and passport
  • A major credit card
  • Must be 25 years old or older

Please note: all three documents need to be under the driver's name. Debit cards may be accepted if other requirements are met.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The assistance I received was great.. I rented an S550 (convertible) for my daughter's prom, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone!!! I will use them again in the future!! :-)

Cathy C.

Falcon Car Rental went the extra mile for our company - pun intended. The team was very accommodating and communication was efficient. We used the gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn for our music video with great success.

Gianna C.

This was my first time trying Falcon. Incredible service. Highly communicative. Many thanks to Furkan especially! Great guy.

Kelly S.

Even in Miami, a city known for its wealth and flashy cars, Falcon Car Rental has exotic and luxury vehicles for rent that will turn everyone’s heads. When your plane lands at Miami Airport, why not have a dream car waiting for you instead of a basic rental? 

Show the world you’ve truly arrived in style with an exotic car rental in Miami Airport. Pulling away in a Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder or a Rolls Royce Ghost means all the attention will be squarely on you.

How to Rent an Exotic Car in Miami from Falcon Car Rental

With Falcon Car Rental, all you’ll need to do is browse our selection of the world’s finest automobiles, from adrenaline-inducing supercars to the most opulent luxury cars, and select the one you want. 

To guarantee that your rental is ready as soon as you arrive at Miami Airport, make sure to select the start date and time on the page for your chosen vehicle. You can also select an end time and date at the same time. Also, keep in mind that the delivery fee to Miami Airport is $125, though that fee is complimentary for reservations that exceed $5,000.

Exotic and Luxury Car Rental Details

Each of the vehicles offered by Falcon Car Rentals requires a security deposit and a minimum rental period. You will receive a set number of free miles per day with an additional charge per mile for every mile afterward. You will not, however, have to worry about maintenance, repairs, or cleaning/detailing. You’ll get the joy of driving the most desirable cars on the planet without the hassles of ownership!

Rental Discounts

If you plan to enjoy your exotic or luxury car for more than seven days, you will receive a 15% weekly discount. If you want to stretch your exotic car rental in Miami Airport even further to 28 days or more, our monthly discount is 30%.

Our Roster of Exotic Cars

We pride ourselves on stocking the pinnacle of automotive enthusiast vehicles to make them accessible for those who either don’t want to or can’t afford to own these incredible machines.

Rent a Lamborghini in Miami Airport

You can have the wind sweeping through your hair with a thrilling Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder or get to experience a supercar with room for five and luggage with the Lamborghini Urus SUV. Either way, you’ll get the breathtaking acceleration and handling you would expect from Italy’s finest.

Rent a Rolls-Royce in Miami Airport

Whether you prefer the room of a Cullinan SUV, the droptop experience of a Dawn Black Badge, or the traditional elegance of a Phantom or Ghost, Rolls-Royce will positively spoil you with comfort and amenities.

Rent a Bentley in Miami Airport

Bentley combines the material quality and overall luxury of a Rolls-Royce with the power and poise of a supercar. A V8-powered Continental GTC is more than capable of astounding you with its acceleration, but stepping up to the W12 models, especially the GTC Speed, will provide a truly eye-opening experience.

Rent a McLaren in Miami Airport

The McLaren GT may be the ultimate two-seat, grand-touring car. It is a true hypercar with uncompromising track prowess, but its seats are comfortable, and its computer-controlled suspension soaks up bumps. In fact, it is genuinely daily usable thanks to its spacious pair of trunks and fantastic ergonomics.

Rent a Porsche in Miami Airport

Our Porsche 911 Carrera is among our favorite vehicles, being an undisputed classic respected by all car enthusiasts and capable of delivering exceptional performance while being accessible in all driving conditions. The twin-turbo flat-6 engine will propel you forward with alarming haste.

Rent a Mercedes in Miami Airport

With one of the most diverse ranges of vehicles of any automaker, you can’t go wrong with a Mercedes. Get luxurious serenity from the S580, incredible torque and smoothness from an electric EQS 580, or superior room and power with the GLE 63S Coupe. You can also select from two versions of the legendary G-Wagen: the brutally powerful AMG G63 or the imposing and monstrous G550 4x4 Squared.

Rent a BMW in Miami Airport

For hauling capacity and plenty of seating space, the X6 will carry you and your friends and family in style, but if you’re in need of a convertible that’s capable of tearing up the track, the M4 Convertible Competition is ready for you.

Rent a Range Rover in Miami Airport

Range Rover Sport models represent an excellent combination of that “sports car feel” with luxury SUV smoothness and comfort. Whether you choose the Sport Dynamic or the Sport HSE, you’ll get nearly 400 hp combined with plush, feature-rich interiors.

Rent a Cadillac in Miami Airport

Few SUVs bear the presence of a Cadillac Escalade. These exude prestige and appear to be rolling bank vaults. Both the ESV and the ESV Platinum have all the space, refinement, and power you could want out of a full-sized SUV.

Rent a Tesla in Miami Airport

Tesla is the biggest name in electric vehicles (EVs) for a reason. They set the standard for EV performance, and that continues with vehicles such as the Model X Long Range. With its EPA-estimated 371-mile range, you can drive all day without worrying about charging.

Rent an Aston Martin in Miami Airport

The Aston Martin DBX is everything you would expect from the legendary British sportscar manufacturer. It has the room and seating capacity expected of an SUV, but with 542 hp, it makes many supercars blush.

Rent an Exotic Car in Miami from Falcon Car Rental

Anytime you come to visit Miami, it should be an event. The right car can turn an ordinary trip into an unforgettable experience, and whether you prefer an exotic supercar or the ultimate luxury vehicle, the finest examples of each are available from Falcon Car Rental. Search our website for the cars that interest you most and reserve them for the dates you desire. We’ll be waiting for you at Miami Airport.

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