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Exotic Car Rental Miami BeachExotic Car Rental Miami Beach

Exotic Car Rental Miami Beach

  • Convenience

    No counter, no long lines. We deliver the car to you at the airport, home, hotel or pick it up from our Beverly Hills location.

  • Quality

    A wide variety of the latest luxury and exotic cars, always extra clean, always in top condition.

  • Transparency

    If it’s not listed online, you don’t pay for it. No hidden fees, transparent & ready to roll.

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Most Common Questions

How Do I Make A Reservation?

  1. Go to the page of the vehicle you want to reserve
  2. Select the dates you want to reserve it
  3. Enter your personal and payment info and then place your order

Please note: If you want the car to be delivered to you, please select Delivery and then enter the address. Delivery charges may apply.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Customers have a 24-hour window from the time of booking to cancel their reservations without any penalty. If a reservation is canceled at least seven days prior to the scheduled rental date, no cancellation fee will be applied.

However, cancellations made less than seven days before the rental date will incur a penalty fee of 50 percent of the rental value.

Reservations made within 48 hours of the scheduled pick-up date and time are considered final and cannot be canceled.

Can I Rent A Car If I'm Younger Than 25?

If your full coverage insurance is in good standing, we will allow clients under the age of 25 to rent a vehicle as long as their insurance covers the vehicle they wish to rent.

Please note: an underage fee will apply.

What Are Your Requirements?

US Customers:

  • A valid driving license
  • A full coverage insurance
  • A major credit card

Non US Customers:

  • A Valid driving license and passport
  • A major credit card
  • Must be 25 years old or older

Please note: all three documents need to be under the driver's name. Debit cards may be accepted if other requirements are met.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The assistance I received was great.. I rented an S550 (convertible) for my daughter's prom, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone!!! I will use them again in the future!! :-)

Cathy C.

Falcon Car Rental went the extra mile for our company - pun intended. The team was very accommodating and communication was efficient. We used the gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn for our music video with great success.

Gianna C.

This was my first time trying Falcon. Incredible service. Highly communicative. Many thanks to Furkan especially! Great guy.

Kelly S.

Miami Beach is world-renowned for its flashy nature. Luxury condos, expensive shops and restaurants, the latest fashions, and an incredible array of exotic and luxury cars make the city the vacation hot spot it is. Seeing a Lamborghini or Ferrari isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon experience at Miami Beach; it’s more of an hourly occurrence! 

Whether you’re planning a vacation or just want to hop into the world’s most desirable vehicles, we’re ready to provide you with an exotic car rental in Miami Beach. Falcon Car Rental was founded by enthusiasts, so it’s our goal to make these incredible machines accessible to you.

Renting an Exotic Car in Miami Beach

Of course, the first thing to keep in mind is that we’re not going to provide you with a vehicle that’s impossible or terrifying to drive. Unlike the supercars of yesteryear, today’s exotic and luxury vehicles are rational, practically livable vehicles. 

There are no stiff clutches or clunky gated manual shifters; all our vehicles have the latest paddle-shifted transmissions or, in the case of EVs, no transmissions at all! Our cars are well-maintained and ready to go the second you get in the driver’s seat.

To rent an exotic car in Miami, you must first choose one of the many exotic and luxury vehicles available on our website. Each page allows you to input your preferred rental date and times, and every one of our vehicles features complimentary delivery and pickup anywhere in Miami Beach.

If you rent a vehicle for more than seven days, you’ll get an automatic 15% discount. Rent it for 28 days or more, and you’ll receive a 30% discount! You also get a certain number of free miles per day, with each additional mile carrying a small fee. Heed the vehicle’s minimum day requirement and pay the security deposit, and your luxury or supercar rental in Miami Beach is all set.

Bringing Exotic and Luxury Cars to the Masses

There’s a reason that renting an exotic car in Miami Beach is such an appealing idea, and it’s because you get all of the thrills without any of the headaches. We handle the following:

  • All vehicle maintenance
  • Ongoing repairs
  • Detailing and cleaning
  • Insurance

Any one of these items would be incredibly expensive on its own; even just cleaning an exotic car can be expensive! Thankfully, with Falcon Car Rental, you can set up a supercar rental in Miami Beach that avoids all of those expenses.

The Vehicles Available at Falcon Car Rental

From high-performance supercars to opulent luxury cars and even chauffeur-driven options, we provide the most thrilling and desirable vehicles in the world for you to enjoy. 

Here are your options when you’re ready to rent an exotic car in Miami Beach:

Sports Cars

When you smash the accelerator in a Lamborghini Huracan or McLaren GT, you will be greeted by a wave of G-forces plastering you to your seat. These are no mere straight-line monsters, either, though: They stick to the road as if by magnets. Similarly, modern marvels like the latest Porsche 911 Carrera and BMW M4 Convertible Competition seem to defy physics, easily reaching speeds that were once stuck in the exclusive realm of hardcore racecars.

For people yearning to live out their Miami Vice fantasies, a Lamborghini rental in Miami Beach will do the job nicely. Even among the other impressive vehicles on the road in this wealthy and showy city, a Lamborghini has no problem standing out.


Stepping up to an SUV does not mean you have to compromise performance. The insane Lamborghini Urus or Aston Martin DBX can both hold their own against the most aggressive performance cars while carrying five people and their luggage. Even a Range Rover Sport Dynamic will provide sporty driving thanks to its near 400 hp and excellent driving dynamics. 

If you need some off-road ability with that power, a Mercedes AMG G63 will have you covered. You can even tower over lesser SUVs with a luxurious monster truck! Check out the unreal Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared and its portal axles.

If you want to be spoiled by luxury and tech, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is as opulent as it gets. Once you step through its rear-hinged doors (which include an umbrella for a chauffeur to use to keep you dry!), you’ll find that you’re sitting in what may be the most comfortable seat in existence. 

Lastly, there’s the Cadillac Escalade. Like a V8-powered skyscraper rolling down the street, this behemoth will make its occupants feel like visiting dignitaries.

Luxury Cars

As you may have already guessed, the pinnacle of luxury would be a Rolls-Royce rental in Miami Beach. The convertible Dawn, the supremely comfortable and serene Phantom, and the stately Ghost will make you never want to stop driving.

If you want to pair your desire for luxury comfort with a need for speed, though, then you need a Bentley rental in Miami Beach. Bentley offers the comforting and rich materials of a Rolls-Royce and pairs them with unfathomably powerful engines. A W12-powered Continental GTC Speed will allow you to drive in tranquility with the roof up, but once you drop the top and awaken its 650 hp, you’ll be greeted with otherworldly performance.


In many ways, electric vehicles (EVs) are the final word of luxury. Their quiet, perfectly smooth driving experiences allow for nearly transcendent rides. 

Take the Mercedes EQS 580, for example. Its instant power and effortless cruising demonstrate why so many brands are going electric. When you want to surprise your passengers, however, there is 516 hp at the ready to propel the EQS 580 to 60 mph in just over four seconds.

Also available is the “OG” electric luxury brand, Tesla. Our Tesla Model X Long Range rental in Miami Beach provides seating for up to seven, along with plenty of luggage room, and it features a class-leading 371-mile range. Don’t let the “Long Range” moniker fool you into thinking this particular Tesla is slow, though: It still has a thunderous 670 hp on tap!

Your Luxury or Supercar Rental in Miami Beach Is Waiting

Falcon Car Rental is proud to offer you some of the most desirable cars in the world. Simply select the vehicle you want, and we’ll make sure your exotic car rental in Miami Beach is ready for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions: We’re always happy to talk about our cars.

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