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Rent a Bentley in Miami

Be the driver you always envisioned when you rent a Bentley in Miami through Falcon Car Rental. Our team is here to help you into the seat of experience.

The city of Miami is mesmerizing. Between the glam, vibrant nightlife, and incredible weather, it’s a destination worth enjoying year-round. 

The only thing that could ...

Be the driver you always envisioned when you rent a Bentley in Miami through Falcon Car Rental. Our team is here to help you into the seat of experience.

The city of Miami is mesmerizing. Between the glam, vibrant nightlife, and incredible weather, it’s a destination worth enjoying year-round. 

The only thing that could make the city any better is the opportunity to explore your surroundings in a luxury vehicle. Those looking to rent a Bentley in Miami and get behind the wheel in style will find exactly what they’re searching for at Falcon Car Rental. 

Here, customers will encounter a team of professionals who cater to exceptional customer service standards. We also possess an unwavering passion for luxury cars.

We’re experts at helping our customers find the Bentley rental they want and deserve. We understand that driving a luxury car is an experience and the expression of a lifestyle. That’s why we’re committed to making sure every customer finds a Bentley rental Miami that’s sure to turn heads with every mile.

The Bentley Legacy of Excellence

Customers who come to Falcon Car Rental to rent a Bentley automatically become a part of a century-long story. Every Bentley rental we facilitate is built into a legacy of excellence that has long defined this iconic brand.

Bentley was brought to life in 1919 under the leadership and innovative mind of Owen Bentley. The renowned British auto manufacturer set up shop in Crewe, England. In only a short time, the cars being produced were admired worldwide.

Much of the admiration originally revolved around the meticulous craftsmanship that went into every Bentley on the market. Bentley continues to pair their handiwork and artistry with stunning interior details and overall impressive performance on the road. 

The story behind the Bentley brand is one of resiliency. Despite numerous ownership changes through the years, Bentley continues to be a highly regarded brand in its own right. 

From its time owned by Rolls Royce in 1931 to Volkswagen ownership in 1998, Bentley has never wavered from its iconic status. Every Falcon customer looking to rent a Bentley in Miami contributes to this captivating story of perseverance.

Bentley Models That Elevate the Driving Experience at Every Turn

Mention Bentley and a more traditional vehicle model may come to mind. However, at Falcon Car Rental, we’re proud to carry a diverse fleet of innovative Bentley models that make browsing the options exciting! When you’re looking to rent a Bentley, being open to the many possibilities is what makes the experience one-of-a-kind.

Be a Force on the Streets of Miami in a Bentley Bentayga

When you and four of your friends are planning a Miami getaway, the decision to rent a Bentley Bentayga promises to be the right choice. This luxury SUV enjoys an innovative design fit for five passengers paired with an impressive 600 HP engine so you can fly down the road in style.

Many consider the Bentley Bentayga to be one of the fastest sports utility vehicles out there. Considering it can successfully hit 60 mph in four seconds, a Bentley Bentayga rental is not for the faint of heart.

Bask in Luxury Behind the Wheel of a Bentley Continental GTC V8S

Whether you’re heading downtown to close the next big deal or you’re ready to immerse yourself in Miami’s vibrant nightlife, having a luxury car to arrive in can make all the difference. At Falcon, we recommend a Bentley Continental GTC V8S rental for any customer looking to add a sporty edge to their on-the-road aesthetic.

When you rent a Bentley Continental GTC V8S, you’ll enjoy a design that features an innovative rear diffuser and an eye-catching front spoiler too. The combination adds to the sleek appeal, especially when paired with the powerful V8 engine.

Elevate Your Time on the Road in a Bentley Continental GTC White

When high-standard performance and innovative design are priorities, your Bentley rental Miami should definitely be a Continental GTC White. Easily accommodating up to four passengers, a Bentley Continental GTC White rental Miami can reach speeds of 60 mph in five seconds!

While the all-white exterior dazzles, the sleek black leather inside is just as intriguing. Flashy and fast, the decision to rent a Bentley Continental GTC White Miami is one that you’ll never regret.

Make the Most of Every Miami Moment in a Bentley Mulsanne

A powerful engine and striking silhouette are both defining features of the incredible Bentley Mulsanne. Deciding on a Bentley Mulsanne rental in Miami means enjoying time behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle loved for its grandeur and grace. 

The high-powered performance of this car makes it ideal for navigating your way through Miami with undeniable agility. Those who rent a Bentley Mulsanne Miami are sure to turn heads as they leave the miles in their rearview mirror.

Making It Simple to Rent the Most Coveted Cars in Miami

Making your way to Miami is always exciting. At Falcon Car Rental, we provide visitors and locals alike with access to the most coveted cars in town. 

No matter what type of Bentley you’re looking to rent, you can find the model that meets your every need at the touch of a button. Our entire fleet is listed online, making the reservation process a breeze from start to finish.

Customers can take time to browse our many vehicle listings at their own leisurely pace. Once you’ve found the car you love, simply click the request to book button. 

This will prompt you to fill out your desired rental dates and your contact and billing information. Once you click submit, the request makes its way to the Falcon Customer Care team. 

Our professional staff takes time to review the request and ensure that the requested rental dates and preferred vehicle(s) are available. If they are, the customer receives a timely response and reservation confirmation via email. Just like that, your reservation is in place!

If the requested vehicle or rental dates are not available for some reason, our team takes time to offer up alternatives. After a thorough review of these options, a customer can either accept or decline the suggestions.

Bentley Rental Pricing Details

Some drivers are surprised by just how luxurious and fast a Bentley rental proves to be. At Falcon, we like to keep the surprise limited to the vehicle itself and eliminate all of the guesswork from the pricing.

Customers who partner with us for their Bentley rental experience will find that our pricing is always transparent and upfront. Each vehicle listing comes with the price point clearly marked. 

Similarly, the listing always indicates any no-cost miles. The cost-per-mile after that no-charge limit has been reached will be shown, as well.

When a customer submits the reservation request for a Bentley, we put an automatic hold on the credit card listed in the billing section. However, a charge is never processed until a reservation is fully confirmed. If the requested vehicle isn’t available and the customer isn’t happy with an alternative, the card hold immediately disappears.

Discounts for Extended Bentley Rentals

It’s common for Falcon customers to want to extend their Bentley rentals for as long as possible. Much to their delight, this choice comes with some financial benefits!

We offer a 15% discount on all rentals booked for 7 to 27 days at a time. Customers who decide to rent a Bentley for 28 days or more will enjoy a discount of 30%.

The Falcon 24-Hour Rental Policy

While traditional rental models often include hourly rates, renting a luxury vehicle is an entirely different experience. At Falcon Car Rental, we believe that driving a rental Bentley is an experience to be savored. It’s practically impossible to take it all in within a matter of hours.

That’s why we adhere to a 24-hour (minimum) rental policy. This policy helps our customers make the most of their time behind the wheel. It also reduces any fee-based risks that come with getting stuck in traffic or attending an event that lasts longer than anticipated.

A Convenient Rental Cancellation Policy 

The idea of renting a Bentley in Miami is thrilling, but sometimes life doesn’t always work out according to plan. That’s why the team at Falcon is happy to help customers out by utilizing a convenient and flexible cancellation policy.

Falcon customers enjoy a 24-hour grace period from the time they confirm their booking. This time frame allows them to cancel without any penalties or fees incurred.

Cancellations made within seven days of the vehicle pick-up date will not accrue any charges. However, cancellations made less than seven days before the reservation may see a penalty implemented of 50% of the rental value. 

Find Your Bentley with Falcon in Miami

There’s no better place to find yourself than Miami when you’re excited to discover the glitz and glam of big city life. Knowing you’ve booked a Bentley to drive while you’re in town only elevates the experience further. 

At Falcon, our impressive fleet of luxury rental vehicles is designed to inspire. Take time to browse our many Bentleys today and find yourself a click closer to reserving your dream vehicle!

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