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Making the most of your time in Miami takes a turn for the luxurious when you rent a BMW. Falcon Car Rental has a fleet of BMW models ready and waiting in style.

When you’re looking forward to spending time in Miami, there’s something exceptional about having a luxury vehicle to drive that meets the moment in style. Miami has ...

Making the most of your time in Miami takes a turn for the luxurious when you rent a BMW. Falcon Car Rental has a fleet of BMW models ready and waiting in style.

When you’re looking forward to spending time in Miami, there’s something exceptional about having a luxury vehicle to drive that meets the moment in style. Miami has long been a city renowned for its upscale vibe and glamour. Visitors looking to find their stride within the city’s reputation for glitz will find a BMW rental checks every box on the list.

Those looking to rent a BMW in Miami will find the options they need and deserve at Falcon Car Rental. We understand that the decision to rent a BMW comes with great attention to detail involved. Our professional team is made up of luxury car enthusiasts who are passionate about pairing customers with the right luxury vehicle at every turn. 

We’re here to make sure that when you rent a BMW, it’s a choice that captures the look and feel on the road you’ve been searching for. Ultimately, a BMW rental Miami experience is more than just driving. A BMW rental puts you behind the wheel of excellence.

Our fleet showcases variety. Customers who partner with Falcon can count on having model options made to match their preferences. 

When you rent a BMW in Miami, you’re signing on for a sensational experience that promises to be unforgettable. Our team is unwaveringly committed to making sure every BMW rental Miami experience our customers have is unsurpassed.

Embrace the Beauty of Miami and Exquisite German Engineering

Many luxury car brands on the market are worthy of admiration. That said, few have proven to be as versatile as BMW. 

On-the-road luxury is consistently redefined within the parameters of BMW. It’s a brand that pairs superior craftsmanship with luxury driving and has for over a hundred years.

BMW opened up back in 1916, but many drivers are surprised to learn that automobiles weren’t the brand’s first production line. During the early 20th-century, BMW was in the business of manufacturing engines for aircraft. 

BMW engines quickly garnered the attention of the public for their quality and efficiency. In 1928, the company decided to expand its production potential. That was the moment that they began to design and manufacture vehicles. 

From the start, BMW was committed to setting a clear path towards success. It’s always been a name built on sustainable manufacturing and innovative designs. Incorporating the latest technological advancements into every new model has long been a foundation of the business.

All of the focus on innovation paid off when in 1951, BMW rolled out its first automobile. This post-war production was dubbed the 501 and was an instant success on the auto market.

In 1961, BMW presented the 1500 model at the German Motor Show, much to the delight of audiences worldwide. It didn’t take long from this point on for BMW to establish itself as a leader in the luxury car industry. Since that time, the company has never looked back.

The BMW Options Customers Deserve at Falcon in Miami

Customers who come to Falcon looking for a beautiful and powerful BMW rental to enjoy during their time in Miami are often captivated by German engineering standards. At Falcon, our team feels the same!

That’s why we offer a variety of BMW models for customers to choose from. We understand how important it is for a luxury driving experience to be customized. To that end, we work hard to make sure our fleet has the choices to match every preference out there.

Whether customers come to us looking to rent a BMW X5 3.5 or can’t wait to rent a BMW 740i, we proudly provide access to the best of them all. The ability to slip behind the wheel of the BMW you can’t wait to drive isn’t an exception at Falcon; it’s the standard.

Enjoying an Exceptional Miami Driving Experience in a BMW X5 3.5

If your plans have you heading to Miami with several other travelers in tow, a BMW X5 3.5 rental is the way to go. This vehicle offers up superior detailing and aesthetics without sacrificing anything in the way of space or comfort.

Those who go with a BMW X5 3.5 rental Miami will love the spacious cabin design. Pair that with the car's exceptional handling abilities and, all together, a BMW X5 3.5 rental makes driving through Miami a safe, exciting, and confidence-inducing experience from start to finish.

Turn Heads as You Make Your Way Down the Road in a BMW M440i Convertible

When sightseeing tops your to-do list in the city, elevate the experience to a new level of fun with a BMW M440i Convertible rental Miami. This head-turning model features a fantastic hardtop convertible roof that lets you bask in the Florida sunshine as you cruise downtown.

The decision to rent a BMW M440i Convertible provides unparalleled access to a vehicle with an 8-speed automatic transmission and aerodynamic seats. This model provides plenty of storage room for luggage and is loved for its sleek design standards.

Savor a Sporty Ride in a BMW 740i

Power, athletic design, and a stunning sporty interior are yours for the enjoying when you rent a BMW 740i Miami. While the BMW 740i is decidedly considered a classic design, it’s far from anything traditional.

Drivers who opt to rent a BMW 740i Miami will find that smooth and thrilling time on the road. This model features a 320 Hp engine capable of propelling the vehicle to 60 mph in under six seconds.

Capture the Essence of Miami Behind the Wheel of a BMW M850i Convertible

Exploring Miami is an exercise in inspiration. This dynamic destination deserves to be seen and enjoyed in style. That’s exactly what drivers can do when they rent time in a BMW M850i Convertible.

This impressive model is made in two striking color tones to choose from. Drivers will love the convenience of keyless entry and the confidence that comes with access to power steering and a micro-filter ventilation system. No matter where you roam, the BMW M850i will get you there in luxury.

Stand out in a Crowd When You Drive a BMW i8

BMW has never been a brand built on subtlety. Drivers looking to make an unforgettable impression on the streets of Miami will love the stand-out blue exterior that defines the BMW i8. 

This particular model is known and renowned for its aerodynamic silhouette and scissor doors. It’s a powerful and sleek vehicle that functions as a plug-in hybrid sports car, as well. Renting a BMW i8 through Falcon is a choice drivers will be glad they made with every mile they cover.

Reserving a BMW at Falcon Car Rental in Miami

Luxury vehicles are designed with intricate details, innovative technology, and enhanced complex systems in place. While we appreciate all of it at Falcon, we take a slightly different approach to helping customers rent these vehicles that prompt inspiration at every turn.

Instead, we leave the complexity behind and work hard to make it easier than ever to reserve a luxury car in Miami. Our goal is to give drivers seamless access to vehicles that enhance their time on the road. That’s why we’re proud to provide a user-friendly and simple reservation system.

The process begins by browsing our extensive fleet online. Once a customer has landed on the vehicle they love, clicking the request to book button gets the reservation process going. 

Customers are prompted to fill out a reservation form that asks for personal information, billing information, and desired rental dates. Once the details are filled in, it’s a simple matter of submitting the request at the touch of a button.

While customers sit back and relax, our team takes time to review the request. We’ll make sure that rental dates and the requested vehicle are available. If they are, we’ll send a reservation confirmation to the customer by email. 

A temporary hold is put on the customer’s credit card when they submit the request. That said, we never charge a customer until their reservation is confirmed.

BMW Rental Discounts and Rental Policies

Renting a BMW is always exciting. At Falcon, we look to reward those who rent for an extended amount of time by offering generous discounts. Customers who book between 7 and 27 days will enjoy 15% off their rental total. Those who book 28 days and beyond will enjoy 30% off their cost. 

At Falcon, we function on a policy of a 24-hour rental minimum. That gives our customers time to enjoy their rental every mile. It also avoids issues with fees related to late turn-in times.

The Cost to Rent a BMW

Every BMW in our fleet is priced differently. At Falcon, we believe in transparent pricing so customers will always see individual rental prices listed by each vehicle online. Similarly, we will indicate any free miles or cost-per-mile specifics on the listing, too.

If you need to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, you can do that without a penalty. Customers do not get charged for cancelations made at least seven days before the scheduled pick-up time. 

Book Your Incredible BMW in Miami Today

At Falcon, we’re passionate about making sure all of our customers enjoy exceptional Miami driving experiences. Browse our fleet today and find your way behind the wheel of a vehicle you can’t wait to drive! Luxury and impeccable design lead the way to success with every rental booked.

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