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Luxury Chauffeur Service Miami

Elevate luxury and convenience in Miami every time you hire chauffeur service through Falcon. We’ll get a dedicated driver to take you where you want to go in style.

When it comes to upscale destinations with impeccable weather and sensational style and fun, Miami, Florida, does it right year-round. This vibrant city welcomes visito...

Elevate luxury and convenience in Miami every time you hire chauffeur service through Falcon. We’ll get a dedicated driver to take you where you want to go in style.

When it comes to upscale destinations with impeccable weather and sensational style and fun, Miami, Florida, does it right year-round. This vibrant city welcomes visitors from across the map and provides plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy no matter when you find yourself in the area.

From the art deco architecture that graces Ocean Drive to the stunning beauty of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami hosts a plethora of places for visitors to enjoy and indulge in the city’s welcoming scene. When you’re not exploring Bayside Marketplace, you could just as quickly be checking out the Venetian Pool, Bayfront Park, or the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Miami is popular among golf enthusiasts for its stunning courses. It’s also a city that beckons to those who like to keep the fun going after the sun goes down, thanks to its thriving nightlife.

Entrepreneurs often find that Miami offers up ample opportunities for success on the business front. Those simply in town to make the most of a captivating coastline and time on the sand won’t be disappointed.

Whatever it is that graces your itinerary, Miami is a city designed to be explored and enjoyed. At Falcon Car Rental, we believe that the best way to do that is immersed in the comfort and sophistication of a luxury vehicle.

Relish the Moment and Rent Chauffeur Service in Miami

The team at Falcon has long been in the business of helping drivers get on the road in style. We’re well-versed in setting customers up with the luxury vehicles they want to drive in Miami. That said, we also proudly offer chauffeur service rental options.

Driving your way to excellence doesn’t have to be an independent venture. Customers that rent chauffeur service in Miami with us will find that glamour on the road is elevated to new and exciting heights!

Those who opt to rent chauffeur service will enjoy ample vehicle options. Whether you see yourself sliding up to a nightclub in a Bentley or can’t wait to arrive at your business meeting in a Cadillac, every chauffeur service rental in Miami we facilitate is one-of-a-kind.

Premier Chauffeur Services Through Falcon

No matter where you need to go or how you like to get there, a chauffeur service rental is an ideal way to customize the drive. At Falcon, we’re passionate about luxury vehicles, and we’re equally committed to creating a superior customer experience at every turn.

We work hard to anticipate our customers' needs. Often, we find that those who rent chauffeur service in Miami have a way of making the absolute most of every moment of their trip.

The option to rent chauffeur service is a route to exceeding expectations that we prioritize at Falcon Car Rental. Every chauffeur service rental in Miami that we organize is designed with the first-class service in mind.

Hiring a chauffeur service in Miami lets our customers embrace a lifestyle they crave. Whether a chauffeur is picking a customer up in a Mercedes, Range Rover, or Rolls-Royce, it’s bound to be a breathtaking experience from start to finish. 

The Many Benefits of Booking a Chauffeur Service in Miami

Savoring every moment of your Miami stay comes down to opportunities to incorporate both luxury and convenience into the experience. Fortunately, both are abundant for customers who make chauffeur services an integral part of their adventure.

At Falcon, we believe there is a long list of reasons to rent chauffeur services and take to the road in style. Customers will often find that a combination of these reasons has them jumping into the back seat for a convenient ride to their next destination. 

It’s no secret that Miami is a city made for sightseeing. Renting chauffeur service through Falcon provides our customers with a prime vantage point on all of those landmarks they’ve come to enjoy without any stress involved.

Driving a luxury vehicle is always a thrilling experience, but it doesn’t provide the freedom to take in your spectacular surroundings. When you book a chauffeur, you can indulge in the luxury and comfort of the vehicle while taking as much time as you want to look around and soak up the sights too. 

Making your way through Miami guided by a knowledgeable chauffeur is the perfect opportunity to marvel at everything from towering skyscrapers to beautiful beaches. You’ll even be able to request specific stops without having to worry about parking or handling directions.

There’s also something to be said for the perception having a chauffeur has on business dealings. First impressions can mean everything, especially when you’re trying to close your next big deal in Miami.

Showing up to a meeting or appointment with a chauffeur will set a standard before the moment has even begun. Whether it’s a one-on-one event or a gala, arriving with a chauffeur lets everyone know you’re committed to class, quality, and style.

At Falcon Car Rental in Miami, we find that many of our customers renting chauffeur service do so alongside other luxury vehicle enthusiasts. Something is thrilling about letting a driver take you wherever you want to go and being able to enjoy the ride to the fullest with your friends at your side.

Instead of worrying about navigating Miami’s traffic, those who invest in chauffeur service can spend time taking in the on-the-road experience in the best way possible. Passengers can feel free to look around and examine the vehicle details they might otherwise miss behind the wheel. 

Vehicle Selections That Make All the Difference

At Falcon Car Rental, our professional team is made up of luxury vehicle enthusiasts who are passionate about the industry and customers they serve. Helping customers enjoy chauffeur service is one thing. Making sure the vehicle they’re driven around Miami in is a perfect style match is another.

We proudly provide our customers with access to a vast array of luxury vehicles. The variety of makes and models we carry in our fleet allows us to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition.

We have everything our customers could dream of driving, from supercars and ultra-luxury cars to convertibles and sports cars. We also carry a variety of luxury SUVs and luxury sedans.

You can order chauffeur services through Falcon for any type of vehicle. That means the possibilities are truly endless!

Those looking to enjoy time in a supercar may find the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster to be the right choice. A McLaren or Ferrari 488 Spider also quickly elevates the chauffeur experience in a supercar.

Being chauffeured through Miami in an ultra-luxury car is bound to be unforgettable. Whether you’re in a Bentley Continental GTC or a Rolls-Royce Phantom, all attention will be on YOU.

Of course, nothing really captures the essence of Miami more than time enjoyed in a luxury convertible. At Falcon, we carry everything from the BMW i8 Roadster to the Mercedes Benz S550 Cabriolet. Are we looking forward to flying by in a Lamborghini Huracan? We can help with that too.

Our team of talented chauffeurs is ready and waiting to cater to customers with a passion for sleek design and powerful engineering in one of our excellent sports cars. Our selection of sports cars extends to the Porsche GT3 and the Ferrari 488 GTB, just to name a few. 

If spending time in Miami cozying up in the comfort of a luxury SUV or a luxury sedan is more your style, Falcon has everything you’ve been searching for. Our fleet boasts options like the Range Rover Supercharged LWB and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The Range Rover HSE, Mercedes Benz S550, and the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II are just a few of our defining luxury sedan options made to inspire. 

How to Reserve Your Luxury Vehicle and Chauffeur Through Falcon

A captivating experience on the road with the help of a chauffeur isn’t hard to access when you partner with Falcon Car Rental in Miami. Customers can simply browse our fleet of options online and request to book the one they fall in love with. 

The reservation process asks customers to fill out their desired rental dates, contact information, and billing information. Are you already there? Not sure how to request chauffeur service? The question and option should appear on your form. Clicking yes gets the experience underway with ease.

Once a customer care representative has confirmed the requested vehicle and rental dates are available, customers will receive a rental confirmation by email. From here, it’s just a matter of waiting for your pick-up date when your chauffeur will meet you behind the wheel of a sleek luxury vehicle.

Cost to Set up Chauffeur Service with Falcon

Customers who rent a luxury vehicle through Falcon will appreciate our transparent and upfront approach to pricing. Every car in our fleet has a unique price point based on the make, model, and features.

These prices are marked on each listing as well as any cost-per-mile specifications and free miles linked to a particular vehicle. That eliminates any cost surprises along the way. 

When customers add chauffeur service to their vehicle rental, a $30 per hour charge will be added to the base rental cost. This includes the daily rate and applicable taxes.

What You Can Expect from Your Chauffeur

Falcon customers can count on the superior craftsmanship of the luxury vehicle they rent. They can also count on their chauffeur providing impeccable services at every moment.

We employ a team of chauffeurs that are committed to professionalism and punctuality. They’re exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to driving in Miami and will get you where you want to go safely and in style. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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