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Rent a Sports Car in Miami

When you want a sports car rental in Miami, you need the pros at Falcon Car Rental on your team. Browse our vast fleet and find your all-star car in no time.

Spending quality time in Miami, whether it be in the name of work or play, is always something to look forward to. This Southern Florida destination is a desirable one amongst those ...

When you want a sports car rental in Miami, you need the pros at Falcon Car Rental on your team. Browse our vast fleet and find your all-star car in no time.

Spending quality time in Miami, whether it be in the name of work or play, is always something to look forward to. This Southern Florida destination is a desirable one amongst those who crave a glamorous scene complete with vibrant nightlife, fantastic weather, and access to a captivating coastline at all times.

The only thing better than making your way through Miami is doing it in style. At Falcon, we believe that it begins and ends with a sports car rental.

Customers come to us from across the map to rent a sports car that captures attention on the road. The option to rent a sports car in Miami makes the experience one-of-a-kind. It’s a decision that helps drivers relish the sophisticated driving experience this incredible city offers up.

Every sports car rental in Miami that we facilitate at Falcon promises to be exceptional. Our team of professionals takes driving dreams and turns them into reality with ease.

For us, a sports car rental is more than just a transaction. It’s a chance to help customers embrace a lifestyle that they long to possess.

When you rent a sports car in Miami through Falcon, you’ll find yourself working alongside professionals who are endlessly passionate about luxury vehicles.

We are personally invested in the makes and models we market. We value every luxurious detail about the production process and know our fleet of vehicles inside and out.

The decision to rent a sports car with us is a customized moment at every turn. We get to know our customers in Miami to ensure that whether you’re heading to a meeting or the club, you have the sensational sports car rental in Miami to match!

An Unsurpassed Sports Car Driving Experience in Miami

Far too often, the idea of sitting behind the wheel of an upscale sports car feels out of reach for drivers. When you partner with Falcon, this isn’t the case!

We move beyond pricey ownership options and focus on rental selections that give drivers access to a one-of-a-kind experience on Miami roads. We offer a no-hassle alternative to investing in a luxury vehicle for life. Instead, we provide rental sports cars that give drivers a taste of the luxury they crave.

Our vast fleet of options makes it simple to pick and choose from a lineup of sports cars perfectly suited to driver taste and style. At Falcon Car Rental, we believe that every driver should have the chance to slip behind the wheel of a sports car that captures their imagination. We also pair drivers with the car bound to turn heads no matter where the road takes them.

Savor the Vast Selection of Sports Cars Available to Rent Through Falcon

Making your way to Miami is decidedly fun. Deciding to rent a sports car through Falcon is an exercise in style and luxury that only further enhances the experience.

We proudly carry a wide variety of sports car makes and models designed to impress and inspire. Whether you see yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche GT3 or a BMW i8 Roadster, we have the options made to match. We can also accommodate requests for sports cars ranging from the Ferrari 488 GTB to the Lamborghini Huracan, just to name a few!

Enjoy the Ease of Renting a Sports Car You Love in Miami

There’s no reason to put dreams of driving a sports car that thrills on the back burner. At Falcon Car Rental, we work hard to make sure drivers have easy access to the vehicles they love whenever their travel plans bring them to Miami.

Our simple and user-friendly reservation process gives customers the confidence they deserve when renting a sports car with us. It all begins with taking time to browse our online fleet of options at your leisure.

Each sports car listing found on our website comes complete with stunning photographs of the vehicle as well as full specs to review. This helps drivers get a clear idea of the vehicle they’re considering and provides a rental experience built on accuracy.

Once you find the sports car you can’t wait to drive through the city, click the request to book button to get the reservation process started. At the touch of a button, our site will direct you to a general reservation information page where you can fill in their preferred rental dates, contact information, and billing information too.

Once all information fields have been filled out, submitting the request form sends it straight to our customer care team. At this point, customers can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Our team takes time to carefully review requests and make sure desired vehicles and preferred rental dates are available. If they are, we’ll quickly send a reservation confirmation to the customer by email.

If your requested vehicle isn’t available on the requested rental dates, we’ll be sure to send some alternative options to the customer instead. These can be reviewed and either accepted or rejected. It’s totally up to you!

A Car Rental Company Built on Transparent Pricing

Helping drivers get out on the road in style is what we do best at Falcon Car Rental in Miami. To make sure that process is seamless, we function on a foundation of pricing transparency at every turn.

There’s nothing worse than renting a sports car only to be hit with hidden fees halfway through the booking process. At Falcon, customers can count on upfront pricing models that clearly list any additional fees or pricing discrepancies before a reservation is finalized.

Every sports car in our fleet is priced differently according to specific makes and models. Customers will find individual pricing listed clearly on our website. Pricing will also break down any cost-per-mile specifications or free miles associated with a particular sports car.

When customers submit a reservation request, the billing information on file prompts a temporary hold on their credit card in the amount of the requested rental. However, our customers are never charged until a reservation is confirmed.

If the requested vehicle isn’t available, alternative options are sent to the customer to review. If none of these options are satisfactory, customers can request the rental request, and the hold on the card is immediately removed.

If customers have questions regarding pricing, the card holds, or specifics related to a particular vehicle, our customer care team is available to help around the clock. Simply reach out to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative at any point in the process.

Delivering Up Savings on Extended Sports Car Rentals

Savoring every moment on the streets of Miami in a sports car that fits your style should be something drivers get to enjoy every time they’re here. If you’re lucky enough to stay for an extended period of time, the team at Falcon is happy to offer rental discounts made to match.

Drivers that plan on renting a sports car between 7 and 27 days will have a 15% discount automatically applied to their base rental charge. Customers who reserve a sports car for 28 days or more will be privy to a 30% discount.

These extended rental discounts are only relevant to the daily rental price of each sports car. They do not apply to delivery services or additional mileage options.

More Than an Hourly Rental Experience at Falcon

Renting and enjoying a luxury sports car isn’t a traditional driving experience. It’s the essence of a lifestyle, and at Falcon, we know that it requires time to indulge in.

That’s why we function on a 24-hour rental minimum policy. This is a policy that extends to every luxury vehicle in our Miami fleet.

Elevating the driving experience begins with providing our customers with the time they deserve to really appreciate the vehicle. Eliminating hourly rental options means reducing stress related to potential late fees incurred when meetings run late or Miami traffic sneaks up on drivers.

Instead, our drivers can take to the roads stress-free. They can make the most of the experience without the hassle of an impossible timeline and enjoy driving a sports car the way it’s meant to be.

Flexible Cancellation Options for Sports Cars

Every team member at Falcon Car Rental in Miami loves seeing drivers out on the roads, relishing a driving experience that’s luxurious and elevated. That said, we know that life makes it impossible to stick to your plans from time to time.

To that end, we offer our customers a flexible 24 hour grace period on all reservations in which cancellations can be processed penalty-free. Cancellations that occur at least seven days before a scheduled sports car pick-up time won’t be charged. Any booking you cancel outside of these parameters is susceptible to a 50% charge.

Slide Behind the Wheel of a Sports Car and Drive into Excellence

When your plans have you in Miami, the team at Falcon Car Rental is here to make sure you’re behind the wheel of an incredible sports car. See where the road takes you in a sports car that comes with the luxury features and designs you’ve been dreaming of! Browse our collection of luxury cars online today and let us know if you have questions so we can get you driving in style in no time.

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