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Ferrari Rental Miami
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When you slide behind the wheel of a Ferrari rental in Miami, you become part of history. Ferraris have been mesmerizing people everywhere since the first glimpse of the first model back in 1947. At that time, Enzo Ferrari debuted the 125 S, which was developed in Maranello, Italy and inspired by the racetrack.

Today’s Ferraris have achieved the reputation of an elite luxury sports car seen on major movies, speeding on the racetrack, and on the city streets of major cities. These models are the perfect combination of exceptional acceleration, premium power, and sleek interiors with all the amenities you could want. Modern Ferraris are more than just a car—they are an obsession.

When you visit Falcon Car Rental, you’ll find your choice of models for a Ferrari day rental. Once you choose your preferred model, you will have taken your first step to the perfect Ferrari rental in Miami.

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