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Rent a Range Rover in Miami

When you’re ready to hit the road in style, prioritize renting a Range Rover in Miami. Partner with Falcon Car Rental and slip behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.

Relishing every moment driving on the streets of Miami begins with renting a luxury vehicle to get you where you’re going in style. This vibrant city has a reputa...

When you’re ready to hit the road in style, prioritize renting a Range Rover in Miami. Partner with Falcon Car Rental and slip behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.

Relishing every moment driving on the streets of Miami begins with renting a luxury vehicle to get you where you’re going in style. This vibrant city has a reputation for upscale living and glamorous inhabitants. It makes sense that when you’re here, you would have a vehicle to your name to match your surroundings.

At Falcon Car Rental, we’re passionate about pairing our customers with a rental vehicle that elevates their Florida experience from start to finish. When you’re in town and looking to rent a Range Rover, we’re here to help. 

A Range Rover rental Miami experience is more than just a new way to drive. It’s embracing a southern Florida way of life to the fullest. Every Range Rover rental we facilitate at Falcon is an opportunity for drivers to see the city through a more sophisticated lens.

At Falcon, we understand that there’s beauty in having the choices you crave and deserve when it comes to a luxury car rental. Those looking to rent a Range Rover in Miami will find that our fleet enjoys a variety of models to choose from!

Our Range Rover rental process is straightforward at Falcon, making it simple to bring driving dreams a reality. Those looking to rent a Range Rover while they’re in town will find our team understands the intricacies and details of this brand that matter most.

Let us help guide you towards a Range Rover rental Miami experience that’s one-of-a-kind. We promise you’ll love the way you feel as you turn heads behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s designed to impress. 

A History of Quality and Superior Craftsmanship on the Road

Customers who come to Falcon to rent a Range Rover in Miami are typically looking to make the most of their driving experience. Whether they’re hoping to elevate their entrance to a business meeting or make an impression at one of downtown’s vibrant nightclubs, a Range Rover rental is a sensational starting point.

Renting a Range Rover is also a move that makes every driver a part of a legacy of quality and commitment to superior craftsmanship. Range Rover as a brand has long been synonymous with effortlessly cool style paired with high-performance standards.

Since Range Rover became a well-known name in luxury vehicles, the dedication to consistent design and innovative technology is evident. Drivers are often drawn to Range Rover for the combination of style and function that the brand offers up seamlessly. 

As a luxury brand, Range Rover enjoys its position as the first to offer permanent four-wheel drive on the market. It’s also a brand that led the way towards incorporating unique design waistlines, a clamshell hood, and featured a wide tailgate. 

Whether drivers prefer the look of first-generation Range Rovers or are captivated by the silhouette and boxy headlights of the second generation, it’s a brand built to last. Getting behind the wheel of a Range Rover in Miami is the experience drivers deserve to have and will indeed find unforgettable.

A Variety of Range Rovers to Choose from at Falcon Car Rental

When it comes to enjoying time on the road in a luxury car rental, the team at Falcon knows that options make all the difference. We proudly carry a fleet of Range Rovers in versatile models that we can customize to taste and style. 

Whether our customers are looking to rent a Range Rover Sport, rent a Range Rover HSE, or slip behind the wheel of a Supercharged LWB, we’re happy to deliver incredible results. Taking time to browse our many options is an exercise in driving inspiration.

Revel in Time Behind the Wheel of a Range Rover Sport

When impeccable style standards and off-road adventure get your heart pounding, the Range Rover Sport is bound to be the vehicle that beckons you to get behind the wheel. Every Range Rover Sport rental Miami experience is designed to thrill drivers and passengers alike. 

The Sport is known for its impressive off-roading capabilities that give drivers options for routes and terrain. Those looking to rent a Range Rover Sport Miami will also find that this vehicle boasts an inviting and spacious cabin paired with top-of-the-line fuel efficiency.

A Range Rover Sport rental gives drivers unparalleled access to aesthetically pleasing designs. It’s hard not to love this model’s sleek black exterior paired with cream-colored interior leather.

Despite its impressive dimensions, this SUV is designed with agility in mind. A Range Rover Sport rental gives drivers the option of reaching 60 mph in less than 7 seconds!

Realize Your Driving Potential When You Rent a Range Rover HSE in Miami

The decision to rent a Range Rover HSE Miami is a breathtaking one. This vehicle showcases the best premium leather seating, keyless entry, and LED headlights that illuminate the Miami nightlife scene in style. 

At Falcon, we regularly recommend a Range Rover HSE rental Miami for customers that are looking for an elevated and comprehensive driving experience while they’re in town. Complete with superior terrain-handling capabilities and advanced touchscreen navigation, this is a vehicle that promises to deliver superior performance standards.

The audio system includes 12 speakers, and passengers will love the temperature-controlled seats. Where lane departure warnings keep drivers and passengers safe, the sleek design is sure to be attention-grabbing too.

Put the Pedal to the Metal in a Range Rover Supercharged LWB

Life in Miami moves fast. When you need a luxury vehicle that can keep pace, the Range Rover Supercharged LWB checks every box on the list. 

This powerful model is anything but traditional. Drivers will love that the Supercharged LWB can produce 510 HP and comes equipped with a roaring V8 engine. 

The Supercharged LWB is ideal for off-roading adventures thanks to its efficient aerodynamic design. That said, this model’s eye-catching black interior and exterior make it an ultra-luxurious choice for rolling up to city-center events, as well.

When You’re Ready to Rent a Range Rover, Falcon Makes it Simple

Many drivers dream of getting behind the wheel of a powerful and luxurious Range Rover. At Falcon Car Rental in Miami, we make it easier than ever to turn those visions into a reality on the road!

We work hard to make the luxury car reservation process as simple as possible. Customers will find our user-friendly approach to renting a Range Rover inviting and customizable at every turn.

It all begins with taking time to browse our many luxury vehicle options online. Our website is designed to make selecting the car you love for your time in Miami an efficient and straightforward process. 

Once customers have landed on the vehicle listing they prefer, they only have to click the request to book button to get things underway. Clicking this button prompts the customer to fill in their desired rental dates. They will also be asked to provide their contact information and billing information, respectively.

When all of the information has been added to the request form, submitting the document will send the request to the customer care team at Falcon. From here, customers can enjoy sitting back and letting us handle the details.

Our team takes time to review each request carefully and determine if the requested vehicle and rental dates are available. If they are, customers will quickly receive a rental confirmation by email.

If the requested car and rental dates are not available, we always have a plan B. We’re happy to send an alternative vehicle and rental date options to the customer in question. These are available for review, acceptance, or rejection alike. 

While a temporary hold is put on a customer’s credit card when a rental request is sent, customers are never charged until a rental is confirmed. If a customer doesn’t like the alternative rental options they’ve received, they can reject the request, and we will remove the hold from their card right away.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Range Rover in Miami?

At Falcon, we know that every luxury vehicle is one-of-a-kind. To that end, pricing is unique, as well.

Customers will find individual vehicle rental pricing clearly marked online as they browse our digital fleet. In addition to the rental prices, customers will have access to any associated free miles or cost-per-mile after that limit has been reached.

In this way, we eliminate any hidden fees or financial surprises throughout the rental process. Customers who partner with falcon can count on transparent and upfront pricing with every booking.

We also offer discounts on extended rentals. Customers who book their Range Rover for 7 to 27 days will enjoy 15% off their cost. Those who rent for upwards of 28 consecutive days will enjoy 30% off their rental. 

Falcon has them covered when life doesn’t go according to plan and customers need to cancel their booking. We offer a 24-hour timeframe from the time of booking during which customers can cancel without a penalty.

Rent a Range Rover in Miami with Falcon Today

When Miami is calling, and you could use a luxury vehicle rental to meet the moment in style, Falcon Car Rental has everything you’re looking for and more. Browse our vast inventory online today and reach out with any questions you might have about a particular vehicle. We can’t wait to see you driving through Miami in luxury soon!

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