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Rent a Luxury Sedan in Miami

When your plans bring you to Miami, make sure you have the luxury sedan rental to match. At Falcon, we specialize in giving customers the upscale driving they deserve.

Sometimes, it’s not enough just to simply see the mesmerizing city of Miami. Experiencing it comes down to fully embracing the luxury you deserve. That’s where...

When your plans bring you to Miami, make sure you have the luxury sedan rental to match. At Falcon, we specialize in giving customers the upscale driving they deserve.

Sometimes, it’s not enough just to simply see the mesmerizing city of Miami. Experiencing it comes down to fully embracing the luxury you deserve. That’s where Falcon Car Rental can help.

Customers come to us when they’re looking to rent a luxury sedan or other top-of-the-line vehicle. We’re happy to answer the call.

Making the most of your time in Miami means making the most of time on the road. A luxury sedan rental can elevate your driving experience from start to finish.

It can also provide confidence with every head-turning mile you put in your rearview mirror. Whether our customers are in town to take on the next business venture or they’re looking forward to rolling up to the club in decadent style, the decision to rent a luxury sedan in Miami through Falcon is always a good one.

That’s because every luxury sedan rental in Miami we facilitate happens at the hands of our staff, who are also luxury car enthusiasts. We’re passionate about the industry we serve and are excited to help drivers behind the wheel of a luxury sedan rental that changes just about everything.

Enjoy the Difference a Luxury Sedan Rental Can Make

When renting a luxury sedan, you invest in a driving experience that prioritizes performance and style equally. Those who opt to rent a luxury sedan in Miami will surely get where they’re going in comfort while sacrificing nothing in the way of aesthetics.

A luxury sedan rental in Miami is ideal for a discerning driver looking for superior interior standards paired with a sporty exterior. No matter where the road might take you, a luxury sedan sets a new bar for excellence in getting there.

Luxury Sedan Options Customers Crave

At Falcon Car Rental, we understand how thrilling it is to slip behind the wheel of a luxury sedan when you find yourself in sunny Miami. That said, taking time to browse a variety of vehicle options can be just as fun!

That’s why we’re proud to provide our customers with access to a plethora of luxury sedans within our upscale fleet of options. No matter what your Miami itinerary entails, we’re sure to have a vehicle made to meet your every need.

When you’re looking for a Range Rover HSE, you can find one easily within our fleet. We also carry the Mercedes Benz S550 as well as the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II. You’ll also find models that showcase delectable design standards, efficiency, and sustainability across our collection of Bentleys and Mercedes.

Relish a Straightforward Rental Process at Falcon

Above and beyond service is our specialty at Falcon Car Rental in Miami. Customers come to us expecting the best, and that’s exactly what they receive. We want every experience on the road to be exceptional, but we’re just as dedicated to making sure the rental process is streamlined, too.

At Falcon, it all begins with taking time to browse the options. Customers are encouraged to look through our digital fleet catalog online at their leisure. Our collection of luxury sedans is vast and well worth examining closely.

When customers find the vehicle they love and can’t wait to get behind the wheel, the reservation process kicks off when clicking the request to book. That prompts customers to fill out a rental request form that includes their requested rental dates and their personal and billing information.

Next, clicking the submit button sends the request off to the customer care team at Falcon. Our customer care specialists will take the time to review each submission carefully and ensure that the requested vehicle and rental dates are available. If everything lines up, customers will receive their rental confirmation by email in a short amount of time.

If there is a problem with the requested rental dates or the desired vehicle isn’t available, our team will send other options to the customer that are similar. These can be reviewed and either accepted or rejected with ease.

The Falcon Pricing Promise

Taking time to unwind in Miami and knowing you have the luxury sedan rental to match is exciting. What’s less than thrilling is finding out there are hidden fees or costs associated with the rental you’ve had your eye on.

At Falcon Car Rental, we want every step of the rental process to be clear and streamlined. That includes the approach to pricing we take when it comes to our luxury vehicle rentals.

Every luxury sedan rental in our fleet is priced according to its unique make, model, and amenities. That said, the final price point is never a surprise.

As customers browse our online listings, they’ll find rental prices clearly marked as well as any cost-per-mile specifications related to each vehicle. Similarly, we indicated any free miles customers can enjoy when they rent a specific luxury sedan.

When you submit a reservation request, you can expect to see a temporary hold on whatever card they included in the billing information section. However, at Falcon, we never actually charge for a rental until a reservation has been confirmed.

When the requested vehicle or rental dates aren’t available, customers will always have the option to browse the alternatives our customer care team sends their way. If these options aren’t satisfactory, we’ll quickly cancel the reservation and drop the hold on the card too.

Of course, we’re always here to answer questions as they arise. Customers will find our service team is readily available to address inquiries related to vehicle pricing or rental specifics.

Delivering Discounts on Extended Luxury Sedan Rentals

Driving down the streets of Miami in style, even for a day, is an easy thing to do when you’re behind the wheel of a luxury sedan rental. At Falcon, we want to encourage and reward you when you decide you want more adventure!

That’s why we proudly provide significant discounts on extended luxury sedan rentals. Customers who rent a luxury sedan between 7 and 27 days will enjoy a 15% discount that’s automatically applied to their base rental charge.

Are you looking to go beyond a 27-day rental? Falcon provides those who rent a luxury sedan for upwards of 28 days with a 30% discount, which is automatically applied to the base rental charge. It’s important to note that these discounts do not apply to additional mileage options or delivery and pick-up service costs.

Make It a 24-Hour Adventure at Minimum

From time to time, customers ask us about hourly rental options. At Falcon, we know that making the most of time behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle requires more than a few hours.

That’s why we run on a 24-hour rental minimum platform. Renting for at least 24 hours is a standard applied to all luxury vehicles in our fleet.

We find that customers need at least 24 hours to truly experience the journey they’ve invested in. It’s also an excellent plan to help our customers avoid late fees when Miami rush hour traffic gets in the way of an intended drop-off time.

If that downtown Miami business meeting happens to run late, there’s no need to worry about penalties or fees on your rental. A full day is enough time to enjoy the on-the-road experience in a stress-free fashion in Miami.

Pick-Up and Delivery Services for Luxury Sedans

There’s nothing more captivating than enjoying time in the driver’s seat of a luxury Sedan when travel plans bring you to Miami. At Falcon, we believe that incorporating convenience at every turn only makes the experience that much better!

We’re happy to provide our customers who rent a luxury sedan with access to pick-up and delivery options. Those who are within three miles of our showroom can request vehicle delivery or pick-up free of charge.

Booking a rental valued at over $3,000 for more than two days? We’ll make it twelve miles! Any rental valued at $1,500 and booked for a minimum of two days can include free pick-up or delivery within an eight-mile radius.

What If I Have to Cancel My Luxury Sedan Rental?

Experiencing driving a luxury vehicle in Miami is an unsurpassed moment. That said, we realize that sometimes plans change.

At Falcon Car Rental, all of our customers enjoy a 24-grace period from the time of booking to cancel their reservation penalty-free. We don’t charge customers who cancel within seven days of a pick-up either. Any cancellation beyond this timeframe may be subject to a 50% penalty.

Indulge in the Ultimate Driving Experience in Miami Through Falcon Car Rental

Whenever you find yourself in Miami longing to be a part of the glamorous lifestyle this city hosts, the team at Falcon Car Rental is ready and waiting to help. Our team of passionate and experienced professionals will help match you with just the right luxury vehicle to take your trip to the next level of excellence with ease.

Take some well-deserved time to browse our wide variety of vehicle options, and feel free to relish the possibilities. When you find the vehicle you can’t wait to drive, we’ll help turn those visions into a reality at the touch of a button.

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