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Rent a Supercar in Miami

A supercar rental is the ultimate way to see Miami in style. At Falcon Car Rental, we make accessing the car of your dreams easier than ever.

When your plans bring you to the exciting city of Miami, you know you’re in for an adventure. This bustling metropolis is an enthralling destination to discover, no matter when you find yourse...

A supercar rental is the ultimate way to see Miami in style. At Falcon Car Rental, we make accessing the car of your dreams easier than ever.

When your plans bring you to the exciting city of Miami, you know you’re in for an adventure. This bustling metropolis is an enthralling destination to discover, no matter when you find yourself here.

Whether you call the city home or you’re in town for business or pleasure, Miami is the perfect place for exploration. One of the best routes to relishing every moment is to invest in a supercar rental to get you around!

At Falcon Car Rental in Miami, we help customers looking to rent a supercar find the vehicle that elevates their city living experience from start to finish. We’re passionate about luxury cars and carry a vast fleet of options to fit every preference on the road.

When you rent a supercar in Miami, you’re doing more than just driving. You’re embracing a lifestyle every time you slip behind the wheel.

Get Ready for the Ride of a Lifetime

The decision to acquire a supercar rental in Miami through Falcon is one that never fails to impress. For many people, this is a bucket list move that makes time in the city absolutely unforgettable.

For others, it’s a standard they can’t live without. At Falcon, our professional team is dedicated to helping our customers experience the ultimate driving experience in vehicles that are one-of-a-kind.

Often when you rent a supercar, you’re investing in the exclusive opportunity to drive a limited production vehicle. This fact alone makes a supercar rental that much more meaningful. Helping customers seize that moment is what we’re all about at Falcon Car Rental.

The Supercar Options Customers Deserve at Falcon

When you’re looking to rent a supercar in Miami, the team at Falcon is proud to provide a fleet of options made to match your on-the-road goals. While some ready to acquire a supercar rental in Miami do so to roll up in style to a business meeting, others are ready to take on the nightlife in style.

Either way, having choices when it comes to the supercar make and mode can be the defining difference in the rental experience. Whether you picture yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Bentley, or Lamborghini, Falcon will help you find the vehicle that suits your style.

If style and class are top priorities, then our supercar collection is bound to impress. Customers can choose between options like the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster or a McLaren that elevates sleek design to new heights. Picturing yourself taking to Miami behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Spider? We can handle that, as well.

Supercar Rentals Made Simple with Falcon in Miami

At Falcon, we’re very much in the business of turning driving dreams into a reality. The idea that driving a supercar is something out of reach is a misconception.

Our team breaks barriers between what you envision and what’s possible. In this way, we give drivers an enhanced experience on the road like never before.

The design process behind every supercar is indeed undeniably complex. That said, enjoying the rewards of driving a supercar is made simple with our easy-to-use reservation process.

Our booking system works at the touch of a button, but before you submit a request, you deserve to take time to browse. All of our supercar options are listed online. These listings come complete with detailed specs, photographs, and pricing to match.

Once a customer has found a vehicle, they can’t wait to drive through Miami. The first step in the reservation process is to click the request to book button. From here, customers should fill in their requested rental dates. They’ll also include their contact and billing information.

Once these details are accounted for, all that’s left to do is submit the request. At this point, customers can sit back and relax while our customer care team takes time to review the rental request.

If everything checks out and the requested car and rental dates are available, we will email you a reservation confirmation. If the requested vehicle or rental dates aren’t available for any reason, a customer care representative will reach out to discuss alternatives. Customers always have the option to accept or deny these alternatives according to preference.

Transparent Supercar Rental Pricing

The opportunity to take to the roads of Miami behind the wheel of a supercar is an experience that nobody should miss. In all of the excitement, additional fees or costs that catch you off guard is the one thing that can consistently put a damper on an otherwise meaningful moment.

At Falcon, we’re fully committed to keeping our pricing model upfront and transparent at all times. We want our customers to enjoy every moment in their supercar. That’s why we work hard to make sure cost awareness is a priority from the very start.

To that end, customers will find that all of our supercar prices are on our website. As customers browse our supercar fleet, they’ll find that each listing hosts a unique price point determined by the vehicle’s make and model.

The clarity doesn’t end there. Customers can also view any associated free miles that come with the vehicle they’re interested in renting. They’ll also have unobstructed access to the cost-per-mile specifications when free miles have been depleted.

When a customer submits a request to reserve a specific vehicle, a temporary hold gets placed on their credit card. However, it’s important to note that a customer is never charged for a rental until the reservation is fully confirmed.

If the requested rental dates and vehicle aren’t available, customers will always enjoy alternative options listed by one of our customer care representatives. In the event these choices are not satisfactory, the temporary hold will immediately be removed from their credit card.

Discounts on Extended Supercar Rentals in Miami

There’s nothing more thrilling than spending time exploring Miami in a supercar that promises to turn heads. At Falcon, we value this opportunity to the fullest. We want our customers to have the same options when it comes to time to savor the experience.

That’s why we proudly provide significant discounts on rentals that are booked for an extended time. Our customers who rent a supercar for anywhere from 7 to 27 days will enjoy a 15% discount. This reduction is automatically applied to the base rental charges.

Are you looking to enjoy your supercar for even longer? Great discounts are yours for the taking! Customers who rent supercars for upwards of 28 days or more consecutively will get a 30% discount off their base rental charge.

It’s important to note that these discounts are specific to the daily rental price of the vehicle you book. They aren’t relevant to additional charges like delivery services or additional mileage.

Are Hourly Rental Rates Available for Supercars?

The short answer is no, and there are plenty of reasons why. At Falcon, we want to give our customers the time and space they deserve to really embrace the experience of driving a supercar. An hourly rental option cuts that short at (literally) every turn.

Instead, we rent our supercars out on a 24-hour rental minimum. This policy eliminates any need to rush a vehicle back to meet a quick turn-in time一a feat that could prove impossible depending on rush hour traffic.

Having a supercar to enjoy for 24 hours also gives our customers the freedom to let go of stress. If you’re rolling up to business meetings or appointments in a supercar and the event happens to go long, there are no worries about late turn-in fees.

Overall, a 24-hour rental period gives drivers a chance to explore Miami worry-free and embrace an exhilarating on-the-road adventure. At Falcon, we truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pick-up and Delivery Service for Supercar Rentals

When you rent a supercar through Falcon, you can benefit from our convenient pick-up and delivery service options. If you happen to be within three miles of our showroom, we’re happy to provide pick-up and delivery free of charge.

Our no-cost services extend to eight miles if a rental exceeds $1,500 in value and gets booked for two days or more. We’re happy to provide free services within twelve miles for those customers who book a rental that exceeds $3,000 for two or more days.

Cancellation Specifics

We understand that sometimes plans change. While we want everyone to enjoy time behind the wheel of a supercar, our cancellation policy provides a 24-hour grace period after booking to cancel without penalty.

Cancellations made at least seven days before we schedule the vehicle pick-up will not cost you anything. Any cancellation after this timeframe will incur a penalty of up to 50% of the rental value.

Elevate Your Driving Experience in a Supercar Today

A fantastic driving experience in Miami is calling your name, so what are you waiting for? Take time to browse the incredible fleet of supercars at Falcon and find the one you’ve been dreaming of driving with ease. We’re always on hand to answer questions regarding a vehicle or rental policy. We can’t wait to see you in Miami soon!

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