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Rent a Luxury SUV in Miami

On-the-road efficiency and excellence are yours when you rent a luxury SUV in Miami. Let Falcon get you behind the wheel of a superior vehicle to ride in style.

Miami is a city that’s made a name for itself as a destination brimming over with glamour and luxury. Visitors head here to make the most of the sunshine, spectacular shorel...

On-the-road efficiency and excellence are yours when you rent a luxury SUV in Miami. Let Falcon get you behind the wheel of a superior vehicle to ride in style.

Miami is a city that’s made a name for itself as a destination brimming over with glamour and luxury. Visitors head here to make the most of the sunshine, spectacular shorelines, and the upscale lifestyle found around every corner.

Whether it’s a business trip that brings you to Miami or you’re in town to take on the incredible nightlife, the opportunity to rent a luxury SUV will elevate the experience even further. When you’re looking for a one-stop resource for a luxury SUV rental option, Falcon Car Rental is it.

At Falcon, we make it simple to rent a luxury SUV in Miami. However, the experience is anything but ordinary. Every luxury SUV rental in Miami we facilitate allows drivers to slip behind the wheel of a vehicle built on excellence and power.

Our team is made up of luxury vehicle enthusiasts committed to keeping up with cutting-edge makes and models on the market. For our customers, this means unsurpassed insight into which luxury SUV rental will make just the right match for a Miami-bound adventure.

At Falcon Car Rental, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the vast selection of vehicles they deserve. When you’re looking to embrace a sophisticated lifestyle of top-tier Miami driving, the decision to rent a luxury SUV is always a good one.

More to Enjoy on the Streets of Miami

Driving enthusiasts who rent a luxury SUV in Miami through Falcon invest in much more than just a rental experience. They’re investing in an opportunity to see driving through an entirely new lens.

Getting behind the wheel of a luxury SUV rental in Miami means taking to the streets in impeccable style. At Falcon, our fleet is designed to encompass quality and the aesthetics that will turn heads.

Find the Luxury SUV That Fits Your Style

Getting out on the road in a luxury SUV is a sensational experience from start to finish. That said, picking the perfect make and model can be just as fun!

At Falcon Car Rental, we host a fleet of luxury SUV options that are designed to inspire driving enthusiasts of all types. Our customers enjoy the freedom to browse various makes and models that encompass incredible form and functions standards.

Overall, luxury SUVs are crafted to cater to drivers who value both mechanical efficiency and superior drivability. Many drivers are drawn to a luxury SUV for its ability to pair raw power and elegance in perfect balance.

A luxury SUV gets the heart-pounding as it glides to top speeds in seconds. However, navigating challenging terrain is made simple in this type of vehicle thanks to all-wheel drive capabilities.

That means that whether you’re headed to the club in the early morning hours, attending a gallery opening, or rolling up to an important business meeting downtown, you’ll be doing so in seamless style. A luxury SUV implies that the driver is destined for greatness, and at Falcon Car Rental, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to make and model choices at Falcon, options are seemingly endless! Customers can take time to browse exciting options that range from the Range Rover Supercharged LWB to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Looking for a style that embodies sleek design and incredible engine capabilities? The Lamborghini Urus may be the vehicle for you. Of course, those looking for a Mercedes or Cadillac will find we carry just as many options under these brand names as well.

Enjoy the Ease of Renting a Luxury SUV with Falcon

Savoring time on the road behind the wheel of a luxury SUV shouldn’t be an experience that feels out of reach. At Falcon, we take the same approach to the rental process. We’ve built our rental services on a foundation of ease, efficiency, and customer-first function.

Far too often, drivers with a true passion for time on the road give up on dreams of driving a luxury vehicle because of the cost. At Falcon Car Rental, we eliminate the need to invest in luxury car ownership and offer streamlined rental services instead.

In this way, every driver who can’t wait to experience the thrill of on-the-road luxury can do so. Our team is committed to keeping drivers taking on their dreams with every turn of the ignition.

When you’re looking to rent a luxury SUV or any other luxury vehicle within our fleet, it all begins with online browsing. Customers are encouraged to take the time they need to look at all of our options.

As customers search our large digital database, they’ll enjoy vehicle listings that feature fantastic photographs and full specs. This gives them the confidence to know that accuracy and insightful details back their rental choice.

When a customer lands on the vehicle they can’t wait to drive, clicking the request to book button gets them one step closer to being on their way. Pressing this button prompts the customer to fill out a reservation request where they can list their desired rental dates as well as contact and billing information.

At the touch of a button, you can submit your request form. At this point, prospective customers simply sit back while our team takes care of the details. Our customer support specialists will carefully review each request to ensure the requested vehicle and dates are available. If they are, customers will quickly receive their reservation confirmation by email.

If the inquired vehicle or rental days are not available for some reason, our team takes time to send over other possibilities. Customers can review these options and either accept or deny them.

Pricing Options for Luxury SUV Rentals

The perfect driving experience is often found behind the wheel of a luxury SUV. However, nothing can take the shine off of a marvelous adventure in Miami like hidden rental costs and fees.

That’s why the team at Falcon is committed to providing customers with transparent and upfront pricing at all times. No matter what type of vehicle you rent with us, customers can count on a rental experience that comes without financial surprises along the way.

We ensure this happens by listing clear and detailed price points on each vehicle listing we post on our website. As customers browse our many options, they’ll have easy access to vehicle rental prices as well as any associated cost-per-mile specifications. They can even see any free miles offered with a particular vehicle rental.

A luxury SUV is designed with intricate design features, and every vehicle is unique. That’s why customers will find that every car comes with an equally unique rental price that’s built around the make and model in question.

When a customer submits a reservation request for a vehicle, a temporary hold for the rental cost is placed on the credit card they provided in the billing section. However, it’s important to note that we never charge customers for a rental at Falcon before a reservation is fully confirmed.

If the requested SUV isn’t available, our team will send another option to the requesting customer. If this alternative isn’t satisfactory to the customer upon review, we’ll cancel the request and immediately pull the hold off of the customer’s credit card.

At Falcon Car Rental, a customer-first approach to vehicle rentals is what makes us different from the competition. We’re here for our customers whenever questions arise. A call to our customer care team is a one-stop resource for inquiries regarding a specific vehicle, rental details, or pricing.

Does Falcon Offer Hourly Rentals?

Falcon does not offer hourly rentals on our luxury SUVs or any other vehicle in our fleet. This is because we understand you need time to really experience the ride.

We function on a 24-hour rental minimum policy that allows drivers to indulge in the journey and never have to worry about a late turn-in fee because of a Miami traffic jam. If that business meeting goes late, it’s not a problem. Twenty-four hours have proven to be the right timeline for a stress-free and unforgettable driving experience.

Do I Get a Discount on an Extended Luxury SUV Rental?

Taking time to hit the roads of Miami in style is something that everyone should experience at least once. Falcon is happy to provide savings opportunities on a luxury SUV rental if you have time to extend the adventure.

Customers who reserve a luxury SUV for anywhere from 7 to 27 days will have 15% automatically deducted from their base charge. Customers who book a vehicle for more than 28 days will enjoy a 30% discount.

What If I Have to Cancel My Rental?

Making time to drive a luxury SUV in Miami promises to be a highlight of your stay. However, it’s just a fact of life that sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

That’s why Falcon Car Rental offers customers a 24-hour grace period after booking to cancel without penalty. We also don’t charge customers for rental cancellations made 7 days before a scheduled pick-up. Cancellations made outside of this timeframe are subject to a 50% penalty.

Let Luxury Lead the Way to Unforgettable Driving Experiences in Miami

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the best Miami driving opportunities available. Browse our wide variety of luxury SUV options at Falcon and let us get you behind the wheel of a car that captivates your imagination as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see you in sunny Miami soon!

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