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Tesla Rental Miami
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No one can argue that Tesla hasn’t changed the landscape for electric vehicles. Before the name burst onto the scene, electric cars had garnered a stigma of being low-powered, boring, economical, and ultimately slow rides. Most figured the way forward was via hybrid vehicles, and even then, hybrid technology existed almost exclusively as a means of boosting fuel economy, not performance.

Then, in 2008, Tesla unveiled its first car, The Roadster, a fully electric sports car capable of blasting from 0 to 60 mph in just over 3 and ½ seconds. The world immediately took notice, finally giving electric cars an opportunity to escape their dull image.

In 2012, Tesla debuted the car that changed the automotive landscape for good — the Model S — and has since raised the bar so high that it’s taken nearly ten years for any serious rivals to step up and challenge the automaker in the realm...

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