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Ultra-Luxury Car Rental Miami
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Rent an Ultra-Luxury Car in Miami

Whether you see yourself behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or a Rolls-Royce, we make it easy to rent an ultra-luxury car in Miami for a one-of-a-kind experience on the road.

Getting ready to head to Miami (whether in the name of business or pleasure) is always exciting. Miami is a South Florida locale brimming with options for fun, flavor...

Whether you see yourself behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or a Rolls-Royce, we make it easy to rent an ultra-luxury car in Miami for a one-of-a-kind experience on the road.

Getting ready to head to Miami (whether in the name of business or pleasure) is always exciting. Miami is a South Florida locale brimming with options for fun, flavor, and time on the shoreline.

While taking time to see the sights and indulge in ideal weather is pleasant, investing in an ultra-luxury rental while you’re here can really kick things up a notch. So when you’re ready to elevate your Miami experience even further, the team at Falcon Car Rental is here to help.

The option to rent an ultra-luxury car in Miami is one you cannot miss! At Falcon, our team knows ultra-luxury vehicles inside and out. We’re committed to helping drivers enjoy the most luxurious experience possible. We do this by getting them behind the wheel of a car that encompasses speed, quality design, and advanced engineering.

Our versatile fleet of ultra-luxury cars makes it simple for customers to access the vehicle they’ve been dreaming of. The opportunity to rent an ultra-luxury car provides a chance to enjoy a completely unique experience on the road.

Slipping behind the wheel of an ultra-luxury car rental in Miami is the right choice when you’re looking to roll up to a business meeting in style. It’s just as ideal for those who can’t wait to take Miami’s nightlife scene by storm!

Make It a Memorable Experience on the Road in Miami

At Falcon Car Rental in Miami, we know not everyone is in the position to purchase a luxury vehicle they love outright. That’s why we offer rental options that provide opportunities beyond ownership.

When you rent an ultra-luxury car in Miami with us, the experience is unparalleled and accessible. Whether you see yourself behind the wheel of a Bentley, Mercedes, or Rolls-Royce, Falcon has a fleet of options designed to meet the moment.

An ultra-luxury car rental is a great way to embrace a brand you love without the purchase price included. When you rent an ultra-luxury car, you’ll find it simple to fit into Miami’s glamourous scene no matter where the road may take you.

The Falcon team is dedicated to delivering up rental options that inspire. Our goal is to transport drivers to an exceptional level of on-the-road thrills with every single ultra-luxury rental in Miami.

Ultra-Luxury Car Rental Selections Sure to Satisfy

No matter what your plans in Miami entail, the team at Falcon Car Rental hosts a wide variety of ultra-luxury rental options customers are sure to find captivating. Half the fun of hitting the road in style is selecting a make and model that fits your customized taste. That’s exactly what we offer at Falcon.

While the destinations may change, the driving experience in an ultra-luxury car should be consistently exceptional. With Falcon, customers can head to an important business meeting downtown in a sleek Bentley Continental GTC. They can just as easily roll up to a club in a Rolls-Royce Phantom when the attention-grabbing style is a priority.

We Make It Simple to Drive Away in an Ultra-Luxury Car in Miami

There’s no reason not to find yourself revving the engine of an ultra-luxury car in Miami. At Falcon, we pride ourselves on making high-end vehicle rentals refreshingly accessible. Enthusiasts with a passion for time well-spent on the road shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to land in a car that enhances their driving experience.

Instead, our team is here to deconstruct the idea that exclusive driving options are out of reach. Our straightforward rental process gives customers the confidence they deserve to pursue driving experiences they love.

The process begins on our website, where customers can take as much time as they’d like to browse our ultra-luxury rental fleet. Each online listing includes vehicle details, pricing, and detailed photographs, so every decision is based on accuracy.

When a customer finds an ultra-luxury car, they can’t wait to drive down the streets of Miami. All they have to do is click the request to book button. That will lead them to the official request form.

They can quickly fill in their desired rental dates and their contact and billing information on the request form. When the form is complete, hitting submit will send it directly to the Falcon customer care team for review.

Customers are invited to sit back and relax while the Falcon team looks over the reservation request details. We’ll look carefully to make sure the requested vehicle and dates are available. If they are, customers can count on receiving a prompt rental confirmation by email.

If the requested vehicle or rental date selections aren’t available for whatever reason, a customer care representative will reach out. In this scenario, we’ll suggest alternative cars and rental dates. The customer can either accept or reject these alternatives without worry.

Expect Upfront Pricing at Falcon Car Rental

Designing and manufacturing an ultra-luxury car is a complex process. At Falcon Car Rental, we don’t believe the same rules should apply to rental pricing.

Our team upholds transparent and explicit rental pricing standards. Falcon customers are never faced with hidden costs or unexpected fees when they partner with us.

On each digital vehicle listing, customers will find rental pricing clearly marked. Rental prices are unique to every vehicle and are dependent on the make and model.

Cost-per-mile specifications are also listed online as well as any associated free miles. If customers have questions regarding a vehicle’s rental price, our customer care team will readily answer the call.

Submitting a reservation request will automatically initiate a temporary hold on a customer’s credit card according to the billing information they’ve entered. However, that card is never charged until a rental booking is fully confirmed.

When a requested vehicle is unavailable, customer care representatives will always present customers with equivalent alternatives. If a customer is unhappy with the options, the temporary hold is immediately removed from the card, and we cancel the request.

Delivering Discounts on Extended Ultra-Luxury Car Rentals

Getting out and making the most of time on the streets of Miami is an amazing opportunity. It’s only further enhanced behind the wheel of an ultra-luxury car.

At Falcon, we proudly offer discounts on extended rentals for customers looking to make the elevated driving experience last as long as possible. We apply a 15% discount to the base rental charge for those who book a vehicle for 7 to 27 days at a time. There’s also a 30% discount for reservations of 28 days or more.

Do note that these discounts apply to the daily rental price of the vehicle. They are not applicable to deliver service or additional mileage.

Does Falcon Offer Hourly Rentals for Ultra-Luxury Cars?

At Falcon Car Rental, we’re all about creating exceptional customer experiences. Our vast knowledge of luxury cars has shown us it’s impossible to make the most of an upscale ride in a matter of hours.

To that end, we maintain a 24-hour rental minimum policy on all of our luxury vehicles. This provides customers with the time they need and deserve to truly enjoy driving in style.

It’s also a strategy to prevent customers from accruing late turn-in fees when unexpected delays happen. Whether it’s a business meeting that’s gone late or a Miami traffic jam, our customers never have to stress about getting a vehicle turned in with mere hours to spare.

Convenient Delivery and Pick-Up Services for Ultra-Luxury Car Rentals

Convenience and luxury are key to a fantastic driving experience. At Falcon, we want to bring comfort and convenience to every detail of our services, including delivery and pick-up options.

Customers who rent an ultra-luxury car with us can enjoy free pick-up and vehicle delivery if they’re within a three-mile radius of our showroom. A rental valued at $1,500 and booked for at least two days can request the same services at no cost within an eight-mile radius.

When a rental is being enjoyed for more than two days and is valued at over $3,000, we’ll happily extend the radius to twelve miles. Be sure to reach out to our customer care team with any questions about pick-up and delivery services to your specific Miami location.

Cancellation Policies at Falcon

While we want every dedicated driver to enjoy the exceptional experience of driving an ultra-luxury car through Miami, we recognize that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. That’s why we offer customers a 24-hour grace period to cancel their booking without penalty.

Customers who cancel at least seven days before the scheduled car pick-up won’t be charged for the change. Cancellations processed outside of this timeframe will see a 50% penalty.

Embrace Stylish Miami Living One Mile at a Time

Taking your on-the-road experience in Miami to the next level of excellence isn’t hard to do when you partner with the professionals at Falcon. Pairing customers up with an ultra-luxury car made to exceed their every expectation is our passion!

Take time to browse our vast fleet of ultra-luxury cars online, and make sure to submit your request for the rental you can’t wait to drive. We’re looking forward to seeing you behind the wheel in Miami soon!

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