Rolls-Royce Dawn or Bentley Continental GTC?
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Rolls-Royce Dawn or Bentley Continental GTC?


Rolls Royce and Bentley are the leading manufacturers of ultra-luxury cars. When you hear either name, you automatically envision a luxurious car that is usually only enjoyed by the rich and famous. Rolls Royce and Bentley both have fabulous backgrounds as car manufacturing companies. There was even a time when they were the same company. Both companies are separate entities again, and they both provide a very distinct driving experience.

In 1904, Henry Royce built his first automobile. The twin-cylinder Royce 10 was a larger vehicle that had more power than other cars being developed at that time. Royce met with auto dealership owner Charles Rolls later that year in an effort to have Rolls carry his vehicle. Rolls was so impressed by the vehicle that they formed a joint partnership of Rolls Royce Limited.

From that day forward, the Rolls Royce became one of the leading luxury vehicles available in the world. The large car with the powerful engine began to participate in racing events, and the name quickly gained recognition. The car manufacturer made very limited productions of their vehicles, and it became common belief that you could only purchase a Rolls Royce if the company approved of you driving their vehicle.

The company continued to manufacture high end luxury vehicles for the next 60 years. During that same period, Rolls Royce also began to develop and mass produce engines for the aviation industry. Rolls Royce participated heavily in the war effort during WWII to help supply aircraft with engines.

During the 1970’s when the oil and financial crisis hit, Rolls Royce went into receivership. The British government assumed control of the company and divided it into the aircraft engine company and the automotive company. Rolls Royce cars was sold off to private investors.

Since this time Rolls Royce has been owned by several firms or different firms. The vehicles, however, have always retained their superiority. The name Rolls Royce is synonymous with luxury, and in a recent marketing survey, only the brand name Coca Cola was more recognizable to the public than Rolls Royce.

The latest model of Rolls Royce is the Dawn. The Dawn is a beautiful convertible four-seater that offers everything that you could imagine in luxury and then adds some more. The engine is a twin-turbo 12 cylinder engine that is 6.6 liters. It can reach 0 to 60 in five seconds, and that is with the heavier weight of the vehicle compared to lighter sports cars. The engine has 628 horsepower and an amazing 820 pounds of torque.

The interior of the Dawn is everything that you can imagine. Luxury, luxury, luxury. For those who do not know how Rolls Royce works, every interior is customized for the buyer. The sky is the limit for options, and the more you have to invest into your vehicle, the more amenities you can enjoy. The seats and interior always show superior design and quality. It is safe to say that any and all functions within the large cockpit area can be completed by touch or with very little effort. Rolls Royce is all about luxury, not hard work.

The exterior of the has the sassy large grill and sleek but subtle lines that you expect from this vehicle. The wider body gives it a feel of dominance, and the simple but gorgeous trim demand that you admire how the vehicle looks. The car is noticed by everyone when you are on the road.

Driving a Rolls Royce Dawn is an experience that can only be explained as phenomenal. To understand the feeling completely, you must get behind the wheel and feel the power and luxury in your own hands.

Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley Motors Limited was first established outside of London in 1919. W.O. Bentley was convinced that he and his brother could perfect a car so that it was powerful and durable at the same time. Bentley showcased his first chassis in late 1919 where he teams up with a WWI pilot to develop an engine for his car. The four valves per cylinder engine with aluminum cylinders instead of cast iron was developed. This magnificent engine is what immediately set the vehicle apart from others.

The First Bentley made it to the open market in 1921 as a powerful and luxurious vehicle. It gained recognition worldwide when it placed in the Indianapolis 500 in 1922 and went on to win the Le Mans in 1924. Bentley was seen as a superior vehicle in all areas of performance, durability, speed, and ingenuity. Bentley went on to win the Le Mans in 1927,28,29 and 1930.

The Depression and market crash, however, had a significant impact on the car manufacturer. At a time when there were bread and soup lines in London, the demand for luxury vehicles diminished. The car manufacturer entered into receivership in 1930 when it could not make its mortgage payments.

Shortly after it entered into receivership, Rolls Royce purchased the company. For 40 years, Rolls Royce manufactured Bentley vehicles. The new Bentley’s were dubbed as the Sport version of the Rolls Royce. The vehicles often had some same parts as the Rolls, but they always kept a distinct outward appearance. Rolls Royce always managed the company as a subsidiary so that they could remain distinct vehicles.

After Rolls Royce entered into receivership in 1971, Bentley was purchased by Vickers The company struggled with the car for a few years, but then was able to revive the brand when it decided to focus on performance. Bentley started out as a luxury car with a race history, and that is what Vickers intended to recreate. They were very successful. And by the 1980’s, Bentley was at the top of the list for luxury performance cars.

Bentley was later acquired by Volkswagen, who continues to own the brand to this day. The company continues to limit the production of these vehicles so that they remain an ultra-luxury vehicle.

The Bentley Continental GTC is one of the most popular vehicles in the new line. These ultra-limited vehicles have a production value of about 1,000 vehicle worldwide. Some models have been limited to 300 or less worldwide.

The Bentley Continental GTC is a powerful vehicle has a twin turbo charged W12 engine that harnesses 628 horsepower. The torque is registered at 820 pounds, which is simply amazing for a six liter engine. The performance of this vehicle is superior, and drivers can reach 0 to 60 in four seconds flat. Bentley retains its image as a high performance ultra-luxury vehicle when you experience how this cars performances.

Driving a Bentley is the only way that you can truly understand the power and style of this superior car. If you are looking for a vehicle that says, “I have it all,” then you want to drive a Bentley.

If you are ready for an amazing driving experience, you are encouraged to contact Falcon Luxury Car rentals. You can enjoy driving a Rolls Royce or Bentley for a day or longer. Falcon has a large selection of ultra-luxury, supercars, and luxury sports car for you to enjoy.

Renting a luxury vehicle is quite simple. Select the vehicle that you are interested in and the dates that you would like to enjoy the car. Submit this information along with contact information for yourself. We will check availability and contact you immediately to confirm the reservation. After that, all you need to do is be willing to have the experience of a lifetime.

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