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5 Best Cars to Drive on Valentine’s Day


You have made the perfect plans. You have the best table reserved at your favorite restaurant. You have bought new clothes and a new cologne. You have even practiced everything that you are going to say for the evening so that it is the most romantic night ever. Now all you must do is find the perfect ride.

You know that your date doesn’t mind going out in your old car; you do it several times a week. But wouldn’t it make everything more special if you showed up in something sleek and sexy that will set the mood for the evening? The answer is yes, yes it would set the tone for the evening if you arrived in a luxuriously exotic vehicle.

So now the hardest part is deciding what vehicle to chose for your evening. There are many fabulous cars you can choose from, but we believe these five will make your evening beyond memorable.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Imagine how thrilled your date will be when you pull up to the valet parking in a sexy red Ferrari 488 Spider. Think about how wonderful it will be driving with the top down and soaking up the sights and sounds of LA. Think of how confident you will feel as you listen to the purr of this engine and feel the power beneath your feet as you drive your date around on this special evening.

The Ferrari 488 Spider is a powerful machine. It has a 660 horsepower engine making it lightning fast and magnificent sounding. The sleek design that you can only expect from Ferrari combined with the convertible design will scream “I am sexy” and let your date know that you feel that way about them. The interior of the vehicle is meant for only two people, showing your date that only they matter that evening. If you are not a fan of the convertible, try a Ferrari 488 GTB. The only difference between the two vehicles is that the GTB is a hardtop supercar instead of a convertible.

McLaren 720S

If you’re familiar with supercars, then you know that the McLaren is the ultimate super vehicle. Designed by the McLaren Race Team, all McLarens are built for speed. They are also built to be the coolest looking vehicle on the road. From the super racy design to the fashionable way the doors open, a McLaren is a driving experience that will leave you breathless.

Show your date how special they are by arriving in a rare McLaren 720S. McLaren’s are very limited production vehicles, so being able to take your date out for a Valentine adventure in one already makes the night special. When you rev up to the doorway, your date will automatically smile, they won’t be able to help it, because a McLaren puts everyone in a playful mood.

As you coast down the California highways, and you will drive this fantastic car as much as possible on your date, you will love the comfort you feel inside the two-seater. The interior hugs you both and sets the mood for snuggling. The roar of the engine will make your heart beat faster, and you will have to make sure that you control your speed. A McLaren can reach 60mph in under 3 seconds, so going fast is very easy.

Sadly, for both you and your date, the evening will end too quickly. The fun you will have while driving around Southern California in a McLaren 720S will make this a very special Valentine’s Day.

Lamborghini Huracan Spider

For just a moment, think about what it would be like to pick up your date in a Lamborghini. Think of the pleasure that you would feel when you pop open that Lambo door and let your date slide into the passenger seat. Think about how impressed they would be when you slid down the convertible top and revved the engine. It would be like a movie.

To keep the movie theme, make sure that you take a cruise around Mulholland. Let your date experience the thrill of driving down that iconic road, famous for movie car chases and love scenes, and see how they smile as the wind blows through their hair, and they get “lost” in the surreal Hollywood feeling.

Roll up to valet parking in the Lamborghini, and watch as everyone stops and stares as you and your date leave the car. It is a real Hollywood evening with only the red carpet missing. Finish the evening with a drive on the Pacific Coast Highway where you can take in the amazing sunset and breathe the clean salt air.

Lamborghini’s are the car of choice for those who want to feel as though the world is at their feet. It is a favorite among athletes and Hollywood stars, and it is an absolute icon in the car industry. Show your date they are one-of-a-kind by giving them a night out in a vehicle that can only be described as awesome.

Rolls Royce Dawn

When Rolls Royce first came into the market, it was an ultimate luxury vehicle. At a time when most vehicles being produced were very basic and very cheap, the Rolls Royce was designed for luxury. Over the last 100 years, nothing has changed. The Rolls Royce is designed as an ultra-luxury vehicle that is meant to impress everyone in or around the vehicle.

Your date will be awe-struck when you arrive at their home in a Rolls Royce Dawn. They will not even care what is in store for the rest of the evening because being in a Rolls is enough to brag about for the next month to all of their friends.

As your date sinks into the luxurious leather seats of the Rolls, they will already be planning how they are going to thank you for such a wonderful evening. As the powerful engine roars to life, you will feel confident and in control of the evening. You will be ready to show your date a night to remember. You know that you have made the right choice of vehicles by the way they are looking at you before you even leave for your date destination.

You have already made plans to drive through all the most popular areas so that your date can feel the thrill of everyone stopping and pointing at the two of you for being in such a rare and coveted car. You also have made sure to schedule enough time to take a long and scenic drive so that you both can just enjoy the opulence of this ultra-luxury car. Taking your date out in a Rolls will be one that neither of you forget for the rest of your lives.

Mercedes Maybach S600 With Chauffeur

You have made the decision. This is the night that you will ask your date to spend the rest of their life with you. You have everything in place. You have checked and rechecked your reservations. You have looked at the ring. You have practiced what you are going to say at least a million times. Now you need to “seal the deal.”

Renting a Mercedes Maybach S600 with a chauffeur is the perfect choice for an evening set on proposing marriage. The luxurious Maybach already provides everything that you could imagine in a luxury vehicle, including shag carpeting in the back so that you can easily slip your shoes off for comfort. The leather seats, the sun roof with adjustable settings, and the sheer room for both parties to enjoy “whatever” in the back seat make it a fabulous driving experience.

Add to that the luxury of a chauffeur, and you are telling your date that you want to make this most memorable night of their life. If you have everything planned perfectly for your Valentine proposal, make sure that you can devote all your attention to your date by having your luxury vehicle chauffeured to all the events you have planned for this evening.

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