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Exotic Car Rental Newport Beach

Newport Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Southern California. Known for its boat-filled harbor, old-fashioned beachside amusement park, and some of the best waves you will find in the area, Newport Beach has something for everyone to enjoy. The only thing that could make your experience better when you are in Newport Beach is an exotic car rental. Luckily, an exotic car rental in Newport Beach isn’t hard to come by.

Falcon Car Rental offers everyone a chance to experience the thrill of driving an exotic or luxury car. Rent an exotic car and enhance the pleasure of living in or visiting Newport Beach.

Falcon Car Rental believes that part of the exotic car rental experience is convenience. Not only have they designed their website to be incredibly easy to use to enjoy a luxury car rental in Newport Beach, clients can also indulge in their car delivery services.

Falcon will deliver your exotic car rental to your home or bring it directly to the local airport. We can even arrange to have the car picked up at the end of your rental period so that you never have to worry about returning the vehicle on time to our Beverly Hills showroom.

Falcon Car Rental is also pleased to offer its clients chauffeur services. If you need chauffeur services for your entire visit to Newport Beach and Southern California, or you would just like services for a special event, Falcon has the perfect car and driver for your needs. We have highly skilled chauffeurs that will meet all your needs for professional driving services. Privacy and quality are standard services offered by your drivers.

Luxury Car Rental Newport Beach

Not sure what type of vehicle will suit your needs when you want to rent a luxury car in Newport Beach? The great news is that Falcon Car Rental has an extensive fleet of ultra-luxury and supersport vehicles for you to choose from. Our fleet includes specially selected vehicles from high-end manufacturers including:

• Rolls Royce
• Bentley
• Ferrari
• Lamborghini
• McLaren
• Mercedes
• Porsche
• Austin Martin
• Range Rover
• Cadillac
• Corvette
• Tesla

Our vehicles are brand-new or newer models offered by some of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world. The Falcon fleet also features different makes and models from each of these manufacturers. We know that every car gives a different experience, and we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when you rent a Falcon luxury car rental.

Falcon Car Rental is owned and operated by car enthusiasts. Our enthusiasm helps us choose the most desirable cars offered by luxury manufacturers. We do not settle for base models without amenities. When we get behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle, we want the entire experience – and that is what we want for our clients as well.

Rental Times For Luxury Cars From Falcon Car Rental

When you rent a luxury car from Falcon Car Rental, you can anticipate having the vehicle for a full 24 hours. We do not rent our vehicles by the hour or for half days like some other companies offer. We believe that for the full experience you are going to need the car for the entire day. Plus, shorter rental periods often lead to late fees, and we don’t want our clients to waste their money on late fees.

We also offer long-term rentals on our vehicles as well. If you want to rent a luxury vehicle for a week or even a month, we have a price structure to meet your needs. Falcon Car Rental gives a 15 percent discount on all our rentals that exceed seven consecutive days and a 30 percent discount on your daily rental price if you rent the vehicle for 28 days or more.

Each of our vehicles has a per-day rental charge that is listed on the rental site. Every vehicle has its own cost based on the rarity of the vehicle. Listed with the daily rental cost is the number of free miles you can drive the vehicle each day and the cost per mile for every mile driven over that allotted amount. We believe in transparent pricing – what you see on that car page is exactly what you will pay for your luxury rental.

The rental process is simple: pick a vehicle, pick a date, and hit the reservation button. Falcon will confirm the availability of your rental for your dates chosen, and the process will be completed. No hassle – just fun.

Indulge your senses and heighten your level of fun when you are in Newport Beach by renting a luxury or supersport car. Move your party around in a Range Rover or the new Lamborghini Urus. Cruise down the beachfront in a chauffeur-driven Bentley. Feel the raw power of a Ferrari 488. All of this is possible when you choose to rent your next vehicle from Falcon Car Rental — we have you covered if you want to rent an exotic car in Newport Beach.

Falcon Car Rental