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5 Reasons the Range Rover is the Perfect Car to Rent in Los Angeles


The first brand you think of when you hear the term “luxury SUV” is a Range Rover. After making its debut in 1970, the spacious vehicle has become a mainstay as one of the world’s most coveted sports utility vehicles. Although the Range Rover has seen many updates since it premiered back in the ‘70s, it remains one of the most reliable, stunning, and technologically advanced cars in its class.

Offering a spacious cabin, versatile handling capabilities, and incredible performance, it’s only natural that you should choose to rent a Range Rover for your next jaunt around Los Angeles. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why you should choose a Range Rover for your upcoming visit to the City of Angels.

1.Ample Space

The latest Range Rover model offers a long wheelbase, meaning there is a greater distance between the front and rear wheels. There are plenty of benefits to choosing a long wheelbase model, including more leg-room for the passengers in the back, a greater loading capacity, and a smoother ride. What you choose to do with that space is entirely up to you. Are you traveling to Los Angeles with friends or colleagues in tow? All of you can fit comfortably inside the vehicle without compromising safety.

Traveling alone? Perhaps you’re exploring the city with lots of luggage, shopping finds, or picking up art pieces to bring home. No matter if you’re transporting beautiful people or incredible things, the Range Rover has more than enough room for whatever you need – both in the main cabin and in the car’s expansive trunk.

2.Street Style

You want functionality without having to sacrifice aesthetics – and the Range Rover delivers. With an iconic silhouette that’s instantly recognizable, the Range Rover makes elegance a priority. With a wide grill, and rounded lines that complement the car’s box-like shape, stepping behind the wheel of a Range Rover will enhance your personal style while in the City of Angels. With so many beautiful places to see in Los Angeles, you want your chosen vehicle to be an extension of the city’s sparkling exterior.

3. Off-Roading Made Easy

Although the Range Rover’s sleek design is ideal for peak highway performance, the car is also capable of handling rugged terrain. Curious to take the car for an off-road jaunt? Drive to nearby Angeles National Forest for a thrilling afternoon driving off-road. Or simply head off the highway in favor of beach side scenery instead. Your Range Rover is an extremely effective machine, capable of handling any type of road thanks to the car’s All Wheel Drive functionalities. A carefully crafted set of technology helps to optimize the car’s performance while driving even on the roughest of roads.

4. Peak Performance

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 130 mph, and able to reach 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds, the Range Rover Supercharged is a must for those who enjoy going fast. The car’s 8-speed automatic transmission makes the driving process seamless, and it’s paired with its incomparable V-8 engine make the Range Rover a true force to be reckoned with. Enjoy 518 horses under the hood and feel the engine roar to life as you put the key into the ignition for your ride around Los Angeles. The car’s powerful performance is ideal for transporting you all over the sprawling city, as it can easily reach top speeds on the highway.

5. Advanced Technology

New to the area? Range Rover’s dashboard technology can help you navigate the City of Angels and keep you entertained even in the most congested rush hour traffic. The car’s InControl® infotainment system combined with Touch Pro™ work together to optimize your driving experience. Technological functions are stored in the steering wheel and can be personalized to fit your driving preferences. Voice recognition functionalities allow you to express your preferences or navigational questions all while remaining focused on the road, and the car’s advanced GPS system allows you to access real time traffic information. Additionally, state-of-the-art sound and entertainment systems complete the car’s pristine build out – with rear seat display monitors available for backseat passengers and a comprehensive Meridian sound system that’s prevalent throughout the car.

There’s no wrong way to explore Los Angeles, but you can greatly improve your time in the City of Angels by securing a high-performing luxury vehicle. By choosing to reserve a Range Rover from Falcon Car Rental, you’re tapping into a decades-long reputation of excellence. Secure the vehicle that’s right for your time in town, and prepare to explore the city in style. Not in the mood to get behind the wheel? Reserve chauffeur service ahead of time to truly make the most of your stay in Southern California.

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