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5 Things You Must Know About The Ferrari 812 Superfast


The Ferrari 812 Superfast was the latest model to be released by the Italian carmaker in 2018. Designed to replace the F12 Berlinetta, the 812 Superfast was supposed to be even better than its predecessor. For fans of the F12, the thought of a better Ferrari was simply unthinkable. Yet the 812 Superfast is just that, better than the Berlinetta.

The new Ferrari is stronger, sleeker and faster than the F12. It has better handling in the steering, better overall control, and the 60 horsepower increase in the engine size is definitely noticeable. When you press the gas pedal, the car does not hiccup or hesitate, it moves. In fact, the 812 Superfast reaches 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

This is a powerful car that may take a good hour to get used to driving because it is responsive in every way. You literally have to toe-tap the gas to get it started moving in city traffic, and you barely have to brush the wheel to get it to move and change lanes. It is not a car for the lighthearted,

The Engine

The engine is a true Ferrari masterpiece. This is a 789-horsepower V12, naturally aspirated engine. The engine is a 6.5-liter masterpiece with 530 pounds of torque. It is a precision engine that hums as if it were a musical instrument.

Ferrari increased the size of the engine by 60 horsepower over the Berlinetta’s engine. They believed that this small increase would lead to a significant power increase in performance, and they were right. You would not think that you would feel the difference, but you can.

This specific engine has been fine-tuned and remastered and can be considered one of the most magnificent front engine – rear drive engines designed in the industry. Ferrari has stated that for the purposes of heritage, the 812 Superfast, or any of its future generations, will not have supercharged or hybrid technologies incorporated into the engine.

The Transmission 

The transmission is a perfected dual-clutch 7-speed automated manual gearbox. It was designed similar to the Ferrari 458 gearbox. The transmission runs smoothly, even at extraordinarily high RPMs.

The 812 Superfast will push the transmission to the limits. Even in second gear, you can feel the car fishtail if you give it too much gas, and you may even feel this a little in third gear. The gears move smoothly and are easy to shift.


The Ferrari 812 Superfast has had upgrades to its aerodynamic design over the F12 Berlinetta. The company wanted to make sure that for heritage reasons it retained a certain body structure and appearance that is relevant to the F series, but it wanted to increase its aerodynamic features.

The 812 Superfast features new front-end designs that are made to increase downforce and intake areas to help cool the brakes. The sides of the vehicle were designed to decrease drag and improve air flow, and the rear of the vehicle has been constructed with flaps that open at high speeds to increase downforce.

Ferrari was very specific about these designs, and the improvement is one of the reasons that the small increase in horsepower seems to have such a large increase in performance.

Body Design

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has been made to be very similar to its predecessor in overall appearance. However, Ferrari wanted to give this new vehicle some of its own personality as well. The 812 has some features that are distinctly its own.

The 812 Superfast has LED headlights and quad circular taillights. There are air vents on the hood and a body colored air diffuser in the rear. The tail area of the car is designed to be more similar to the 365 Daytona design than the Berlinetta.

The interior looks more like the ones designed for the LaFerrari, and the control panels are similar to those found in the Portofino. Overall, the 812 Superfast seems to be a total culmination of all of Ferraris best cars.

The vehicle is fitted with 20-inch Perelli’s for both front and back wheels. However, the back wheels are much wider than the front for better traction and control. The braking system is also more effective than the ones found in the Berlinetta. The vehicle weighs in a 3,895 pounds, which is almost 150 pounds lighter than the F12 Berlinetta.

Other small changes are found throughout the vehicle so that it can be considered its own unique design.

Availability and Special release

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has been met with much desire in all the major car markets in the world. Each country that the car was introduced in during its initial tour in 2017 saw high demand for the vehicle. However, as it is with all Ferrari products, the production numbers for this vehicle will be limited each year

Ferrari has not stated at this time what their limited production number for the 812 Superfast will be for the first couple of years, but you can expect that it will be hard to acquire one of these vehicles. One of the reasons that Ferraris are so desirable is because of their limited numbers.

Ferrari did announce however that they will have a limited edition of the 812 Superfast. The Monza SP will have a limited run of 500 vehicles during 2018. This stunning convertible is reminiscent to the 1950’s race vehicles and are lighter than the 812 Superfast vehicles. All these vehicles have already been sold prior to production. Ferrari has not announced if they will run another issue of the Monza in 2019.

The Final Conclusion About The Ferrari 812 Superfast 

If you have the opportunity to drive a Ferrari 812 Superfast – take it! If you do not have the opportunity -make one! This is one of the must-drive vehicles of a lifetime. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is everything that you could hope for in a supercar. One place where you can rent a Ferrari 812 Superfast is at Falcon Car Rental.

This vehicle is low to the ground and eye appealingly sleek. It hums like only a perfected engine can hum, and it has the power to launch you into space if the vehicle had wings. The interior is designed to conform and snuggle you into place, but in reality, it is made to keep you still and in control as this vehicle moves down the highway.

The transmission runs smooth and is easy to shift, and the aerodynamic features allows the 812 Superfast to soar. The wide body and wide tires provide superior handling, and the brake system works flawlessly, even at higher speeds. Everything about this car was designed for luxury, superior handling and speed.

If you have never driven a Ferrari before, you may be startled at the raw power of the 812. If you have driven a Ferrari before, you will think that this is the most fantastic supercar on the market. There are really few words that can describe how incredible you feel behind the wheel of this masterpiece.

Falcon Luxury Car Rental is one of the few rental companies that can boast having a Ferrari 812 Superfast as part of its fleet. We carry an exclusive line of Ferraris and other supercars for our clients to enjoy. Falcon has a large variety of ultra-luxury, exotic and supercars, many of which cannot be found with other rental companies. Our exclusive fleet is what sets us apart in the luxury rental industry.

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