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Best Places in LA to Drive a Supercar


Renting a supercar when you are in Los Angeles can really heighten the experience of being in Southern California. However, once you have rented your luxury vehicle, you need to find some really cool places to drive. The great news is, LA has a lot of fabulous places where you can enjoy the ride and the view at the same time.

Everyone can enjoy the scenic areas within the city. Sunset Boulevard and its magnificent palm trees are a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Of course, if you love architecture, you must go down Wilshire Boulevard and see the Art Deco structures. But if you really want to take in the California experience in your rented exotic vehicle, you will want to try the following road trips.

Palos Verdes Peninsula 

Once you leave the beach, area you will come to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This exciting drive is only about 15 miles long, but it is stunning. Starting at the Palos Verdes Estates at the intersection of Palos Verde Drive and Paseo del Mar, you will get the first breathtaking sight of the journey – the Santa Monica Mountains.

At the beginning of your journey, you will be driving through some of the most stunning real estate in the area. However, after a few minutes Palos Verde Drive, will take you closer to the edge of the cliffs and you will have a beautiful view of the ocean. As the road winds southward, you will see beautiful undeveloped cliff sides and the open water. You will also get to see the beautiful Wayfarers Chapel on the side of the road.

The drive ends in a mainly residential area. However, right before the end of the trip, you will see the Los Angeles Port area from a distance. If an industrial area could ever be awe-inspiring, then it would be this view. This drive would be best done in a convertible so you can truly enjoy it to the fullest.

Malibu Canyon 

Starting in Malibu Canyon on Los Virgenes Road, you can take a truly scenic route to the Pacific Coast Highway and see California sights often overlooked by travelers. Once you get out of the neighborhood on Los Virgenes Road, you will be submerged in the lush views of the Santa Monica Mountains.

As you travel down the road, you will pass Malibu Creek State Park, and just a little further past the park, you will see the Malibu Temple. The temple is an architectural masterpiece and is a fully functioning Hindu temple. You may even want to stop in for some of the most fabulous vegan food in the area.

Once you get to the Pacific Coast Highway, you are going to turn right and head up the coast. You will feel the true freedom of California as you see the lush cliff sides and open blue waters of the Pacific. Follow until you reach Point Mugu State Park. The last few miles may seem a little desolate, but that adds to the overall freedom you feel on the open road. This would a fun drive in a BMW 640i. With this convertible, you will feel the power and the wind in your hair.

Angeles Crest Highway 

Angeles Crest Highway is located about 10 miles from the interstate and is often overlooked as a good place for a drive. The truth is, this is one of the most surreal driving experiences that you can have in the Los Angeles area. The drive is less than 20 miles long, but it is worth every mile.

As soon as you enter the Angeles Crest Highway, you will have noticed that you have climbed over 3,000 feet up the side of the mountain. The road continues to climb and wind and you will find yourself grateful for being behind the wheel of a exotic rental car because of the control you have over the vehicle. The road will also get dramatically thinner the higher you go.

When you reach the Red Box Picnic Area, you are going to opt for the right turn and drive through what is probably the most amazing five miles of your life. The snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains will be in view around every curve. The lush green of the trees will be mixed with the burnt remains of other trees from a previous wildfire, giving the area an almost haunting look. You will find yourself hugging the side of the mountain all the way through the road.

The drive will end when you come to the Mountain Wilson Observatory. It will almost appear as if you entered another word when you see the amount of radio arrays and towers surrounding the observatory. It would be fun to do this drive in a sports car such as a Porsche Cayenne S or a Ferrari 488 GTB. Anything else would seem boring.

Mulholland Drive 

What more can be said. If there was ever a place to drive a supercar in California, it must be on this iconic road. Famous for Hollywood car chases, having the best make-out points in the state, and being the most awesome road to drive on to see and feel what California has to offer.

When you drive down Mulholland, you will breathe in the freshest air that always has a hint of salt from the ocean. Make sure that you put the top down if you can so that you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. A Bentley Continental GTC White would certainly do the trick for this drive.

You will see some of the most impressive homes in Southern California as you drive down this road. You will also see some of the most beautiful parts of nature. End your trip at the San Vincente Mountain Park where you can relax and enjoy your day.

Linda Vista through the Arroyo Seco 

Pasadena offers a very scenic route that many people do not take advantage of when visiting Los Angeles. You will love driving your rental supercar through this little known area while seeing sights often forgotten by everyone who does not live here.

Starting on Linda Vista at Chevy Chase Drive, you will begin winding through this quaint area. Soon you will see the Rose Bowl and a small sign letting you know that you are on a scenic route. From this point forward, you will see a part of California not often experienced.

Soon you will find yourself in the open vistas of the Arroyo. In a short distance, you will see impressive homes surrounded by old growth trees. It takes you back in time. Once you pass through Linda Vista, you will be led back to the major freeway. Take a moment and pass the freeway and go drive over the historic Colorado Street Bridge.

This is a fairly short drive, only 7 miles long, but it is well worth the effort. It takes you through parts of California that are truly unique.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the most popular places in Los Angeles for residents and visitors. This stunning park allows big city to meet wilderness in a way that is both dramatic and soothing. There is a 3.5 mile road that circles the park and is worth taking the time to drive. You will follow several roads to make the complete circle, but they are all easy to follow.

On your trip around the park, you will see everything from large private estates to an observatory. You will pass the Greek Theater, and when you are at the highest elevation of the route, have a stunning view of the city below. This is definitely a drive you will want to complete more than once.

These are only a few of the wonderful areas you can drive your supercar when you rent a luxury vehicle from Falcon Rentals. Falcon Luxury Car Rental has a large selection of supercarsluxury cars and convertibles that you can enjoy while visiting the Los Angeles area.

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