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BMW M4 Convertible Rental

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$295/day Taxes & Insurance Excluded
Weekly Discount (7+ Days): 15% Monthly Discount (28+ Days): 30%
Free 100 Miles/day $1/Extra Mile
Security Deposit: $1k - $5k
car engine
Engine 444 hp
car seats
Seats 4
car second
0-60 mph 4.0 sec
car price

Rent a BMW M4 Convertible


The BMW M4 Convertible has taken the luxury of driving a Beemer to the next level. This car is all about luxury and performance. It is the perfect mix of everything that you could want in a vehicle, including the convertible hard-top. If you are ready to add a little spice to your day, then it is time to rent a BMW M4 Convertible from Falcon Car Rental.

A BMW rental in Los Angeles is the cure for everything. Cruise around Hollywood with the top down and feel like a movie star. Better yet, head to the coast and enjoy the magnificent view while soaking in the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

The BMW M4 Convertible is a four-seater, making a perfect choice for a group to go out and enjoy the luxury that a BMW offers. Rent a BMW M4 Convertible for a day or a week or more, whatever will meet your lifestyle needs. Falcon Car Rental has a large selection of luxury vehicles, including the BMW M4 Convertible. We are the best option for a BMW rental near LAX, and if you want a BMW Rental in Beverly Hills, we would love for you to visit us.


The BMW M4 Convertible engine has almost 125 more horsepower than the 440i Convertible, and the body is lighter and more dynamic. You will love the sound of the engine, even at a low speed. The luxury of this BMW Convertible is not lost on the sportier version. The aerodynamic features add to the appearance and the performance of the car.

The M4 Convertible is a car that compliments any lifestyle. When you are behind the wheel, people will notice. While you are in the Los Angeles area, you can enjoy this type of lifestyle when you rent a BMW M4 Convertible from Falcon Rental Car.

Falcon Rental has a full fleet of ultra-luxury, sports and supercars at their Beverly Hills showroom. We offer some of the rarest and most coveted vehicles to our clients so that they can truly enjoy everything that California has to offer. We offer plenty of BMW rentals and are proud to offer superior customer service and competitive rental pricing. So, if you ever ask yourself, where can I rent a BMW, now you know the best place in Los Angeles.

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$295/day Taxes & Insurance Excluded
Weekly Discount (7+ Days): 15% Monthly Discount (28+ Days): 30%
100 Free Miles/Day | $1/Extra Mile
Security Deposit: $1k - $5k

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