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Porsche Panamera Rental

$295/day Taxes & Insurance Excluded
Weekly Discount (7+ Days): 15% Monthly Discount (28+ Days): 30%
Free 75 Miles/day $2/Extra Mile
Security Deposit: $1k - $5k

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Please Note: Delivery charges may apply.
car engine
Engine 330 hp
car seats
Seats 4
car second
0-60 mph 5.4 sec
car price

Rent a Porsche Panamera


Having made its debut in 2009, the Porsche Panamera has quickly become one of the brand’s most sought after models. Although the Panamera has the capabilities and look of a sports car, it’s thought of as a sedan by Porsche enthusiasts due to its spacious cabin. The four-seater car is built for the comfort of you and your travel companions, while still going above and beyond in the performance department. With a sizable interior and rear compartment, and the sleek, sloping design that’s made Porsche iconic, your best way to see the City of Angels in style is by booking a Porsche Panamera rental in Los Angeles.

Falcon Car Rental conveniently offers Porsche Panamera rentals, fulfilling your exclusive transportation needs while boasting numerous stylish solutions.


When you rent a Porsche Panamera, you’re tapping into a decades-long culture of excellence. With the spirit and finesse of a classic Porsche, and the embellishments of a modern day sports car, choosing to reserve a Porsche Panamera rental near Beverly Hills is the best way to cruise around Southern California.

At the heart of the vehicle? A 3.0-liter turbo V6 engine, capable of producing 330 horsepower. The car’s V6 engine is lighter and more compact than ever before. With two turbochargers located between the car’s cylinder banks, the car is able to harness a speedier response time. With a fuel injection system that’s designed for maximum power and gas-efficiency, you’ll go faster for longer. Each Panamera model is decked out with Porsche Traction Management, PTM. This enables the driver to access all-wheel drive functionality, allowing you to handle tight turns and rough roads. Wider wheels also benefit the driver looking for smooth handling. Looking to kick things up a notch? Enable SPORT mode while inside. This exclusive system allows for premier swiftness, as the car’s engine dynamic becomes more responsive.

There are plenty of features designed for you and your passengers’ comfort as well. Enjoy a panoramic sunroof when you rent a Porsche Panamera near LAX, allowing you to soak in the Southern California sunshine. With seats and controls that are situated ergonomically for ultimate support, and a conveniently arranged center console for ease of access, you’ll feel right at home inside the Panamera. With premier leather interiors and a state-of-the-art entertainment system, there truly is no better way to traverse around Los Angeles.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best during your time in Los Angeles. A Porsche Panamera offers the speed, agility, and powerful aesthetics you crave in a car, while also offering ample room for your fellow passengers. Available in a stunning white version with red leather seats, this vehicle is the pinnacle of excellence. Ready to make your reservation?

Falcon Car Rental provides you with easy access to the luxury cars you’re accustomed to. In addition to numerous Porsche models, you’ll find Range Rovers, McLarens, Mercedes, and more. Staying within eight miles of the Falcon show room? We’ll deliver your vehicle directly to your door.

Ready to take luxury and high performance out on the open road? Reserve your Porsche Panamera with Falcon Car Rental today. Whether you’re driving around Los Angeles, or prefer to reserve chauffeur service, we have everything you need to make your luxurious transportation dreams a reality.

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$295/day Taxes & Insurance Excluded
Weekly Discount (7+ Days): 15% Monthly Discount (28+ Days): 30%
75 Free Miles/Day | $2/Extra Mile
Security Deposit: $1k - $5k
Please Note: Delivery charges may apply.

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