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Don’t Get Spooked This Halloween: 8 Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid


Renting an exotic car or luxury vehicle is something that everyone should try. There is absolutely nothing like being behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, even if it is only temporary. Renting an exotic vehicle is very simple. However, as with any type of rental agreement, there are a few things that you should know to avoid any problems.

Make a Reservation

It is very important that you take the time to make a reservation for the vehicle you want for the dates that you want. If you wait too long, the vehicle may not be available. This is especially important when you need the vehicle for an extended period. It will always be in your best interest to plan ahead when it comes to renting a luxury vehicle.

Reserving a luxury vehicle with Falcon Rental is simple. All you have to do is send in a request for the date, time and vehicle you wish to rent, and we do the rest. We will verify the availability of the choice for that period and confirm your reservation in a quick and efficient manner. Once confirmed, simply wait for the day that you scheduled your rental and your car will arrive. We even offer a delivery and pick up service for your convenience.

Choose the Right Vehicle

It may seem like a silly suggestion to say, “chose the right vehicle,” but this is crucial to your satisfaction with the rental process. You will also want to make sure that the vehicle has the right type of transmission for you to drive. For those who are able to drive a stick, this may not be a big deal.

Another consideration will be how many passengers you will have in the rental. If it is just you or yourself and a companion, any type of vehicle will meet your needs. However, if you are traveling with a group, you may need to consider a luxury SUV to accommodate all your guests.

A final consideration will be the cost of the rental. You want to make sure that you understand the pricing structure for the rental vehicle. Review the cost per day, how many free miles you are entitled to with the rental and the cost per mile after that limit has been exceeded.

Look at Your Car Insurance Policy

You will want to have a full understanding of your car insurance benefits when it comes to using a rental vehicle. Every insurance policy has different coverage amounts and stipulations when you are driving a rented vehicle.

If you are under the age of 25, you want to make sure that your coverage is intact for a rental vehicle. Some policies can be different for those under 25 when it comes to rentals. You may need to speak with your insurance agent about your policy to make sure that you are fully covered in the rental.

Your passengers must also have their own insurance policy to cover them in the vehicle. Even though they are not driving the car or truck, they still must have personal injury protection. Verify this information with your passenger before taking them along.

You may also want to review your credit cards for rental benefits. Many of the larger credit card companies offer additional insurance while you are in a rental at absolutely no extra cost if you place the rental charges on their card.

Taking the Car Out of State or Country

It is very important that if you plan to travel outside of the state lines with a rental vehicle that you have clearance with the car rental company. Some rental vehicles may not be able to be taken across state or country borders due to the insurance policies the rental company carries on the vehicle. Speak with your customer care representative about taking the car over such a long distance prior to making the trip.

Taking the car into another country can also present problems. The rental company may not allow this type of travel for insurance purposes. Your personal vehicle insurance may also not cover the vehicle if you cross into Canada or Mexico. If you have to travel internationally, you will need to verify that you are covered by both your personal insurance and that of the rental company.

Keep the Car Clean

One of the worst things that you can do when you have a rental vehicle is get it dirty on the inside. This is especially true with smoking. You should never smoke in a rental vehicle. If you do, there will usually be a very large cleaning charge. Every rental company prohibits smoking in their vehicles because of the smell, potential for burns and the mess that smoking creates.

Eating or drinking in the vehicle is also a risk. A stain on the seats or a sticky interior can result in a penalty cleaning charge for the vehicle. Spilled drinks can also damage electronics and other operating systems in high-tech luxury vehicles. It is always in the best interest of the driver to stop and get food and drinks and consume them outside of the vehicle.

Know Your Fuel Requirements

Your vehicle may require a special type of fuel, such as premium or race fuel. It is important that you comply with the fuel requirements so that the vehicle is not damaged. Make sure you clarify all fuel requirements prior to driving the vehicle.

It is also important to understand the fuel re-fill requirements for your rental. Your dealer may allow you to return the vehicle empty, or they may require you to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. If you do not comply with these requirements, the rental company may charge you a penalty. It is especially important to comply with the “return full” requirement because rental companies often charge double or more of the regular pump price to top the tank.

Remember to Un-Pair Your Mobile Device

It is common to pair your cell phone or tablet with a car via Bluetooth for convenience and safety reasons. Most people who rent a vehicle will do this as well so that they can talk hands-free as well as use the spoken navigation systems in their device while driving.

However, when you pair your device with any vehicle, your personal information is transmitted to the car. The car stores this information as part of its connectivity with your device. When you return the vehicle, you must manually remove the pairing so that this information is deleted. If you fail to do so, your information will remain attached to the car. This potentially could lead to other people accessing your personal data at a later time. As a precaution, un-pair the device before returning your rental.

Always return Your Vehicle on Time

Returning your car past the deadline could result in a penalty up to the value of another full day of rental charges. Some car rental agencies may also impose a secondary charge for being late if the vehicle was scheduled for another person at the same time. Avoid this issue by always returning the vehicle on time. Falcon Rental has made this issue very simple to avoid for their customers. Falcon will schedule to pick up your vehicle at any stated location at the time it is meant to be returned so there is never a late fee. Falcon provide this service to all of their customers. Charges may apply for this service over a certain distance from the Falcon Rental Beverly Hills showroom

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