Everything to Know About Renting a Bentley
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Everything to Know About Renting a Bentley


Few automakers hold the same luxury status as Bentley. The manufacturer is one of the most revered, high-end brands in the world, and its vehicles exemplify a level of luxury not found elsewhere. Started over a century ago, the car maker’s lineup of vehicles is sure to satisfy anyone, and you can even rent a Bentley if you please. 

Before you decide to rent a Bentley, we wanted to answer some of the common questions we see from clients and customers. You need to make sure you know what you’re getting into when you go to rent a Bentley vehicle, so here are some answers to those common questions that will make renting a Bentley as easy as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bentley?

Everyone wants to know how expensive renting a Bentley car or SUV is. Well, there’s not a simple answer. The fact of the matter is that it often varies, depending on the specific vehicle you rent and the rental car company you use. 

For example, Falcon Car Rental offers Bentley vehicles in its inventory. Not all of these vehicles can be rented for the same price. Some cost more than others. The Bentley Bentayga, for example, costs $890 per day. The Bentley Continental GTC V8S costs $1,190 per day. The differences in prices for these vehicles depends on a variety of factors, including popularity, insurance costs for the business, and availability. 

Why Is a Bentley So Expensive? 

Bentley vehicles are expensive to purchase and to rent. The reason for this is that they are extremely high-end vehicles. Bentley’s are exclusive. They feature some of the most complex and powerful engines and transmissions out there, but it’s not just about performance. Bentley vehicles are also extremely luxurious. 

The vehicles offer the best materials, including thick leather, real aluminum or wood trim, and some of the highest levels of comfort in the business. The electronics are also some of the best, providing even higher levels of comfort and exclusivity. To put it plainly, Bentley vehicles are simply better than the vast majority of vehicles on the road, and because of this, they are much more expensive to either buy or rent. 

Where Can I Rent a Bentley?

Despite Bentley cars being expensive and exclusive, Falcon Car Rental can offer you several different Bentley models as rental cars. Our robust inventory should provide you with all of the options you’re looking for. 

In terms of location, we provide Bentley rentals to the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re flying into LAX or you’re spending time in Beverly Hills, we can provide you with the car or SUV you need. 

Falcon Car Rental services Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. So, any time you come to any of these Californian locations, we would love to be your source for an exotic luxury car. 

How Do You Rent a Bentley?

Renting a Bentley is a little different than renting a typical passenger car. However, overall, you’ll find that it is still extremely easy to do. Falcon Car Rental was started in 2015 by a group of automotive enthusiasts, and we strive to provide the best rental experience possible. 

When renting an exotic car like a Bentley, you expect the very best service, and that’s what you’ll get with Falcon Car Rental. Our dedicated team will bend over backward to make sure that your rental experience exceeds expectations. 

We rent cars by the day. Each car is priced for a single day rental and that price includes a number of miles. Additional miles can be purchased for a pre-selected price. We also offer discounts for rental car clients and customers who decide to rent for multiple days. 

If you rent a car for seven consecutive days, you’ll save 15 percent. If you rent a car for 28 consecutive days, you’ll save 30 percent. 

We also offer pick-up and delivery services as well as chauffeur service. Of course, these services add to the overall cost of renting a Bentley from Falcon Car Rental.

What Is it Like to Rent a Bentley?

You’ll be amazed at the sheer level of luxury materials and features inside a Bentley. Not only will you be riding around in an extremely powerful vehicle, but you’ll also be doing so in supreme style and comfort. 

You can take your rented Bentley anywhere. Want to enjoy it on a twisty mountain road? Do so. Want to cruise the California boulevards leisurely? You can do that, too. Renting a Bentley can be tailored to your needs. If you have any special requests, be sure to let Falcon Car Rental know, and we’ll see if we can accommodate your needs. 

What Should I Know Before Renting a Bentley?

We see this question a lot. People want to know if there’s anything specific they need to know when renting a Bentley car. The simple fact of the matter is that if you’ve rented a car before, even something that’s not exotic, then you should know how the process is more or less going to go. 

We’d advise you to inspect the car when it is delivered to you. Look for any scratches or damages. You don’t want to be blamed for issues that were not your fault. Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with Bentley’s controls before setting off. This includes the infotainment system and the controls for adjusting the seat and climate controls. You want to know how all this works before you begin driving.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the controls. Take the car for a drive. Make sure to take things slowly, especially at first. You need to get used to how the car handles, accelerates, drives, and stops. This will reduce the chance of you experiencing any issues while you have the car.

What Happens If You Rent a Bentley and Damage It?

When renting a Bentley, you need to be sure that you have enough insurance coverage for the car. Repairs to an exotic car like a Bentley will be quite expensive, so ensuring you have good insurance is a must, just in case. 

Some personal auto policies will cover rental cars. If this is the case, still double-check to make sure that your policy offers enough coverage for the Bentley you want to rent. Either read through your policy or discuss it with your insurance agent. 

Another thing to do is to talk with the rental company. You should be able to get coverage through the company. Even if the company can’t sell you insurance themselves, then they should be able to point you towards a good rental car insurance policy you can purchase. 

Should You Rent a Bentley or Buy It?

This is a question we see often as well. Generally, this comes down to personal preference. If you would love to own a Bentley and you have the money, then by all means, consider purchasing one of these cars yourself. 

If however, you’d rather not deal with the maintenance of such an expensive car, or you don’t want the high payment of the car, renting a Bentley may be a better option for you. This is especially true if you only plan to drive the car every once in a while. Again, the choice is up to you, but you may find that renting is a more cost-effective solution. 

If you have questions about renting a Bentley, then you may want to reach out to the Falcon Car Rental’s team. We have the vehicles in our inventory and our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with the answers to your questions.

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