Everything to Know About Renting a Ferrari
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Everything to Know About Renting a Ferrari


Many travelers headed to the west coast consider Los Angeles to be the very heartbeat of Southern California. Complete with amazing weather, celebrity landmarks, and unparalleled access to the thrills of Hollywood’s A-list culture, a trip this way is thrilling for visitors traveling from near and far.

While taking in the sights and making the most of the L.A. experience can be done from several vantage points, there’s something wonderful about seeing it all through a lens of luxury travel. When your L.A. trip is best paired with upscale standards, renting a Ferrari with the help of the professionals at Falcon Car Rental is the way to go.  

Offering the Finest in Luxury Class Vehicle Rentals

At Falcon Car Rental, we understand that taking to the L.A. roads and freeways can be a liberating experience, and even more so when sophisticated driving standards are readily available. Since opening to the public in 2015, our team of unparalleled car enthusiasts has been offering up luxury vehicle rental options to those headed to L.A. We cater to clients with a heart for the open road paired with a desire to experience impeccable style behind the wheel.  

While our impressive fleet is home to brands that range from Rolls Royce and Mercedes to Lamborghini, Porsche, and beyond, those looking to rent a Ferrari in L.A. will find everything they’re looking for and more at Falcon Car Rental. Our Ferrari rental options in Los Angeles are versatile and made to match driver preferences from the second that key turns in the ignition.

Ferrari Rental Cost Considerations

Those looking to rent a Ferrari in L.A. will find prices through Falcon Car Rental to be unwaveringly transparent and customized to the vehicle’s particular model and customized standards. The vast majority of our Ferrari’s for rent are available at daily price points with options to extend rental packages available upon request.

Every Ferrari rental comes with a set number of miles that are available to drivers at no additional cost. Beyond the complimentary mileage standard, those booking a Ferrari rental will have clear access to the cost-per-mile that’s associated with their reserved vehicle.

How the Ferrari Rental Process Works

The Ferrari rental program provided through Falcon Car Rental in Los Angeles makes accessing luxury vehicles easier than ever for those that can’t wait to hit the road with class and style. Our seamless rental process begins with expressing interest in the Ferrari of your choice online. Customers can rest assured that the vehicle pictured on our site is the vehicle you can expect to drive when the keys are placed in your hand.

Once our team confirms the vehicle’s availability, customers can expect to receive a confirmation that their reservation is in place. From here, it’s simply a matter of letting us know if you prefer to pick up your vehicle at one of our locations or would like our team to deliver the car to you.

While our many models of Ferrari luxury vehicles available for rent are sure to inspire, we also aim to make getting customers in the car and dropping them off at day’s end as easy as possible. To this end, we’re proud to be able to offer flexible options when it comes to dropping off your Ferrari after a day of thrills on the road as well.

The Ferrari Legacy and Continued Tradition of Excellence

There’s something special about renting a Ferrari that luxury car enthusiasts have long acknowledged. The combination of on-the-road performance, impeccable design standards, and the luxurious aesthetic that’s only rivaled by the top of the line technology make this brand one of a kind on the market.

Often defined by its high standards of exclusivity and excellence, the story of Ferrari stretches back to 1939 when Italian founder Enzo Ferrari first created Auto Avio Construzioni. This branch of design was an offshoot of the Alfa Romeo division of racers, but by 1947, Ferrari was firmly planted in the production of luxury automobiles.  

Built on a foundation of speed, design, and style, Ferrari has long been recognized as a leader amongst luxury vehicle brands. Down to the very details of color paired with its iconic logo, Ferrari is designed to be easy to spot within the crowd. Driving a Ferrari is in many ways a route to keeping history alive and well on the open roads.

Ferrari Design Specifics

Ferrari is linked to the color red as well as its black stallion imagery and there’s history to be admired in both features when you rent this exciting brand. Known as one of the fastest luxury vehicles around, Ferrari red speaks to a time in Italian racing history before 1960 when all race cars were required to be painted this bold hue.

The stallion logo pays homage to Enzo Ferrari’s time in the military as well as to Count Francesco Baracca who is considered an Italian war hero. During Baracca’s time serving the country, red stallions were painted on warplanes, with Ferrari making the aesthetic and lasting choice to depict this symbol in bold black.

Ferrari Models Available for Rent in Los Angeles

At Falcon Car Rental, we’re proud to carry a versatile lineup of Ferrari models available for rent that speak to a variety of customer tastes and style preferences on the road. Whether you’re looking to rent a Ferrari 488 model or aiming to rent a Ferrari Portofino in L.A., our fleet is made to match.

From the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso to the 488 GTB, customers that partner with Falcon Car Rental will find each luxury vehicle provides access to a unique journey. Whether it’s the 812 Superfast that catches your eye or the 488 Spider in sleek red, white, or black exterior finish, our team is here to help turn those driving dreams into a reality.

Los Angeles Welcomes You in Style

When you’re ready to take on Los Angeles, do it with luxury and style and drive your way to adventure with the help of Falcon Car Rental. From Aston Lauren and BMW to Lamborghini, Range Rovers, and of course, one of a kind Ferrari, our fantastic fleet is filled with potential for exclusive moments you deserve to enjoy on the road.

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