Everything to Know About Renting a Lamborghini
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Everything to Know About Renting a Lamborghini


Cruising Los Angeles and Miami with the wind in your hair in an exotic Lamborghini is the height of automotive pleasure. From the incredible weather year-round to being surrounded by the rich and famous, it’s an experience unavailable anywhere else in just about any other car.

If you’re looking to take in every sight and sound available to you in these incredible cities, Falcon Car Rental is ready to provide you with the Lamborghini of your dreams. Renting a Lamborghini in LA or Miami isn’t as intimidating as it sounds; you just need the expertise Falcon Car Rental offers.

What to Consider When Renting a Lamborghini

When renting a Lamborghini in Miami or L.A. with Falcon Car Rental, we’ll provide you with every possible cost up front. Depending on how far you want to drive and how many days you want to have your rental Lamborghini, you will know the exact price before you’ve driven your first mile.

While renting a Lamborghini isn’t as cheap as renting a Toyota Camry, the experience more than makes up for it. The cost-per-mile will be transparent, and we’ll discuss options for extended rental packages if you’re interested.

How to Rent a Lamborghini in L.A. or Miami from Falcon Car Rental

First, browse our selection of Lamborghinis on our website. While the choices might seem simple with Aventador, Huracan, or Urus, there are more nuances than that. 

You might prefer a convertible over a coupe, a V12 Aventador vs. a V10 Huracan, a rear-wheel drive Huracan EVO over an AWD Huracan Performante, and you may have color preferences, too.

When you identify which Lamborghini you’d like to rent, you can select your start date and time and end date and time. You’ll receive confirmation of your reservation, and you can tell us if you prefer to pick up your Lamborghini rental in person or have us deliver it to you.

The Origins of Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini is an Italian automotive legend, but before his name became synonymous with exotic cars, his company built tractors. His business was successful, and Lamborghini started purchasing the sports cars he’d dreamed of since he was a child. One of these cars was a Ferrari 250 GT.

His experience with the Ferrari was not to his liking, however. Lamborghini thought the repairs were too frequent and the work done to it was too secretive. After failing to convince Enzo Ferrari that his cars needed improvement, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to start building his own sports cars. 

Why Everyone Wants a Lamborghini

In a very short time, Lamborghinis proved to be every bit as fast and capable as Ferraris. And with the mid-engined Miura, Lamborghini created the template for the modern supercar and captured the world’s attention.

The lineage of today’s Aventador and Huracan can be traced back through Lamborghini’s most famous models, beginning with the Miura, to the Countach and Diablo, to the Murcielago and Gallardo. 

Each one built upon the performance and prestige of the previous model, and Falcon Car Rental is proud to make Aventadors, Huracans, and the incredible Urus SUV available to fans of these exotic machines.

While Ferrari generally prefers number designations, Lamborghini prefers car names pulled from the world of bullfighting. The name Miura comes from Don Eduardo Muira, a renowned breeder of fighting bulls. Diablo takes its name from a famous bull belonging to the Duke of Veragua. 

Even the Lamborghini logo features a raging bull in antithesis to the Ferrari prancing horse.

As for the modern Lamborghini names, the Aventador is named for a Spanish fighting bull that gained fame after a well-known fight in 1993. The Huracan comes from a particularly courageous 19th-century bull. And the Urus is named for the ultra-aggressive extinct wild cattle that roamed Europe until the 1600s.

Driving a Lamborghini

Even the slowest Lamborghini we offer, the Urus SUV, blasts from 0-60 mph in a little over 3 seconds. Every Lamborghini is built with speed in mind. The handling responds so quickly in these cars that drivers begin to feel like the controls are an extension of their bodies. 

Drivers who have never handled such powerful machines before will experience unprecedented thrills but need to take great care. Lamborghinis make their drivers feel like heroes, and modern safety aids keep the incredible power from getting them into trouble. 

Still, the acceleration is best described as “warp speed.” Be cautious the first time you floor it. Enjoy it when you do.

Rent a Lamborghini in L.A. or Miami from Falcon Car Rental

Places like L.A. and Miami were made for exotics like Lamborghinis. When you spend time in these amazing cities, do so from behind the wheel of the world’s most desirable cars. Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, and Lamborghinis are all available from Falcon Car Rental. Life’s too short to drive boring cars.


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