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Production Car Rental Miami

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    No counter, no long lines. We deliver the car to you at the airport, home, hotel or pick it up from our Beverly Hills location.

  • Quality

    A wide variety of the latest luxury and exotic cars, always extra clean, always in top condition.

  • Transparency

    If it’s not listed online, you don’t pay for it. No hidden fees, transparent & ready to roll.

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Most Common Questions

How Do I Make A Reservation?

  1. Go to the page of the vehicle you want to reserve
  2. Select the dates you want to reserve it
  3. Enter your personal and payment info and then place your order

Please note: If you want the car to be delivered to you, please select Delivery and then enter the address. Delivery charges may apply.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Customers have a 24-hour window from the time of booking to cancel their reservations without any penalty. If a reservation is canceled at least seven days prior to the scheduled rental date, no cancellation fee will be applied.

However, cancellations made less than seven days before the rental date will incur a penalty fee of 50 percent of the rental value.

Reservations made within 48 hours of the scheduled pick-up date and time are considered final and cannot be canceled.

Can I Rent A Car If I'm Younger Than 25?

If your full coverage insurance is in good standing, we will allow clients under the age of 25 to rent a vehicle as long as their insurance covers the vehicle they wish to rent.

Please note: an underage fee will apply.

What Are Your Requirements?

US Customers:

  • A valid driving license
  • A full coverage insurance
  • A major credit card

Non US Customers:

  • A Valid driving license and passport
  • A major credit card
  • Must be 25 years old or older

Please note: all three documents need to be under the driver's name. Debit cards may be accepted if other requirements are met.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The assistance I received was great.. I rented an S550 (convertible) for my daughter's prom, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone!!! I will use them again in the future!! :-)

Cathy C.

Falcon Car Rental went the extra mile for our company - pun intended. The team was very accommodating and communication was efficient. We used the gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn for our music video with great success.

Gianna C.

This was my first time trying Falcon. Incredible service. Highly communicative. Many thanks to Furkan especially! Great guy.

Kelly S.

Creating a believable TV show or movie requires an intense focus on even the smallest details. If you’re setting your story in a city known for its wealth and prestige, such as Miami, you will need exotic cars to populate the screen. 

Maybe your movie centers on a rogue billionaire who relies on their Bentley Continental GTC Speed to take them from location to location. Or your film might need an exciting high-speed car chase involving a McLaren GT.

You could purchase such cars to accommodate your shooting schedule, but doing so could be cost-prohibitive, especially once you factor in maintenance costs. That’s why using a production car rental in Miami makes financial sense.

With Falcon Car Rental, you can rent an exotic car for production in Miami, then return it once filming wraps. That way, you can fill your movie with Lamborghinis, Rolls-Royces, Porsches, and more without breaking your budget.

Exotic Car Rental for Production in Miami

We give filmmakers a chance to rent the most desirable cars on the planet, whether the script calls for SUVs, luxury cars, or exotic sports cars. Whatever the production needs, we supply.

In terms of Italian exotics, we carry the brands your viewers will quickly recognize as being the top names in sports cars — Ferrari and Lamborghini. Imagine filling a shot with the sharp edges of a Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder, hearing its raucous V10 reach for the redline as it speeds into the distance.

Maybe you need a more Grand Touring-oriented sports car, or you just need a proper foil for the Italian exotics. A Porsche 911 Carrera could be just what you need. If the scene calls for a vehicle with a bit more opulence but still with outrageous horsepower, the Bentley GTC W12 is more than a match for any rival.

But perhaps your intention is to demonstrate a character’s status as a world leader, head of a corporation, or another powerful figure. Having them step out of a luxury chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom or Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum will tell the audience exactly what they need to know.

Is your main character a bit more rugged and independent? Give them a Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared so they can tower over every other vehicle and look ready to survive the end of the world.

Simplifying Production Car Rental in Miami

Movies, TV shows, and music videos are complex creations requiring intense scheduling and perfect coordination from dozens, possibly even hundreds of people. Securing the right vehicles for a film shouldn’t add to the difficulty, which is why Falcon Car Rental makes production car rental in Miami easy. 

You don’t have to worry about maintenance or detailing. We take care of the vehicles, and you can focus on making a great film. When you rent from us, every car or SUV is ready to drive and looks good doing so.

Rental Times

Whether you need, say, a Rolls-Royce rental in Miami for a single day or maybe a Range Rover rental in Miami for a month, you can get it at Falcon Car Rental. There are no exceptions; every vehicle we offer is available to rent for the length of time you choose.

We provide our vehicles for short and long-term use to give filmmakers peace of mind. It’s no secret that shooting schedules can last a few days or even many months. 

As long as you discuss your parameters with us in advance, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re taken care of on lengthy productions. Then, we can be positive that the cars or SUVs you request will be ready.

To provide more incentive, we also provide discounts depending on the timeline of the lease. We’ll lower our daily rates for long-term rentals so you can stretch your dollars. Let us know what your schedule and budget look like. You’ll get a custom-tailored rental package just for you.

Car Rental Deliveries

Let’s say you opted for a Lamborghini rental in Miami, and you’re concerned about getting the vehicle to the set on time and intact. Falcon Car Rental’s shipping program will bring the car to you. Don’t worry; we’re fast and careful. You’ll get your car before filming starts, and it will look ready to be on camera.

When filming is over, we’ll pick up the car and bring it back. You won’t have to have any production assistants take up their time returning the car to Falcon Car Rental. You don’t have to wash or do anything to it; we’ve got it from there.

Why Choose Falcon Car Rental in Miami?

We’re car enthusiasts. These cars represent the most incredible vehicles in the world, and we love giving people the opportunity to enjoy them, whether that’s through renting them for personal use or seeing them in their favorite movie or TV show. 

At Falcon Car Rental, there aren’t any hidden costs or fees. We’ll treat every customer with the respect they deserve and put all pricing out in the open. You can trust our cars, and you can trust us.

While there are other car rental services, we differentiate ourselves by specializing in exotic and luxury vehicle rentals in Miami. When you’re looking for a McLaren rental in Miami, you know where to find it.

Experience an Exotic Today

These cars offer experiences no other vehicle can provide. Whether it’s the brutal acceleration of a Lamborghini or the unparalleled comfort of a Rolls-Royce, we know these cars are special and worth sharing. 

The team at Falcon Car Rental has dedicated their lives to these ultimate machines, and we are here to provide our expertise for those who want it.

If you’re ready to take your movie to the next level with an exotic car rental for production in Miami, contact us. We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of each vehicle and make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Call, email, or visit Falcon Car Rental in Miami. We look forward to talking with you.


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