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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tesla in Los Angeles?


A luxury electric model, Tesla offers impressive performance, a quiet ride, premium comfort, and an eco-friendly ride. You’ll find that it’s the perfect ride for your drive around Los Angeles. If you’re planning to visit LA, you may want to consider a Tesla rental in Los Angeles for the ultimate driving experience.

Why Choose a Tesla Rental in Los Angeles?

One of the main reasons to rent an EV model in the city is because it has zero emissions and is better for the environment. These models come with components that can last for decades. With no spark plugs, oil filters, or gas tanks to fill, EVs allow auto manufacturers to reduce waste in landfills.

Additionally, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can last as long as the rest of the vehicle. It’s also quite convenient to find charging stations in a city the size of LA, which makes recharging easy and simple.

Modern Teslas have also extended their range since early iterations, making them ideal for day trips out of the city. When you choose a Tesla model Y rental in Los Angeles, you can enjoy the feeling of a quiet ride with no gas station stops, ensuring you get to your destination sooner and more relaxed!

Tesla Model Rental Options

As the premier luxury electric brand, Tesla offers several models perfect for a rental in LA. Consider the Tesla Model Y Performance with a range of up to 300 miles and a decent-sized cabin that fits five adults. This model is loaded with technology, such as wireless phone charging and a large-screen infotainment system that even plays video games (while parked). Additionally, multiple cameras give you a complete view of your surroundings, which is essential in busy, and notoriously aggressive, LA traffic.

Or perhaps you would like to consider a Tesla Model X rental in Los Angeles. The model X offers a range of up to 360 miles, which is perfect if you want to take a day trip outside of LA. A sleek and stylish compact sedan, you have ample cargo space and room for five passengers.

Other sporty options include the Model S and Model 3. They are both long range models that make driving around Los Angeles and beyond fun and stress-free. These models are designed with your comfort in mind, whether you’re wielding your way through dense downtown traffic or cruising down the highway.

Whatever your desire, don’t hesitate to reserve a Tesla rental in Los Angeles with Falcon Exotic Car Rental for an all-electric driving experience today.

How Much Does a Tesla Rental Cost?

If you’re planning for a Tesla rental in Los Angeles, you’ll want to figure out the cost. Falcon Car Rental provides complete transparency with our pricing. Each model listed on our website comes with its own unique price. Whether you’re looking for a Tesla Model X or Tesla Model Y rental in Los Angeles, the price is listed with the image for each model.

Along with the cost of the rental, you’ll receive a specified number of miles free with your car. The only extra costs include taxes and insurance on your rental and a required security deposit. All of the information is listed up front with the model you select.

For longer rentals, discounts are available. Choose to rent by the week and get a 15 percent discount; with a monthly rate, you get a discount of 30 percent.

And don’t forget, Falcon Car Rental also offers the convenience of vehicle drop-off. We’ll deliver your chosen Tesla rental to your home, hotel, or e the airport!

Reserve Your Tesla Rental in Los Angeles

If you’re planning to visit LA or you just want the pleasure of driving a Tesla model, let Falcon Exotic Car Rental put you behind the wheel of a stylish EV that suits you and your driving style. Choose your Tesla model and reserve now for a pleasurable eco-friendly driving experience.

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