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Introduction to the Porsche 911 GT2 RS


The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has been described with one word: perfection. This next-level edition of the Porsche 911 family has everything that you could desire in a supercar and more. Driving a GT2 RS is something that every car enthusiast should strive for in their lifetime.

The body of the GT2 RS has the classic look of a Porsche 911. The only real difference when you look at first glance is the large rear wing (spoiler). This wing is absolutely necessary for this car to keep the downforce solid and to help fight wind resistance when the car is at its higher speeds.

The carbon fiber body is sleek and wide. The body is 74 inches wide with the mirrors folded in and only 51.1 inches tall. It is wide and low to the ground for superior handling at high speeds. The GT2 RS is built for the track, but Porsche was able to make it perfect to drive out on the road.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS horsepower

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS engine is a twin turbocharged Boxer 6 engine capable of 690 horsepower. The compression is an amazing 9.0:1 with max torque between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm. The power to weight ratio is 4.7 pounds per 1 horsepower, which makes this car lightning fast.

The transmission is automatic. Unlike many other Porsche 911 models that come only with a standard transmission, the GT2 RS has such a precise shifting pattern that the company felt it was a better choice to have the transmission work off of computer precision. Everyone that has test drove this car has stated that they are impressed by the performance of this car.

The GT2 RS features the seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission. This is the first time that this gearbox has been featured in the GT2, and it is amazing. Porsche also added stiffer engine mounts to this vehicle to make sure that this powerful engine stayed in place when you hit the gas.

The Interior

The interior is everything that you would expect from a race-car model of Porsche, however, it does come with audio and AC features as part of its standard package.

The seats are racecar snug and made from soft leather. They are trimmed in red to give it a sportier look. Even the door handles are different, made from thin material so that there is no extra weight from metal fixtures. The steering wheel is sleek and smooth and free from distracting buttons.

The Body

Porsche designed this car to be fast, period. The use of carbon fiber body parts to gain the lightest weight possible is coupled with the precision of air vent placement and aerodynamic curves to keep this car moving. The downward force on this vehicle keeps it hugging the ground, and it drives like an absolute dream.

The suspension has been fitted with steel bearings instead of the rubber used on many of their other vehicles. The use of these bearings increases performance, and any driver can feel how smooth this car handles, even at top speeds. Overall, the car drives like an ultra-luxury vehicle, even though it was meant for speed.

Overall Look At The GT2 RS

The GT2 RS is one of the best performance vehicles that Porsche has ever produced. It has speed, style and handles perfectly, even at top speeds. For those who love the super sporty car, you can upgrade to the Weissach Package. The Weissach Package changes the materials used for the roof, the front, and back roll bars, the tie rod ends, and the shift paddles to a poly carbon fiber and the rims are changed from aluminum to Weissach, all to lighten the body weight. Additionally, for the extra $31,000 that you pay to get the Weissach Package, you will get a racing stripe on the exterior of the car, and the words Weissach GT will be embroidered on the headrests.

The only real downside to this vehicle is the amount of road noise you get when you increase the speed. If you have even driven a McLaren, you can appreciate the noise level. If road noise is not an issue, and it shouldn’t be when driving this type of car, you will absolutely love the GT2 RS.

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