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Lamborghini Huracán RWD Spyder VS McLaren 570S Spider


When it comes to supercars, the first two cars to come to mind are the Lamborghini and the McLaren. Both of these cars were born from the imagination and amazing insights of two very different men. Both were created to be the ultimate car, but for different purposes. The history of each car is amazing, but not quite as amazing as getting behind the wheel and experiencing one for yourself.


Ferruccio Lamborghini was a brilliant businessman. Born in Italy in 1916, Lamborghini went on to amass a fortune after the end of World War II. Beginning with a tractor factory, Ferruccio went on to establish several businesses successfully over the next 15 years from the end of the war.

It was in 1962 that he decided that he wanted to build the ultimate sports car. He set out to compete with Ferrari by offering a sleek and fast sports car, but he wanted a higher performance. He had the idea in his head and even gave a deadline for having the first car produced in 1963.

Industry experts thought he was crazy. He didn’t even have a factory or a set design. He didn’t even have a crew in place to create the car. Add to this the fact that an ultra-luxury sports car was a high-risk investment. Everyone thought he was destined to fail.

Lamborghini did not accept failure, and he quickly established a design group, built a factory and made his deadline for the 1963 auto show. It was at that show that the very first Lamborghini 350GT was shown.

It was an instant success. These hand-crafted sports vehicles were a hit at the show, and the first production model had a run of 400 vehicles. The new car manufacturer even launched a special edition for that year, the 400GT. Only 243 cars were made under this model.

Lamborghini continued to develop the product line and increased production, but not by much. He always wanted the car to be special. Sadly, during the oil and financial crisis of the early 1970’s, the car company suffered many setbacks, and Lamborghini sold the company and retired.

His car company, however, lived on through the crisis and began developing new products again. The Lamborghini Countach was born during this period of the company and went on to become one of its most popular cars.

Over time, the luxury car company suffered setbacks again in the early 80’s and entered into bankruptcy. It was purchased and revived once more. The company went into production for a few additional types of vehicles during this period, including an SUV. The company was later sold and resold again before being purchased by Chrysler.

Chrysler introduced the Lamborghini Diablo. The Diablo was sharp, had many updates and was in high demand. Sadly, the Chrysler design had electrical flaws, and many people opted for other luxury vehicles. The brand was sold again, and once more before becoming a part of Volkswagen under their Audi division.

Now, Lamborghini has reclaimed their rightful place as a superior supercar. The limited edition cars are all hand built to perfection and contain some of the most advanced technology and designs in the industry. The two latest models include the Aventador and the Huracán.

The Huracán made its debut in 2014 and is considered the fastest and most advanced of all the Lamborghini’s. This superior car was followed up in 2015 with the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder that has been their largest success. This limited production vehicle offers superior style, unmatched power, and absolute awesomeness to anyone who is lucky enough to drive one.


Bruce McLaren was fascinated with cars. His parents owned a service station in Auckland, New Zealand, and he loved everything about them. He understood cars and he wanted to race them. At the age of 13, Bruce took an old Austin and converted it into a race car. Using his amazing mechanical skills, even at that age, and his father’s tools, his first race car was born.

Amazingly, the very first race that McLaren entered that old 1929 Austin into he won. It was at that moment that Bruce McLaren dedicated his life to Racing.

By his early 20’s, Bruce entered a program that would bring him to England to compete as a race car driver. He was an amazing driver right from the start and soon moved into Formula 1 racing. The Bruce McLaren Racing Team was created soon after.

McLaren and his team began to develop their own vehicles for Formula 1 racing. Their designs were industry-changing and innovative. It did not take long for other race teams to start copying the designs and techniques. Thankfully, none of them could ever master the McLaren style.

In 1970, while testing one of his latest race cars, Bruce McLaren died in a crash. He was only 32 years old. The McLaren Race Team, however, continued on in his honor and won several races that year with the new design.

In 1988, McLaren decided to launch a street legal car. These ultra-sports car were the true meaning of supercar. Built like a Formula race car with just enough adjustments to make them street-legal, the cars were limited to very low production numbers to increase their overall demand. The first issue of the McLaren was released in 1992, called the F1 and had a production output of 106 cars.

McLaren struggled with their street car productions for a while and stopped producing them altogether. In 2010, however, the company decided to relaunch their sports cars under three distinct types: Sports, Super and Ultimate series. Each series would have limited productions and all the cars would be released at different times.

McLaren Sports Series is the most accessible of all the cars. The 540C and 570S models are beautifully designed and have recently become available in the Spyder design. These are the highest production levels of all the vehicles, and are limited to about 1,000 per model.

The Super Series consists of the 550S in both coupe and Spyder style. The amazing car is designed much like their P1 race car and has more power than you can imagine driving. The car can reach 62mph from a standstill in 3 seconds and 124mph in 8 seconds. These are limited production cars and are based on demand.

The Ultimate Series consists of the McLaren 675LT. This incredible vehicle is designed much like their Long Tail (LT) race car and has every amenity and high technology available in a vehicle. Faster than the Super Series, this style is available in both coupe and Spyder versions. This is an ultra-limited production model with only 500 vehicles being made between the two styles worldwide.

Are You Ready To Experience One Of These Ultra Luxury Sports Cars?

Driving a Lamborghini Huracán or a McLaren 675LT is an experience of a lifetime. These supercars offer the driver a chance to experience raw power in a sleek and sexy design. The ultra-rare McLaren 675LT gives you a clear understanding of what life in the fast lane really means. The Lamborghini takes you to the next level of bliss.

Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental can make your dreams a reality. We have several Lamborghini’s to chose from, including the famous Huracán Spyder. We are also one of the very few companies to have an actual McLaren 675LT available. Call or book your reservation online to experience all Southern California has to offer in a head-turning luxury vehicle.

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