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Mercedes-Benz S450 VS BMW 740i


Luxury car enthusiasts typically look for three things when deciding on what vehicle’s right for them: aesthetics, performance, and technological advancements. Both the Mercedes-Benz S450 and the BMW 740i deliver in all three categories, but in slightly different ways.

The striking sedans are hailed as the best in their class, and the brands Mercedes and BMW offer a promise of excellence that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Falcon Car Rental’s inventory houses both vehicles, and we’ve put compiled a list of their similarities and differences for when you’re having trouble deciding between the two. Once you’ve realized which car best suits your needs, your keys will be waiting with our concierge.


Both five-seater cars can reach speeds of 60mph in just 5.4 seconds. However, there are some differences under the hood. The Mercedes model claims 362 horsepower, while the BMW comes in at just 320 horsepower. The Mercedes may have a bit more force under the hood, but both cars are built to reach top speeds and handle extremely well. The BMW 740i is decked out with a 3.0L TwinPower turbo inline 6-cylinder engine, complete with high precision injection and an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. With the Mercedes-Benz S450, you’ll be treated to the stellar performance of a 3.6L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Additionally, the Mercedes boasts its signature AIRMATIC® semi-active suspension system, which effortlessly adjusts to varying road conditions with its electronically controlled air springs.


Both models available at Falcon Car Rental are black, four-door sedans that can fit up to five people. Each vehicle boasts a sleek leather interior, meaning the physical styles of both cars are quite similar. However, there’s still a world of differences to explore after stepping inside each car. The aerodynamic Mercedes model relies on exterior chrome accessories to draw you in. All the car’s exterior lights are LED, offering quicker illumination on the road. Once inside, the spacious cabin’s leather interior is accented by wood trim. Both driver and passenger will relish heated 16-way power front seats that help you find your ideal seated position.

The sporty BMW 740i, with its adaptive LED headlights and automatic high beams, also uses chrome accent finishes on its exterior. A black center console with touch-sensitive controls and stunning brushed aluminum accents, the palatial BMW model also features high-gloss wooden trim. With dark leather upholstery and 14-way power front seats, it’s tough to select a superior model between the two vehicles.

The Driving Experience

When you slip behind the wheel of a BMW 740i, you’ll simply press a start/stop button to get the engine going. With keyless entry and a multifunctional remote control that handles features like the trunk opening and closing, the BMW makes the driving experience extremely comfortable. Enjoy a panoramic moon-roof, LED light carpet, and power outlets throughout the car for your convenience. With customizable lighting and climate control functions, both you and your passengers will be completely comfortable. What’s more, the car features dynamic cruise control and a highly functional BMW navigation system if you’re not familiar with driving around the City of Angels.

The Mercedes-Benz S450 is no stranger to creating a universally enjoyable ride, either. With its advanced navigation and communication systems, complete with high-resolution screens, and also sporting a panoramic roof to maximize views. Also, offering a keyless start and automatic trunk functionalities, the Mercedes and BMW models are similarly matched when it comes to technological and cabin conveniences. With a state-of-the-art audio and entertainment system, and advanced airbags throughout the cabin, you can ride in style inside the Mercedes S450 knowing you’re not only having a leisurely ride, but you’re safe throughout it.

What’s to Come

As soon as you come to love a current car model, its replacement is already under construction. The BMW 7 series is beloved by the masses, and its 2019 advancement should be no less well-received than its predecessor. The latest BMW model will have its exterior overhauled with tweaks coming to its bumper, grill, headlights, and taillights. The already powerful car will become even more impressive, performance-wise, as an updated 3.0-liter inline increases the car’s horsepower to 335.

The forthcoming Mercedes S450 model will continue with the S-class legacy of being both beautiful and highly functional. With an upgraded engine that will improve the car’s torque efficiency, upgraded interior screens, and larger fully panoramic roof, the new Mercedes is guaranteed to turn heads no matter your location.

Reserving with Falcon Car Rental

Whether you find yourself fawning over the BMW 740i or mesmerized by the sleek lines of the Mercedes S450, we have both vehicles available for your convenience at Falcon Car Rental. The BMW can be booked for $350/day while the Mercedes is available at $390/day. We also offer chauffeur services for an additional fee, or you can peruse our entire inventory to find the car best suits your needs.

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