Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet vs Mercedes-AMG SL 55
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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet vs Mercedes-AMG SL 55


It might seem strange to pit a Porsche against a Mercedes. Porsche is known for its thrilling sports cars, and Mercedes is famous for providing a more luxurious experience. But the comparison isn’t as odd as you might think.

The Porsche

Porsche’s 911 has grown into more of a grand touring car instead of a small sports car in the last 15 years, at least in its standard configurations. Buyers who want hard-edged performance need to opt for the more race-ready trims like the 911 GT3 RS. 

That said, all 911s are fast, capable machines, though a Carrera 4S brings the comfort and refinement missing from the track-focused models.

The Mercedes

As for Mercedes, their idea of performance for most of their history has focused on enormous power for serene, high-speed cruising on the Autobahn. While they didn’t handle and brake poorly, for the most part, the cars didn’t emphasize a balanced sports car experience. 

Modern Mercedes-AMG cars offer incredible performance in every metric and now provide machines that do more than go fast in a straight line. The completely redesigned SL series has abandoned the large, floaty, luxo-barge stigma it developed from the ‘90s to the late 2010s and is now a proper sports car with athletic moves.

How the 911 and the SL55 Compare

For those considering a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet rental in Los Angeles or maybe a Mercedes-AMG SL55 rental in Miami, the two cars are surprisingly similar to each other in terms of specs:


Both the Porsche and the Mercedes feature 2+2 seating arrangements, which means that behind the front seats are a pair of smaller seats that can accommodate children or adults on short trips. 


While the Porsche is available with a 7-speed manual transmission, the vast majority of 911s come with Porsche’s excellent PDK dual-clutch automatic. This transmission provides a smooth flow of power with no harsh upshifts or downshifts, giving 911s incredible acceleration without any jerkiness.

The SL55 has Mercedes-AMG’s Speedshift MCT transmission, which uses clutch packs to provide a similar, if not smoother, experience as dual clutches. Both the Porsche and the Mercedes transmissions respond quickly and provide intelligent automatic shifts.

All-Wheel Drive

Both cars have all-wheel drive (AWD), providing excellent stability in slippery conditions. More important for driving enthusiasts, however, AWD provides incredible acceleration thanks to the grip provided by all four tires. 

4-Wheel Steering

On the Porsche, buyers can opt for 4-wheel steering, and on the Mercedes, it’s standard. This steering tightens turning circles and increases high-speed stability.

Power and Acceleration

Both cars are incredibly powerful and offer eyeball-flattening speeds:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera 4S: Twin-turbo 3-liter flat-6 with 443 hp/390 lb-ft of torque
  • Mercedes SL55: Twin-turbo 4-liter V8 with 469 hp/516 lb-ft of torque

The Mercedes’ torque figure might make you think that it would be far quicker and more brutal than the Porsche. However, because the 911 is rear-engined, meaning its weight is naturally shifted to the back tires, giving it more traction under hard acceleration, it has always been able to take off quicker than its horsepower numbers suggest.

The two cars are very similar, but it’s actually the Porsche that has the edge in acceleration:

  • Porsche 0-60: 3.6 seconds
  • Mercedes 0-60: 3.8 seconds

Most drivers will probably never notice the slight difference between the two.


When behind the wheel, drivers and passengers will notice that both the 911 and the SL55 offer excellent comfort and modern tech. Passengers have excellent room (in the front seats, anyway) and will enjoy highly adjustable and supportive seats meant to soak up miles. Touchscreens are responsive and comprehensive.

Convertible Tops

Both cars’ convertible tops are traditional soft tops, which stow away quickly without robbing cargo room. Either one can go from enclosed to open at just about any stoplight.

Which Is Best for You?

While both cars offer incredible performance and long-drive-worthy comfort, which one you prefer depends on which side of the performance/luxury divide you want. 

The 911: The Sports Car Choice

Drivers focused more on immediate feedback and race-ready reflexes will want the 911. The Porsche is an ultimate sports car icon for a reason, with its unbelievably communicative controls and responses. Drivers of the 911 will feel one with the road.

The SL55: The Luxurious Choice

While the 911 is undoubtedly a nice place to spend time, people wanting to cruise for long distances will prefer the opulence of the SL55. 

Features such as the Airscarf, which blows warm air on the front occupants’ necks in cold weather driving, demonstrate excellent attention to detail. The sound system and infotainment system are also emphasized more in the Mercedes with a larger screen and Burmester stereo.

Whichever You Choose, Falcon Car Rental Is Where You’ll Find It

For a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet rental or a Mercedes SL55 rental, Falcon Car Rental is where you need to go. Either of these incredible machines will provide you with an unreal driving experience, and we’re happy to provide them. Contact Falcon Car Rental in Miami or LA right away to reserve yours.

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