Tesla vs. Lucid
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Tesla vs. Lucid


Electric cars are no longer just about saving the environment. Driving enthusiasts have fallen in love with the instant torque and smooth acceleration; now, the quickest cars in the world are electric. 

For years, a Tesla was the only option for a luxurious, futuristic, and fun-to-drive electric car. Now, the market is beginning to see rivals challenge Tesla’s dominance, with Lucid being one of the most talked about. Judging by the specs of their offerings, the choice between a Tesla or a Lucid can feel like a coin flip. 


At the moment, the only vehicle Lucid produces is the Air (their Gravity SUV is not yet in production). The car is available in multiple trim levels that offer increasing levels of power and range:

  • The $87,400 Pure: 480 hp, 410 miles of range
  • The $107,400 Touring: 620 hp, 425 miles of range
  • The $154,000 Grand Touring: 819 hp, 516 miles of range

With its 516 miles of range, the Lucid Air Grand Touring has the most range of any electric vehicle on the market. If the Grand Touring’s 819 hp isn’t enough, don’t worry, the Air Sapphire is coming soon with a promised 1,200 hp and a 0-60 time of under 2 seconds.

While Tesla’s Supercharger charging network is currently the most widespread of any electric charging system, competitors are catching up. 

Lucid uses Electrify America’s charging stations, and the chargers are very fast. According to Lucid, Air owners can add 300 miles of range in about 20 minutes.

Sitting inside a Lucid is a luxurious experience. The materials are gorgeous, the displays are bright and easy to read, and the interior space can best be described as “expansive.” Additionally, the touchscreens are intuitive, and the voice recognition is top-notch. 

The build quality and level of detail are impressive, especially considering that 2022 was Lucid’s first model year. Startups usually don’t display this level of finish.

Of course, if you want to try one for yourself, you can enjoy a Lucid rental in Los Angeles at Falcon Car Rental. Our Lucid Grand Touring offers an experience like no other. Rare is the vehicle that can coddle in ultimate luxury while still being able to out-accelerate most supercars!


Being the most well-established name in electric cars, it’s not surprising that Tesla also has the widest range of electric offerings. Buyers can get a mid-sized Model 3 sedan, a luxurious full-sized Model S, 3-row seating and falcon doors from the Model X, and crossover practicality with the Model Y. 

What sets Tesla apart from any electric vehicle before it is its performance. Even a base-level Model 3 can accelerate to 60 in just over 5 seconds, while the Plaid Model S and X are deep in the 2-second range. 

And unlike past supercars, Teslas offer excellent efficiency and range, with some models able to achieve more than 400 miles on a single charge. 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy a Tesla is that it’s a well-established brand. Tesla Superchargers are widespread, making road trips much more feasible. And though Teslas don’t charge as quickly as Lucid’s cars, a Model S can still regain 200 miles of range inside 15 minutes at a Supercharger.

Compared to Lucid, the Tesla interiors aren’t as luxurious in their materials, and modern examples come with a bit of a learning curve. Once you figure out operations like shifting into gear, the reward is experiencing one of the quickest cars ever made. 

Also, Teslas still have unbelievable tech and attractive design inside; they just don’t focus on all-out luxury as Lucid does.

If you want to experience the eyeball-flattening acceleration and futuristic interior of a Tesla for yourself, you can always rely on Falcon Car Rental for a Tesla rental in Los Angeles

Whether you want to cruise the coast in a Model S or X Long Range or surprise passengers when you mash the throttle in a Model X Plaid, you won’t be disappointed.

Electric Car Rental in Los Angeles: Tesla or Lucid?

If you’re having difficulty choosing what your next Los Angeles electric car rental should be, know that you won’t go wrong with either a Tesla or a Lucid. Both offer excellent electric car driving experiences with unreal performance and the latest tech.

The easiest way to help with the tiebreaker is to sum up these cars’ experience:

  • Lucid rental in Los Angeles — The choice if your goal is the ultimate luxury
  • Tesla rental in Los Angeles — The choice if you want pure electric performance

They’re both quick, they’re both full of the latest tech, and they just have slightly different purposes. Ultimately, the best way to find out which one you prefer is to try them both. 

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