The Pros and Cons of Renting an Electric Car
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The Pros and Cons of Renting an Electric Car


Let’s say you’re on vacation and you’re interested in an electric car rental in Los Angeles. Perhaps you want to see what an electric car is like to drive, or maybe you already own one and just want to keep driving what you’re used to.

While electric cars are largely just electric versions of the vehicles you’re used to, some major lifestyle changes come with ownership or renting. If you’re thinking about a Tesla or Lucid rental in Los Angeles, what can you expect?

Pros of Los Angeles Electric Car Rental

Starting with the positive aspects of a Tesla or Lucid rental in Los Angeles, there are some great benefits to having your first electric car experience in an EV you don’t own.

You Can Decide if You Enjoy the Experience

“Try before you buy” is good advice in general and excellent advice for EVs in particular. Not everyone will like the silent operation, lack of gear changes, and futuristic tech. 

If you prefer old-school automotive experiences with sonorous engine notes and the joy of shifting for yourself, you might find the experience odd. Better to find out now before you put lots of money down for an EV of your own.

You Will Enjoy the Power

Electric vehicles have come a long way since early efforts focused on economy and ecology. Now, driving enthusiasts guide electric car development, which has resulted in EVs being the quickest cars on the market. If you’ve never been pressed into your seat by EV torque, a Lucid Air or Tesla Model S rental in Los Angeles will open your eyes.

You Will Get Greater Efficiency

Despite their power, EVs are not fuel-thirsty. During your vacation, you will spend much less money charging your electric car than you would if you put fuel in a conventional car.

Reliability Is Better

With fewer moving parts, you can expect (as long as it’s charged) your EV to get you where you need to go without fear of breaking down.

Cons of Los Angeles Electric Car Rental

EVs aren’t perfect, however. For a rental, you may find that living with an EV for a week or two might not be what you bargained for.

You Need to Find Places to Charge

With gas-powered cars, as long as you find a gas station, you can refuel in a few minutes. With electric cars, you’ll need to either find compatible chargers with your particular EV (not all electric vehicles can use all public chargers) or keep your EV in a constant state of charging. 

Wherever you go, you will need to be aware of how far you need to drive and whether you can plug your car into an outlet. You may want to book your accommodations around a nearby charger.

Charging Can Be Slow

While charging has gotten faster, and a Lucid or Tesla rental in Los Angeles will offer you the fastest charging vehicles on the market, you’ll still find the experience to be far slower than with a gas-powered car. 

At their fastest, these cars can gain a few hundred miles of range in about 15 to 20 minutes. So if you need to take a long drive, you’ll have to factor in charging time.

You Will Need to Monitor Your Charging

If you leave your EV plugged in after it’s fully charged, you may be charged an “idle fee.” This means that even though you can’t put any more power in your car, the charging station will still charge you because you’re taking up a charging station. 

Since many people set their EVs to charge and go enjoy an activity, it’s easy to rack up idle fees without realizing it.

You Might Not Be Able to Fully Charge At Your Accommodations

If the place you’re staying isn’t set up to handle electric car charging, you may have to rely on a standard wall outlet to replenish your EV’s batteries. The problem is that this is an incredibly slow process, and unless you leave the car plugged in for several days, you will never reach a full state of charge.

The Driving Experience May Feel Strange

If you’re used to cars with internal combustion engines, you might feel something is missing when driving an EV. 

In the case of vehicles like Teslas, where the manufacturer strives to create a completely original driving experience, there will be a learning curve to figure out how to perform simple functions like turning on the windshield wipers or heated seats.

Experience an Electric Car Rental for Yourself

Ultimately, renting an EV is an excellent way to see if you are interested in electric cars. With some planning and forethought, you can address the charging challenge and be able to drive long distances. 

Los Angeles is an excellent place to rent an EV because there’s plenty of charging infrastructure. If you’re ready to check out the top EVs on the market, experience a Lucid or Tesla from Falcon Car Rental. We have the latest and greatest from these EV makers, and they’re ready for you to enjoy.

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