What the Color of Your Car Says About You
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What the Color of Your Car Says About You


It does not matter if you are a car enthusiast or if you are just someone who is looking for a vehicle to drive, there is one choice you make about the vehicle that is very personal — the color of the car. The color choice reflects your inner personality.

But car color is more than just selecting a favorite color — in fact, the choice is much deeper in your subconscious. The color of the car you choose reflects how you see yourself. You could say that your inner personality is reflected in the exterior of your vehicle.

Car Colors and Their Meanings

Have you ever wondered why car colors are often limited to five or six basic colors? It is because these are the most common personality types. Also, some car manufacturers only use a specific set of colors because those are the personalities  that they attract with their car design.

For instance, the Ferrari 488 is one of the sleekest and powerful cars made. Although it is available in different colors, almost every Ferrari  488 is red. Red is associated with Ferrari  because it is a well-received color that is associated with power, sensuality, and high energy. Red is for outgoing people that know what they want and are not afraid to let the world know. Anyone in a red Ferrari  is going to stand out, and for good reason.

High-end Porsches, on the other hand, are most often found in crystal white or black. People who prefer white vehicles are often thought of as perfectionists. These personality types know what and how they like things, and they want to keep everything pristine. People that drive white cars are always organized and are thought to have the cleanest interiors of any car. A white or black Porsche  is certainly going to garner a lot of attention.

Black is a power color and the most popular color of all cars. People who prefer black vehicles have a taste for elegant things and often opt for higher-end choices in everything they purchase. Black is also associated with self-confidence and social status.

Silver is a futuristic color that is also associated with precious metals and expensive things. This is one of the most popular colors for Lamborghini. Silver is associated with personality types that love to be a little flashy while still appearing a little subdued. It is almost a passive-aggressive color that says, “I am awesome, but in a very quiet and elegant way.”

also has a high demand for unusual colors, unlike many of the other high-end carmakers. People who are looking for orange, bright blue and screaming green colors will find it available in a Lamborghini . What do these colors say about their drivers? They say, “I am an individual. I do what I want when I want, and how I want.” These car enthusiasts love high-end cars that make you stop and turn your head when they drive by. These colors are meant to be noticed by everyone.

Car colors also reflect other personality types as well. The darker tones of reds, like burgundy or brick red, reflect very sensual personalities. They say everything about the person who loves red but adds that bit of sensuality.

Pearl white is also very different in personality type than regular white. The addition of the metallic qualities to the white color says that “I’m a perfectionist, but I am sure a lot of fun.”

Light blue cars are associated with faithful, trusting, and calm people. Dark blue is a very authoritative color. People who are attracted to darker blue are often in positions of power and authority. All people who choose blue are considered very trustworthy.

Brown, tan, beige, and other neutral colors of this spectrum reflect very down-to-earth personalities. However, darker brown colors have been associated with coffee and rich dark chocolate, making them a more attractive color for those who like to indulge in some of the finer things in life.

Grey vehicles should not be confused with silver. Grey vehicles are associated with people who are very levelheaded. These people talk out problems, make lists to accomplish their tasks, and are often neutral on their opinions on hot topics to avoid arguing. Grey is considered to be the perfect color of car for people who are viewed as wise and kind.

Flashy colors are for flashy people, and muted colors are often associated with people who prefer a quiet lifestyle. Whatever your preference in color, there is a deep satisfaction of being able to have a car that reflects how you feel. This is why people are drawn to the color of a vehicle first, and then the make and model second

Of course, the science of car color choices is probably more personal opinion than scientific fact. But it’s true that some people are more drawn to a specific color of car, even if that color is not prominent in any other area of their life. At the very least, car companies seem to know something about what personalities are attracted to their cars and what color options are perfect for them.

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