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Which Lamborghini is Right for You


Lamborghini. It is a sentence, a subject, a lifestyle all unto itself. It is an Italian masterpiece that dreams are made from. It is also a driving experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. The Lamborghini is raw power, sleek and sexy, and dominates the road. Deciding which one of these supercars to drive may be the hardest decision of your life.

Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus is described as the “world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle.” This title does not, however, give the Urus enough credit. This superior vehicle is a supercar, an SUV and an ultra-luxury vehicle. It is designed for comfortable driving down the highway or off-road adventure.

Yes, that did say off-road adventure.

The Urus is a four-wheel drive masterpiece that is equipped with a 641 horsepower V8 bi-turbo engine. The setting for the four-wheel drive is permanent, so you have superior control on the highway or off-road. The eight-speed transmission can easily handle all the power you give it, and the torque is mainly directed at the rear wheels so that even in an off-road situation, the Urus performs like a race car.

The Urus is the only Lamborghini to seat four people. The design of the vehicle was meant to emulate an SUV while retaining the sleek race car look of a Lamborghini. It has 23-inch rims that have different sized tires for the front and back, which helps the vehicle keep its sports car feel.

Lamborghini has made sure that such a powerful vehicle is safe to drive on any road condition. The Urus has the Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) installed as part of the package. The ADAS allows the driver to change the way the vehicle operates based on the roads they are driving.

Of course, the URUS has all the amenities that you would find in their supercars. A beautifully designed interior, a stunning dashboard with all the features, and an exterior design that is anything but common.

The Urus is perfect for a group of people to drive in style, or for an individual that just wants to drive the ultimate SUV. There is something that is about driving an SUV that is also a Lamborghini that cannot quite be put into words, but it is worth the experience.

Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan is everything that you would expect in a supercar. The appearance is sensual, the sound is magnificent, and the performance is superior. The Huracan can only be topped by the Aventador.

The Huracan is aerodynamically perfect, and the minute that you step on the gas, you can feel the downward force kick in and the tires take off. The hum of the engine is mesmerizing, and soon it is only you, the car, and the open road.

The Huracan is powered by a V10 with up to 610 horsepower, depending on the trim package that you select. It has the newly developed Doppia Frizione (double clutch) gearbox that manages the 7-speed transmission. The Huracan is all-wheel drive, making it the master of any road.

The interior is everything that you could hope for in a supercar. Fine Italian leather, seats that hug you, and an awesome dashboard that makes you feel like you are driving a rocket. The exterior is sensual in design. It is perfectly curved and aerodynamically superior. It is the race car of all race cars, that is unless you want to take it to the next level with the Aventador.

Lamborghini Aventador

If you are ready to experience the ultimate Lamborghini, then you want to drive the Aventador. Lamborghini took this vehicle to the next level of superiority. The Aventador has everything that the Huracan offers in style and performance, and then does it better.

The Aventador has a V12 engine that is capable of 700 horsepower. The car has been timed at 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds, making it one of the fastest supercars in production. What is more amazing is that this engine is on top of a semi-automatic single-clutch transmission. Although it is a single clutch, shifting is flawless and happens within 50 milliseconds. All you hear is the purr of the engine.

The Aventador is superior in every way. The aerodynamics have been adjusted to such perfection that it would be impossible to make it better. The curves are easy on the eyes and you almost feel lustful when you look at the car.

The interior is everything that you could imagine. It offers leather seats, fabulous dash, and very little room for moving around. It is a true race car experience.

What makes the Aventador even more desirable is the fact that they have limited the production of the vehicle to 5,000 for the entire run. Lamborghini started production in 2012, and when they hit the 5,000 mark in 2016, they stopped. If you are lucky enough to drive one of these vehicles, you are driving a car that will never be made again.

Are You Ready To Rent A Lamborghini?

You do not have to just daydream about getting behind the wheel of one of these masterpiece vehicles. You can achieve your dream of driving a Lamborghini when you rent a supercar from Falcon Car Rental.

Falcon Car Rental is located in Beverly Hills where you will find some of the most exotic and ultra-luxury vehicles on the market today. This includes several Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and McLaren’s.

Renting a Lambo is simple. Select the model that you wish to rent, select the day or days you wish to rent the vehicle, and submit a request. If the car you are interested in is available those days, Falcon will finalize your reservation and you are all set to hit the road in a Lamborghini.

Falcon offers to pick up and delivery service of their rentals for the convenience of its customers. However, if you would like to come to the showroom to pick up or drop off your rental, you are more than welcome. That may even give you a chance to explore some of the other fantastic vehicles we have to offer for rent. Maybe your next supercar rental will be a McLaren or a Ferrari. Or perhaps, you may just want to try another Lamborghini.

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