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Why Falcon is the Ultimate Exotic Car Rental Experience


What sets Falcon Car Rental apart from other luxury car rental companies? Just about everything. Falcon Car Rental has changed the way that people rent exotic and luxury vehicles, and every change they have made is beneficial to the customers. They have simply made the process easier than the competition.

By Car Enthusiasts For Enthusiasts

The first thing that you will realize when you rent an exotic car from Falcon is that they love cars. Falcon was started by a group of car enthusiasts that wanted to share their passion for rare, ultra-luxury, and supercars with the public.

When you speak to one of their reps, you will know right away that they know everything about cars. Any questions you have about exotic cars they can answer. Need a recommendation? They can match the perfect car with your event. Their enthusiasm for these cars shows in their superior customer service.

Amazing Fleet Of New Ultra Luxury Vehicles

Falcon Car Rental has an amazing fleet of vehicles to choose from when you are looking for a rare or luxury vehicle. Unlike many of their competitors who offer older, standard models of luxury cars like a baseline Mercedes or sometimes even an older Ferrari, Falcon has new luxury models from many exotic car brands.

You can find a brand-new Ferrari 812 Superfast in their fleet or a McLaren 720S. Indulge your desires by getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador or their brand-new SUV, the Urus. Are you feeling a little less sports car and a little more ultra-luxury? Rent a brand-new Rolls Royce or a Bentley, or chill in the back seat of a Mercedes-Maybach.

Maybe you’re more in the mood for an exotic car to drive. Falcon Car Rental has cars by Maserati, Aston Martin, and Porsche that you can enjoy. Falcon has luxury SUVs, hard-to-find ultra-luxury vehicles and the widest selection of supercars in Southern California.

Falcon Car Rental takes pride in curating one of the best luxury vehicle fleets for hire in Beverly Hills. They understand that every person who wants to rent one of their vehicles is looking for an experience. Maybe renting the vehicle is to experience driving your favorite car. Maybe it is to create a perfect date or wedding day. Perhaps the experience is to make a lasting impression. Whatever the reason, Falcon wants to make sure that every client has the right experience when they rent a vehicle.

Falcon Simplifies The Rental Process

Frustrating is the only word that comes to mind when you think about having to continually click through pages on a website to make a purchase or find the right information. Time is a valuable asset to everyone, and wasting it clicking through countless redirection pages to finally get to a reservation request page is just unnecessary.

Falcon Car Rental simplified their rental process. Their new website design is made to be direct and to the point. You can select a car from a manufacturer’s list or a style list, and then quickly view what vehicles are available. When you see what vehicle you want to rent, click on the make reservation button, submit your contact information and preferred dates, and that is it.

Once Falcon receives the request, they will verify the availability of that vehicle for your chosen dates and confirm your reservation by email. This is done within minutes of your submission. If you would rather call, you can find out instantly if the vehicle is available on your chosen dates.

Simplified means satisfied.

Falcon Car Rental also wanted to simplify the process of how much the rental costs. They have found that many of their competitors have hidden charges in their rental agreements or are just not upfront with the true costs of a rental. We have put all the costs related to your rental on the page featuring the car. That is your cost, and that is it.

There are only three figures on the cost part of the page. The daily rental rate, the number of FREE miles you get with the car each day, and the cost per mile for any miles driven over that amount. That is your cost, that is what you will be charged — no hidden fees ever.

As a bonus, we also offer discounts for multi-day rentals. If you need a vehicle for seven to 27 days, we will discount your daily rental rate by 15 percent. If you need it for more than 28 days, we will increase that discount to 30 percent.

Delivery And Pick Up Services Available For All Customers

A final difference between Falcon Car Rental and other similar rental companies is the optional pick-up and delivery services. Falcon understands that you may be flying into LAX and need your car at the airport, or maybe you would like it delivered directly to your business. Perhaps your wedding party is getting ready somewhere other than home. Instead of adding to your tasks, we will deliver your vehicle right to you.

We offer this service for free for a limited area and a small charge for the service outside of that zone. Customers can take advantage of the pick-up service, the delivery service, or both. If you would rather come to the showroom to pick up your vehicle or drop it off, great, we are good with that as well. We want your experience to be great, and by giving you options it will improve your experience.

Rent An Ultra-Luxury Vehicle From Falcon Today

Renting an ultra-luxury vehicle should be a pleasing experience from all angles. You should be pleased with how simple it is to select and rent a car. You should be pleased with how easy it was to get your vehicle, and it should be a pleasure to drive. Falcon has created a rental experience that will meet all of these requirements.

If you are ready to rent the luxury car of your dreams, Falcon encourages you to browse their website and find the car you want to try. We are so positive that you will be happy with your experience that you will make a list of which cars to come back and try for your next luxury car rental.

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