The Evolution of the Lamborghini Huracan
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The Evolution of the Lamborghini Huracan


As you are considering a Lamborghini rental in Miami, it may be helpful to know some of the company’s history regarding the Huracan. The name itself is derived from the Spanish word for hurricane and, in this case, references a famous Spanish fighting bull. Since Lambo’s insignia is a bull, the name is apropos. 

So as you imagine the possibilities for exotic car rental in Miami, read on for a little inside knowledge about the most popular and best-selling Lamborghini of all time. 

Huracan LP610-4

When the Huracan debuted, it had large shoes to fill. The outgoing “baby” Lambo, the Gallardo, was Lamborghini’s then all-time best-selling model. Lamborghini desired a model that could provide it with “bullish” results in the sales department — hence the name.

Huracan has always sported a 90-degree 5.2L DOHC direct-injection V10 that, from the beginning, produced 610 hp. In various guises, the engine produced as little as 572 hp and as much as 640 (detuned versions were used in rear-drive cars).  

And even though its advent was a little underwhelming to the press at first, the Huracan has indeed proven to be a long-legged winner with customers as one of the best supercars. As of April 2022, nearing the end of its product life cycle, the Huracan has eclipsed the Gallardo’s record by more than 6,000 units, or more than 35%. 

That means Lambo did a lot of things right, even if Huracan was initially greeted with mild enthusiasm from the automotive press. It has always been a fast car, with 0-60 times at most in the low 3-second range, but a few technical issues with adaptive steering and a tendency to understeer in Strada mode muddied the waters. 

Lamborghini addressed these tiny faults in its next release, the Performante.

Huracan Performante

The Huracan Performante was the culmination of an effort by the company to tune the chassis and engine in such a way as to take Huracan to the next level. 

To that end, Lamborghini fashioned a more track-oriented car in the Performante. 88 lbs. of weight was shaved from the platform with extensive use of a Lamborghini-patented form of carbon fiber, and horsepower was increased to 631. Springs were stiffened by 10%, as was downforce. 

The car’s theoretical top speed was 200 mph, and its 0-60 time was 2.9 seconds. Does that sound like the kind of ride you’re looking for in a Huracan rental in Miami? Unfortunately, they no longer make this model, but no worries: Lamborghini made continual improvements as the Huracan came to maturity. It gets even better.

Huracan EVO

The EVO was Lambo’s mid-cycle refresh, and many of the Performante’s features were carried over into the newer model, which debuted in 2019.

Power was increased to 640 hp, and the styling became even more aggressive, with more downforce from its leading edge aeroblades, rear spoiler, and diffuser. Various exotica were sprinkled liberally over this car, manifesting in titanium intake valves and other rarified trimmings. 

Substantial upgrades were made to its driving dynamics. Lamborghini added predictive logic to its full suite of driver aids, plus active rear-wheel steering, which added nailed-down stability in corners and at high speeds. Agility, responsiveness, and ease of driving were all improved in the EVO. 

Since the EVO is still being made, an EVO Lamborghini rental in Miami may be just the ticket for your best Saturday night ever. 

Huracan STO

The Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologato) is even more track-oriented than the Performante was. These differences show up in its huge rear wing and roof snorkel fresh air intake, which helps the big V10 breathe more easily. 

The body is 75% carbon fiber and carries functional visual cues from Lamborghini race cars. The CCM-R (Carbon Ceramic Material-Racing) brakes are lifted straight from today’s Formula 1 rulebook and spec sheets, which means they’re extremely powerful and fade-resistant. 

In case you didn’t get the message that this is a seriously fast and purpose-built car, the interior is fitted with racing harnesses. And as if that weren’t enough, have a look at Huracan’s three new drive modes: STO for the street, TROFEO for blistering lap times in the dry, and PIOGGIA for when it’s wet. 

Huracan STO is technically street legal, but it’s much more at home on a track. 

Huracan Tecnica

The Tecnica was unveiled in April of 2022. This car is designed to sit between the EVO and the STO and is intended to be the ultimate streetable Huracan. It gets 2.4 inches of additional length in its body, which nets a little more interior room and settles the car slightly. In most other respects, the Tecnica is identical to the EVO. 

Huracan Rental in Miami

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