Best Luxury SUVs for Adventure
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Best Luxury SUVs for Adventure


Twenty years ago, drivers had to choose which type of car they wanted:

  • Sports car
  • Luxury car
  • SUV/pickup truck
  • Family sedan

Nowadays, anyone looking for performance, comfort, and space in one vehicle has dozens of options.

Luxury SUVs that Perform

If you want to take a road trip around San Francisco, LA, Palm Springs, and San Diego or all the way to Miami, you don’t have to compromise. There’s a luxury SUV available to buy or rent that will provide everything you want. But which luxury SUV is right for you?

Mercedes-AMG G63

Mercedes has a long history of making comfortable yet powerful cars perfect for high-speed cruising. Tuner AMG has a long history of giving Mercedes cars even more power and performance with souped-up engines, suspension, and brakes. 

The Performance

AMG’s twin-turbo 4-liter V8 makes 577 hp and a massive 627 lb-ft of torque. Even though the G63 weighs nearly 5,800 pounds, it achieves an incredible 3.9-second 0-60 mph time.

The Luxury

Front and rear seats are leather and heated, and occupants enjoy three-zone climate controls. The G63 features a 12.3-inch central infotainment screen with enhanced voice control. The Burmester surround sound system spoils with power and clarity.

The Utility

Inside, there’s 38.1 to 68.6 cubic feet of cargo space and 5-passenger seating. Also, the G-series’ permanent all-wheel drive maintains control in all conditions. If you’re looking for a Mercedes G63 rental for a road trip, you won’t be disappointed.

Land Rover Defender

The original Land Rover Defender is an icon for off-road enthusiasts. In 2020, Land Rover completely updated the Defender to offer a more refined experience. 

The Performance

Even base Defenders now feature 295 hp, and the turbo 4-cylinder can push the Defender to 60 mph in the mid-6-second range.

The Luxury

The modern Defender features the most premium materials and build quality the vehicle has ever had. If you’re looking for a Land Rover Defender rental to find out whether it measures up, it does.

Modern tech brings the Defender into the 21st century with a 10-inch touchscreen (an 11.4-inch screen is optional). A six-speaker stereo is standard, though buyers can choose 10 or 14-speaker systems.

The Utility

The new Defender has 11.5 inches of ground clearance and can drive through 35 inches of water. However, the ride is still soft and supple thanks to the fully independent suspension.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Along with the Lincoln Navigator, the Cadillac Escalade set the template for modern luxury SUVs. It remains a hit with buyers thanks to its combination of comfort and power.

The Performance

The Escalade ESV uses a 6.2-liter V8 with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. It provides smooth, effortless acceleration with a 5.9-second 0-60.

The Luxury

Drivers and passengers are insulated from harsh road imperfections thanks to soft suspension and even softer seats. The interior room is mansion-like, and the cargo space is plentiful. 

Three curved screens comprise the digital dashboard, offering an incredible 38-inches of infotainment experience. Even the standard sound system comes with 19  speakers.

The Utility

If you’re looking for a Cadillac Escalade rental and plan on bringing a huge group, you’ll have the space. Behind the third row is 41.5 cubic feet of cargo space, and behind the second row is a cavernous 94.1 cubic feet.

Range Rover P530 LWB

Range Rover has long been the standard-bearer for the luxury SUV. Modern Range Rover rentals offer huge power, room, and luxury features.

The Performance

The P530 rewards spirited driving with its 523 hp twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. This gives the 5,840-pound Range Rover P530 an impressive sub-5 second 0-60.

The Luxury

Turn the ride dial to Comfort Mode, and road imperfections disappear. Air suspension provides a luxurious yet well-controlled ride. The 13.1-inch curved infotainment screen is responsive, and Amazon Alexa offers voice command capability.

The Utility

As for hauling capacity, it delivers 40.8 cubic feet of space behind the second row. Ground clearance of 8.6 inches ensures you’ll be able to clear obstacles that would be unavoidable in a passenger car.


BMW pioneered the sports-sedan segment with classics like the M5 and M3 and pulled off the same magic in modern SUV classics like the X5 and X7.

The Performance

The smooth 335-hp turbo 6 in the X7 xDrive40i can push the 5,417-pound SUV to 60 in 5.4 seconds. Driver feedback through the wheel is excellent, even in more comfort-oriented driving modes.

The Luxury

Modern BMWs are loaded with luxury features such as fully digital gauges and large, colorful touchscreens. Space is copious, and a panoramic sunroof provides gorgeous views. The seats offer incredible amounts of adjustment and are wonderfully supportive for long drives. A BMW xDrive40i rental makes miles disappear.

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